Rachel Martin - Mindset & Confidence Coach for Professional Women

Rachel Martin - Mindset & Confidence Coach for Professional Women

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About me

Answer me something would you? How many Self Help books do you own? How many times have you found yourself in the aisles of Waterstones looking for the book that will give you the answer you so desperately need and want? How many Google searches have you done for your ideal career, crossing everything that the combination of words you type will reveal the gem of knowledge and understanding you've been seeking all this time? How many hours a day do you spend frowning? I have enough lines on my forehead for the both of us due to career dissatisfaction. Stop doing that to your face, I beg you!.

Those answers aren't to be found in the pages of books, nor will they appear in front of your tired eyes as you furiously tap away on those keys.

The answers are within you already. Its just that right now you can't access them. They are lost to you, and will remain so until you chose to do something differently about it.

Thats where I come in, I'm a confidence and mindset coach for busy women in their 30's and 40's. A time in our lives that can be full of change, reflection and curiosity about where we are headed.

We've been so busy climbing corporate ladders, building up our own empires, having babies (maybe). We've married, perhaps divorced, we've potentially outgrown that friend. and we've experienced loss. Through all of that, we've lost sight of ourselves, of our values and of our own voices.

Now its time to take stock. We dream of a future that fills us up, leaves us with shoulders that don't feel heavy. A future that we choose, that makes sense to us, that allows us to spend our time the way we want to, to earn the big bucks and not apologise for it if thats what's right for us, to be seen and heard for all the right reasons. We are done with the mundane, with the wrong career, with playing small, and we are ready to take back control and step up into the brilliance that lays ahead of us. We are in a position to design our lives, and we are ready to make the investment in ourselves to get there.

That promotion you want to go for, that secret business idea you have, that ideal revenue you've not yet reached, that dream to retrain and head in a completely different direction, can absolutely be achieved.

So lets talk, I would love to hear from you!


Career Coaching with Rachel has been a revelation. I have loved having someone I can talk with and not fear being judged, or made to feel like my ideas were silly. I'm now planning a new direction and am going to start retraining in September. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and decided to sign up for coaching. I'm sure I would still be sat at that desk feeling hopeless if I hadn't. As someone who has been through the processed herself, Rachel is empathetic, funny and supportive, as well as being straight talking and holding me accountable. So worth it, would highly recommend to all.

Jen, Horsham

Coaching with Rachel changed so much in my life, it enabled me to see that the story I was living by wasn’t true and was only holding me back. Through working with Rachel for a few months I was able to make sense of my past and how it was impacting me in the present. Which has left me free to really embrace the future with a new sense of confidence and clarity. I’m so glad I went through this process with her!

Emma, Bournemouth

Training, qualifications & experience

Animas Accredited Diploma In Transformational Coaching.

Twenty years in corporate finance, AAT Qualified. I know only too well the stresses of long hours and the corporate life. That day to day grind can really have an impact on you and your overall health and time.

Wife, mother, business owner - believe me, I get the struggle.


Firstly, before any work commences with a client, we will have a free compatibility session. This will be 40 minutes long, where you can ask me anything you want to about the coaching process, and also about me as a person. There is no charge for this session, and no obligation to sign up if you aren't happy to. Two things that are crucial to coaching is that there is complete trust and good rapport. Without those, the process wont reach all the levels it needs to. During this initial call you will start to feel and reap the benefits of coaching. Its a conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to get going.

All of these packages are kick arse and highly effective ways of you getting unstuck and moving forward with the confidence you need. Payment can be made via BACS or Paypal and payment plans are available for Flourish & Game Changer.


Power Call
Let’s skip to the good bit. A 1 x 60-minute call with me which will light a fire under your butt and get you focused and ready to move forward. This is for you if you’ve got one particular niggle and you can’t be bothered trying to ignore it anymore. You need resolution and you need it now. You’ll tell me about what’s going on for you, and where you would like to get to, and I’ll help you to formulate a realistic, yet inspiring plan to get there. You’ll leave with a couple of mind-set hacks as well. These calls are about you going from talking to acting, and so I will follow up the week after the call via email to check that you are taking those first steps. You can sign up for this without the clarity call first, if you choose. The investment for this call is £200.

How about going from stationary to in flow? This package is made up of 4 x Skype sessions with me over the course of the month, plus email support throughout. This is a great package for those women that want to take a more in depth look at a certain area and want to spend a little more time doing it. Or for those who have an idea that has been ruminating for far too long, and you want to find out how to bring it to life. This is a chance for you to start seeing and feeling a real difference in your life as I keep you accountable. You’ll finish with a bucket load of clarity and focus. A maximum of 3 new clients only accepted for this package per month. The investment for this package is £500

Time to break the surface and discover the brilliant woman hidden underneath. The 3-month package. This comprises of 7 x sessions with me via Skype, or face to face depending on location. The sessions are held fortnightly. Plus, you receive phone support throughout. It’s a chance to reflect and work on multiple life areas at a pace that allows plenty of time for growth, action, and progress. This is work that goes deep into who you are as a person, what you want and need from your life and how you want to show up in the world. This will make a huge impact in every way, and you’ll move forward with bags of confidence and conviction about where you are headed. A maximum of 3 new clients only accepted for this package per month. The investment for this package is £950

Game Changer
The time has come to act. This is the real deal. Firstly, you’ll get an “All about you” day with me, I will come to you wherever you are in the UK and we’ll talk in depth about what’s going on for you, where you’re at versus where you would like to be. We’ll dig about in your values, current mind-set, stories and beliefs and together come up with a plan of action including working out a realistic budget that is in line with you and feels right. The day will be broken up into sections and will include time for a nourishing, delicious lunch as well. I usually choose a spa for the location to allow for gentle downtime throughout the day.

This four-month bespoke package is great for those professional women at a career crossroads who are ready to take the leap, but need to really look at how that leap is going to impact on them and their loved ones, and to ensure they have the right tools in place to take those next steps.

After our day together, you will have fortnightly Skype calls with me to check in with how you are doing, these calls will involve working through any blocks that you have, the feelings that are coming up for you as you are on your journey, and cheerleading as and when you need it.

You also have access to me via phone or email during working hours. If in between sessions, something comes up for you that you feel can’t wait, then I am available to message or call to have a brief talk through and assess what’s going on.

This really is a game changer (hence the name). That picture you have in your head, can absolutely become a reality if you trust the process and embrace it fully. Let’s show that inner critic who the boss is. You deserve the best, and that is always my aim. I only take on a maximum of two clients for this package per month to ensure that I am as available and present as possible for you. Price available on enquiry.

Further information

From one woman to another, I have been there and I have the T-shirt(s). You have the power and drive to be who you want to be, and live how you want to live. On the other side of your fear is bliss. You've got this, and I'll be by your side the whole time.

Horsham, RH13

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Monday - Thursday mornings between 8:30am - 11:30am. Monday -Thursday 7pm-10pm. Some Saturday morning appointments are also available.

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