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Samantha Uwadiae - Confidence and Career Acceleration

London, E9
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About me

Hello, I'm Samantha, I am a *Masters in Science (MSc) accredited psychology-based professional Coach. I provide psychology-based culturally sensitive coaching programmes, to accelerate the confidence and career potential of women from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

* Masters in science in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

I specialise in working with individuals to:

  1. Accelerate their self-confidence: assertiveness, self-esteem, boldness, self-belief,  mindset mastery, setting boundaries and becoming their most authentic and best self.
  2. Career acceleration: confidence to go after a promotion or pay rise, find authenticity and purpose, gain career clarity and transition and create their career strategy.
  3. Accelerate leadership potential.

PACKAGE 1 - Individually Tailored Coaching Programme:

I work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. My proven and tested coaching acceleration formula, is integrated with psychology-based principles and best practices, to assist you in harnessing and unleashing your full potential.

Your individual programme is tailored using 5 key steps:

Step 1 - Free coaching discovery call

Book your free 30 minutes discovery call to assess if coaching is the right move, right now.  A chance for me to learn more about your aspirations and vision. For you to learn more about this programme and whether I am the right coach for you.

Step 2 - Assessing your individual needs

I use a blend of assessment approaches to identify your needs, key blocks and barriers, aspirations and goals. Assessments will include:

  • Psychology based tests (psychometrics)
  • 1:1 conversational assessment
  • Reflective questionnaires for you to complete

Step 3 - Your confidence acceleration plan

The data points collected during the assessment phase (step 2) will be transformed into your own ‘acceleration plan’.

Step 4 - Tailored coaching

Each 60 minutes coaching session will be executed to meet your individual style and preferences, identified during step 2.  The bespoke nature of the programme means we are continually reflecting on your plan, and adapt it in response to your changing and evolving needs.

*Bonus: You will also receive optional further reflective work at the end of each session, to maximise your learning between sessions.

Step 5 - Purposeful endings

The final session will be focused on safeguarding core learning developed and using reflective methodologies, to support you in supercharging your momentum. To continue acceleration post programme.

Bonus: Free progress report

Throughout your coaching journey, I will be assessing your progress and mapping your successes.  At the end of the programme, you will receive a free high-level progress report.  Showcasing your changes in a measurable method and celebrating key milestones and successes.  RRP £39.99


PACKAGE 2 - Level up your confidence group coaching programme:

Do you want to accelerate your confidence in just 12 weeks?

The UK's first psychology-based confidence group coaching programme, specifically designed to skyrocket the confidence and self-esteem of black women in just 12 weeks.

Imagine being in a group, on a development journey with other women who understands your pains, fears and is ready to take action to live a life of dynamic boldness and confidence. Furthermore, visualise finally being free of impostor syndrome, the grips of fear, not feeling enough or worthy, and the limitations of low self-esteem and racing negative thoughts. What would your life be like? What can you now achieve?

More than a typical confidence coaching group.

This group is not only about accelerating and becoming your best self, but also unleashing your potential. To feel able and have the self-belief to go after the life and career you desire in a dynamic, bold, and self-assured way. Being surrounded by other dynamic women in a group where you will be 'seen', 'heard', 'held', and 'honoured', just the way you are now.  As you grow into who you want to be.

Group details:

12 weekly coaching programme, dedicated to your growth and development. Groups are facilitated only twice a year.  With the next programme starting on Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 6 pm.

The programme will cover 5 key modules:

Module 1: Finding your confident self - build your vision & goal/s.

Module 2: Asserting yourself and setting boundaries - find your voice and confidentiality say ‘yes’ to self and ‘no’ to others.

Module 3: Identifying and harnessing your authenticity - unlock the power of your character strengths, personality type & core values.

Module 4: Overcome imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviours.

Module 5: Moving forward post programme - upholding your momentum to continue accelerating post programme.


  • Peer accountability:  you will be matched to another member from the group to support and encourage you to stay motivated & accomplish actions outside the group.
  • 50% off your progress report: a written high-level report outlining measurable changes, coach’s observations and identified milestones and successes you accomplished during the programme. This is a great reminder of what you have achieved.
  • Homework: optional homework will be given to encourage you to reflect deeply between group sessions. This supports your acceleration and maximises learning between sessions.

If you are now ready for change...

Get in touch for a free coaching discovery call. To learn more about my coaching programmes, costing, and my coaching style and technique. You are the designer of your destiny, the author of your story. Allow coaching to support you in unleashing your potential and unlocking your greatest self.

