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When trying to be creative about what a coach will do and what, as a coach I would do differently, I think the main answer to this question of why coaching with me is the different perspectives I'll help you think from so you can approach your challenges and actions in a new empowered way, the level of trust and rapport I can build with you and how I've supported previous leaders, managers and individuals to explore and shift their behaviours and actions in such a useful way.

Chris said:
“Started working with Philip 5 months ago in August. I was starting my own coaching practice and lacked direction with it. Philip helped me shatter some limiting beliefs and helped me set ambitious goals which has allowed me to take massive levels of action since. He is a great listener, coach and mentor. I will continue to work with him in the future.”

I think my thoughtful, curious and connecting style will nudge your attention and actions towards a better version of yourself on multiple levels.

I think the people I’ve been working with over the last few years will share stories of changes they’ve made and the benefits these have made to their lives and that these can be linked back to some of our coaching conversations.

Rob said:
"Philip is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with – smart, intuitive and wise I can honestly say that he has been instrumental in helping me achieve some of the best results I have had in 11 years in business – he is also genuine, sincere and totally committed to his craft If you need breakthrough results then you need to get Philip in your life and business – a definite no brainer."

To give more insight into me as a person, I hold a number of things to be true about people before I meet them:

  • I believe they are capable of better than they are currently experiencing.
  • I believe they often hold themselves back based on their own or others’ perceptions.
  • I believe they are good, are doing their best, and if they made small, consistent changes, they could be surprised at what could happen for them.
  • I believe if friction was taken away from the things they want to more of, and more friction in place for the things they want to do less of, their habits would dramatically increase.
  • I believe they will surprise themselves with how resourceful they can be when they are given the space to think in a useful way.
  • I think my story, journey and development to get to where I am, will also give you some examples and ideas into how I can support you in realising more of your potential.

Some questions to consider that will give you some ideas into what coaching could help you with:

  • Do you know what drives your habitual behaviour and why sometimes you make decisions that stop you from moving forward?
  • Do you ever doubt your abilities to take action towards your goals?
  • Do you know how to set goals?
  • Do you know how to create momentum that will propel you towards your goals with unstoppable force?
  • Do you know how to align your beliefs and values to ensure you’re following your authentic self and purpose?
  • Do you know your purpose? Would you like to find out?

My purpose has evolved in an interesting way over the last few years. It is to "use my thoughtful and encouraging curiosity to listen and connect with others so that we thoughtfully evolve and develop in a truth-seeking, energising conversation that benefits others around us."

Coaching sessions work because they increase your self awareness, help you to clarify your goals and dreams, work on what will propel you forward, what’s holding you back and creating a plan for you to take action towards your goals. I have a bias towards action and so I try to always finish coaching with a clear takeaway or plan of actions to do before our next session. Progress feels great and so you will benefit from this movement.

I myself get coaching because I believe in the power of these sessions so I hope you choose to do this for yourself, if not with me then I’d be happy to recommend other coaches to you.

Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Still don’t believe me?

Jillian said:

“Philip and I worked together last year, when I was changing my career trajectory. His life and career coaching enabled me to develop specific ideas and helped my to make huge progress in a short space of time. He is a highly motivated individual with a positive can do attitude.I would have absolutely no issue recommending Philip for life coaching, business coaching or keynote speaking in the future.

Training, qualifications & experience

Since 2013, when I achieved my certificate in Life and Business Coaching, I have been coaching executives, senior MD's and managers in Citi while also engaging in external coaching engagements with business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who were looking to improve areas of their life. I facilitate leadership programmes across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

I have a BSc in Finance and Venture Management with IT from NUI Maynooth.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Decision making

Problem solving

Perspective taking

Learning agility


Additional information

Once we've had an initial conversation, both feel we have rapport and that we can work together, I charge per 1.5 hour session (rather than having to sign up for a number of sessions) or can offer discounts where you sign up for a number of sessions if that works.

I only coach people who are willing to take action, rather than wasting time together and not getting any results.


Monday to Friday - 6pm to 10pm Saturday / Sunday - 11am to 9pm

Further information

There are some amazing coaches out there and if we don't click or feel we have rapport, I'm really happy to recommend other coaches to you. You deserve the best support to help you reach your goals.

I think my coaching is best suited to individuals who have a high level of action-orientation so that we can set ambitious goals and make massive progress in a short space of time - skyrocketing your self-confidence.


Type of session

In person


Philip Brady

Philip Brady