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About me

Hi, I am Priscilla.

I coach individuals to be in control of their life by working with them to master their mindset, clarify their vision, and take strategic action toward achieving their goals.

I am a senior level accredited coach with an MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, a former Met Police Detective, and mother of two based in West London. I work with clients to build a life they love based on their definition of success.

Whatever it is you seek to achieve, whether it is in your personal or professional life the first step is always to Master your Mindset. This is because the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves, our capabilities, and our potential is the first stumbling block that can derail us from either getting started or giving up when things get tough.

Unlike other approaches to goal achievement which rely on a person’s willpower to reach success and have a strong focus on ‘fixing’ the individuals’ flaws and weaknesses, I take a positive and holistic approach to goal attainment.

Through my coaching practice Plan Be, I combine the scientifically grounded study of Positive Psychology, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), with my personalised step-by-step method to help clients uncover their strengths, positive attributes, and values. Additionally, you will learn proven tools and techniques to master your mindset, stay focused, motivated, and on track with your goals. Harnessing these principles will equip you with confidence, self-belief, and self-efficacy to achieve success across different areas in your life and become your own hero (cape optional).

I specialise and provide 1:1 coaching in the following areas;

  • Increasing focus & productivity
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Positive goal setting
  • Unearthing your superpowers
  • Discovering your Values
  • Increasing Resilience
  • Developing Confidence
  • Increasing wellbeing within multiple roles (work/life balance)

Imagine a world where you are confident and don’t let fear hold you back. How much would you achieve?

Training, qualifications & experience

My personal journey

Before becoming a coach, I was a detective at the Metropolitan police. However, after seven years in the job and two children under the age of three, I found myself struggling to balance a demanding work life with being a mum. My goals and my values were not aligned, this caused internal conflict which manifested in stress and anxiety. After some reflection, I decided to move onto my Plan B(e). I resigned from the Met and enrolled for a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, graduating with a 1st.

I believe psychology and investigation are not so far removed from one another. Both require the ability to delve deep, ask the right questions, follow the clues and see the bigger picture in order to find your way out of the woods.

I have chosen this path because I believe it is my Ikigai - my purpose. I truly love helping and empowering others and sharing the tools that enabled me to live my own version of success and happiness. I was able to write my Plan Be and so can You!

My Qualifications

  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology: 1:1
  • Thesis research awarded Distinction: “An exploration into Women’s Multiple Roles and their effects on Wellbeing.”
  • EMCC Coaching Accreditation: Senior Level Coach

Member organisations


European Mentoring and Coaching Council

EMCC UK is part of the Europe-wide European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

Together their aim is to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe.

EMCC is an independent, impartial and non-profit making organisation.

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£90.00 per session
Free initial in-person session

Additional information

£90 per 1 hour session.


Monday to Friday From 9am till 8pm

Further information

Finding your ideal coach takes time, but with the right one by your side there is no limit to what you can achieve for yourself.

To ensure that I am the right fit for you, I offer a free discovery session. During this 30 minute informal chat we can discuss what has brought you to seek coaching, your goal, and answer any questions you may have.

If you feel ready to take that first step, then grab a brew, and let's have a chat. I can't wait to meet you.


Lucy – Yoga Teacher and Founder of YoMu

From the first session with Priscilla, it was like a seed of enthusiasm and belief was born in me. It is really challenging running your own business let alone when the product you have to sell is you. For years as a developing yoga teacher I was afraid of really owning my power and that I had a right to share my talent regardless of how I personally felt about it. Priscilla knew exactly how to guide me to feel good about who I was and what I wanted to share, she gave me tools to understand where my doubts were arising from and how I could transform these practically into positive actions. She gave me space to discover for myself what I really wanted from my business and how to realistically make steps toward my goals.

Thanks to Priscilla after only a couple of months I could feel my beliefs about my business transforming and as a result I began to create my dream life as a full time yoga teacher . Everything I set out to achieve with Priscilla at the beginning of the coaching has manifested. My classes are full, I am being consistently asked to teach by different people and studios in the city, I have a steadily growing client base and am now traveling to teach at retreats all around Europe. However, the most valuable gift I received from the coaching with Priscilla was belief in myself and my dreams, I felt that she was with me 100 percent throughout our coaching sessions and still keeps up to date with my progress. I cannot recommend PLAN BE more and I will continue sessions as maintenance for my continual transformation inside and out.

Princess Founder of Nine Mile Clothing

I have been working with Priscilla as my business coach for the past 10 months. This wasn't a decision that I took lightly as I was unsure of the benefits a business coach would have on myself and my business. These thoughts were eradicated after my first session. Within a few sessions, I was able to lay out all of my fears and break them down to conquer them. I didn't just feel as if I had a business coach but I felt that I had another team member which gave me more confidence in decision making.

As my sessions continued, I started planning and setting goals, which I continually accomplished. I achieved more than I would have because of these sessions as I was held accountable for my progress.

For a global business owner with a small team who was unsure about using a business coach, I have never been so certain now. It was necessary for me as I have been growing at a rapid rate and needed clarity and someone to listen and help me achieve what I am capable of. With Priscilla, I was able to break down any limitations I had in my mind that were preventing me from growing. I like to call her my 'Wendy' - from BILLIONS tv show!

Kirstie’s story

I am in my late 20s and this summer I experienced the panic of soon turning 30 without knowing where my career was going. I had been in my job for 3 years and needed a change but I wasn’t quite sure what I should move to. I felt quite lost trying to look for jobs and didn’t feel confident in my skills or what I could offer. I had tried a self-guided coaching book, but I felt like I needed more support and accountability.

My friend recommended Priscilla to me and in our initial meeting, I could tell she would be able to help. She is a very warm, caring person and she specialises in positive psychology coaching which was the right thing for me, as I needed to gain clarity, confidence, and resilience at this time of change. She was able to help me identify what my goals were for my sessions and support me in reaching them, using her skills in observation to enable me to realise things about myself and gain confidence.

Thanks to Priscilla’s support, I have become more self-aware and confident in my skills. This has enabled me to take on a different role in my company which is the perfect step forward for me in my career and a great opportunity for me to grow. I am very grateful to her for helping me to reach this point and I would definitely recommend her to anyone else considering coaching!

Thanks so much Priscilla!

Greater London

Type of session

In person


Priscilla Ramirez

Priscilla Ramirez