Training, qualifications & experience

Coaching Expertise:

  • Education: Masters in Science (MSc) in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.
  • Accreditation: European Mentoring and Coaching Council - a membership body that quality assesses and provides benchmarking of best practices for professional Coaches and Mentors.
  • Specialised: Integrating evidence-based psychology theories and models into coaching.
  • Coaching professionally: since 2016.
  • Working with: Imperial College London, The NHS, St Mungo's, Parkinson's, SOAS University, and many other corporate organisations and individuals.

Professional Career:

  • Racial Equity Facilitator and Psychology-based Executive Coach: working with senior leadership team's to build racial awareness and inclusive cultures. Secondly, providing Executive Coaching services to aspiring and current senior leaders from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.
  • Talent, Diversity & Senior Leaders Performance Manager: specialise in creating diverse & strong talent pipelines and nurturing the talent of ethnically diverse staff members.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for the Mayor of London: expert in racial equity initiatives including ethnicity pay gap, black equality agenda, talent development programmes, and workforce-wide inclusion learning programmes.
  • Work & Learning Services Deputy Manager: managed four nationwide work and learning development services.
  • Public Speaking Trainer: working for the Speakers Trust and taught over 600 delegates how to speak with large crowds with confidence and conviction.
  • Co-Chaired National Network: A Business in the Community award-winning BAME Network.
  • Service Manager: career development and employability service within the University of West University.
  • Career Development Specialist: designed, implemented, and operated a Career Progression Service.

My Coaching Approach:

I use an array of coaching psychology and positive psychology techniques. Integrated with evidence-based diversity and inclusion and leadership and talent development best practices. I also draw from my lived experiences of being a woman of colour myself, to provide coaching services that create a safe space for women from racially diverse backgrounds.

Core psychology based coaching approaches I draw from:

  • Humanistic Coaching
  • Applied positive psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Behavioural Coaching
  • Strengths-based Coaching
  • Motivational Interviewing

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Self confidence acceleration coaching
  • Career confidence acceleration coaching
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Being plagued by negative and limiting beliefs such as imposture syndrome, perfectionism, and the trap of expertism.
  • Living below your ability and potential and knowing you deserve more.
  • Working a mediocre role when you know you deserve more.
  • Allowing others to overstep your boundaries and feeling uncomfortable with asserting yourself.


Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

I offer a free 30 minutes non-obligatory discovery call for you to decipher if Confidence or Career Acceleration Coaching may be the right fit for you. 

Tailored psychology-based programmes are available in 6,  10 and 12 session packages (equivalent to £100 per session):

  • Package of 6 = £600
  • Package of 10 = £900 (£100 savings)
  • Package of 12 = £1,200 

Level up psychology-based group coaching programme: 

  • £850 per programme (£50 savings) 

All packages can be paid in instalments or in full. Flexible price plans are also available to meet your needs!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Further information

Past client’s feedback:

"Coaching has benefited me in many ways. It has given me a lot more confidence in achieving my career goals. It taught me to think in a different way and set clearer and bolder goals. Furthermore, strategies to achieve my goals. I am now encouraged to take steps in my life, I did not ever believe I would". Priya A

“I enjoyed the pre assessment questionnaires and tests. They caused me to think deeply about why I do what I do and where I want to be. The chance to see my thoughts on paper before starting, maximised my focus during each session”. Ruby J

“The personalised approach of the programme provided me with effective tools to follow through with asserting myself consistently”. I am now more motivated to speak my truth and assert myself, and understand how not speaking up before was a disadvantage to myself”. Enola B

"Confidence coaching allowed me to see myself differently by identifying and unpicking my internal blocks, making me unhappy. By the end of my sessions with Samantha, I was able to walk away from a negative and overbearing relationship. I have now got back in touch with me and I am writing again". Gemma A

"The strength you need is already in you, Sam helps you channel this and bring it to the front view". Adamma N

“I have seen tremendous growth since the start of my sessions. I have more confidence and belief in myself, I have a burning need to speak up and to do right by myself. I now know how to keep building on the foundation established during my coaching sessions”. Nkechi C

“I love reviewing my progress report. It was a reminder of how far I have come, and how impactful and life-changing my coaching sessions have actually been. I feel so proud of my growth in only 10 sessions. It does what it says, accelerates confidence”. Chelsea C

“Being around other Black women who understood my story and journey was uplifting and a gift to my development”. Kelly-ann L

“Hearing my experiences acknowledged and respected was the highlight of this journey. The group became my safety net and each week I looked forward to seeing my sisters and doing our acceleration work in union”. Gerat Z

“Coaching was perfect. Samantha was genuinely concerned about my development. Taking my personal situations into consideration. She was warm, strict and very attentive”. Rachel O

"To be surrounded by fierce and dynamic women on a journey like my own, what an experience ! ”. Kandy N


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Samantha Uwadiae - Confidence and Career Acceleration

Samantha Uwadiae - Confidence and Career Acceleration