Rachel Martin - Women's Career Change & Fulfillment Coach

Rachel Martin - Women's Career Change & Fulfillment Coach

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About me

I help women transform their working lives. Having reached crisis point in my own career almost 3 years ago, I know and appreciate how awful it is when we aren't happy in the work that we are doing.

Its hard to admit that. Surely as adults we should have it all figured out? But that's very rarely the case. Perhaps you've been desperate to change careers for years but are still spinning your wheels over what to do. Maybe you know where you want to head but are tripping up on the all important 'HOW'. Whatever it is, I know that coaching will help you.

When I first worked with my coach I signed up with her and then tried to back out, professing that I couldn't use Skype of all things. Fortunately, she saw straight through me and knew that it was my self doubt and fear talking. I'm so glad that she called me out on it, because honestly, it was the best investment that I ever made in myself.

That's what coaching is, a real investment in you. How often have you done that? Not much I'm willing to bet. My mantra now is to invest in myself as much as I can, I'm worth it after all, and the world sorely needs women that know how great they are, and walk their own path with strength, integrity, and courage.

I'm the coach for women who are where I was a few years back, wanting more, looking around and thinking "surely this can't be it". Women who care about their own personal development, who want to make an impact on their world  and the people around them in their very own unique way. Women who want to feel more alive and who want to live a life that is in line with who they truly are.

Through no fault of our own, some of us end up on the wrong path. This happened to me, and its happened to you to. The important thing is to know that you can change that. Nothing is off limits if you are willing to try.

I for one didn't want to wake up at 65 and realise that I had spent all my time making someone elses dreams happen, and not paid any attention to my own.

I believe that we have a responsibility to live with intention, with clarity, and with a real understanding of what we need and want to be fulfilled in our work.

What you can expect from me

* Total commitment to you and your goals & dreams

* Absolute confidentiality - nothing we discuss will leave the coaching space

* Accountability - I will check in that you are doing the things you committed to do

* A good dollop of humour, and a caring nudge when you need it.


Career Coaching with Rachel has been a revelation. I have loved having someone I can talk with and not fear being judged, or made to feel like my ideas were silly. I'm now planning a new direction and am going to start retraining in September. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and decided to sign up for coaching. I'm sure I would still be sat at that desk feeling hopeless if I hadn't. As someone who has been through the processed herself, Rachel is empathetic, funny and supportive, as well as being straight talking and holding me accountable. So worth it, would highly recommend to all.

Jen, Horsham

Coaching with Rachel changed so much in my life, it enabled me to see that the story I was living by wasn’t true and was only holding me back. Through working with Rachel for a few months I was able to make sense of my past and how it was impacting me in the present. Which has left me free to really embrace the future with a new sense of confidence and clarity. I’m so glad I went through this process with her!

Emma, Bournemouth

Training, qualifications & experience

Animas Accredited Diploma In Transformational Coaching.

Twenty years in corporate finance, AAT Qualified. I know only too well the stresses of long hours and the corporate life. That day to day grind can really have an impact on you and your overall health and time.

Wife, mother, business owner - believe me, I get the struggle.


Firstly, before any work commences with a client, we will have a free compatibility session. This will be 45 minutes long, where you can ask me anything you want to about the coaching process, which package is right for you, and also about me as a person. There is no charge for this session, and no obligation to sign up. Two things that are crucial to coaching is that there is complete trust and good rapport. Without those, the process wont reach all the levels it needs to. During this initial call you will start to feel and reap the benefits of coaching. Its a conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to get going.

All of these packages are kick arse and highly effective ways of you getting unstuck and moving forward with the confidence you need. Payment can be made via BACS or Paypal


Laser Focus Call
Let’s skip to the good bit. A 1 x 90-minute call with me which will light a fire under your butt and get you focused and ready to move forward. This is for you if you’ve got one particular niggle and you can’t be bothered trying to ignore it anymore. You need resolution and you need it now. You’ll tell me about what’s going on for you, and where you would like to get to, and I’ll help you to formulate a realistic, yet inspiring plan to get there. You’ll leave with a couple of mind-set hacks as well. These calls are about you going from talking to acting, and so I will follow up the week after the call via email to check that you are taking those first steps. This is a direct sign up without the clarity call first. The investment for this call is £110.

Game Changer

This is a package that is so important to me, its been designed with you in mind. Yes you, the brilliant human that’s stuck in a not so brilliant career and wants to change. You see, wanting to change is enough. That’s all you need to ignite that spark, and I am the person that helps you to grow that spark, and get a roaring fire going. This package is made up of 8 x 1 hour Skype sessions held over 2-4 months, depending on how you would like to pace your sessions. In these sessions we’ll unpick the knots that are keeping you stuck.You’ll also get phone access to me between sessions to buoy you up when you need it.

I’m not a Coach that sets goals or targets for the sake of setting them. I am far more interested in who you are, what makes you tick and what lights you up. Because without uncovering that, all the targets and goals in the world aren’t going to mean anything. Its my job to help you figure out and understand why you think the way you do, and why you feel all those feels. Game Changer is about changing the game in a way that works for you, and doesn’t have you running for the hills or burying your head in the sand. Its about looking at what YOU want from YOUR life, and finding the best way to get you there.

Game Changer involves looking at where you are now, and what’s not working. We dig deep into your core values as a human being, and into your life stories and beliefs, sifting through whats true, and whats just been put there along the way to keep you small. We’ll explore what makes your heart sing, and what impact you want to make on the world. We’ll check your eye sight, by that I mean taking off the lenses you see the world through and giving them a good polish. You can’t see clearly with greasy spots and smudges in your way. We’ll also come up with a plan. Your very own plan of action, this plan will allow us to work out together what the right career move is for you, how and when you are going to do it, and why it matters to you so much.

Perhaps you were never meant for a role in Finance and actually want a future as a Florist. Maybe you love your role in HR but there’s something about the environment that’s wrong. Perhaps Marketing is your dream job, but you want to aim higher and that lack of confidence is in your way. Whatever the Career conundrum, Game Changer will really help you to gain the clarity and momentum you need.

I only take on a small number of clients at a time, this ensures that I am as present and available for you as possible throughout your coaching journey – sorry for these use of the word journey, its very X-Factor I know! The investment for this package is £880

Further information

Coaching consists of in depth and meaningful conversations, the like of which you will not have experienced before. Your goals & dreams for the future are the main focus. My Coaching questions will allow you to uncover the truth of what is happening for you. Why you are where you are, and which path to take next. Coaching is an uplifting, inspiring and creative process in which we find out who you really are, and how you want to show up in the world.

Its my job and privilege to listen, really listen to what you are saying, and how you are saying it. The way a person shifts in their seat of fiddles with their hair can hold as many clues as the words that are coming out of their mouths, sometimes more so. These clues enable me to explore your challenges with you, and help you overcome them.

One thing that comes up a lot in coaching are the stories that we live by, and in this space we uncover which of them are true, and which ones it is that you may have adopted over time through your family, friends, and the wider world. Those stories only serve to keep us small, and hold us back. By establishing the absolute truth, you can break free of those old thought patterns and find your way forward. A major part of what I do is to identify these stories and work through them with you. Ultimately we are our own biggest roadblock, and its my role to help you get out of your own way.

I believe that our feelings are a huge source of power and of truth, feelings are something that I explore a lot in the coaching space, and its important that you know that from the outset.

Horsham, RH13

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Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Monday - Thursday mornings between 8:30am - 11:30am. Monday -Thursday 7pm-10pm. Some Saturday morning appointments are also available.