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About me

Does success mean something different to you these days?

I help leaders and senior professionals reinvent their career to focus on new life priorities and STILL love the work they do.

I guide you to:

  • Find a career you love and still provide for your family
  • Spend more time with your loved ones without sacrificing success
  • Get out before you burn out
  • Have confidence your new career path is right for you
  • Launch your new career without starting from zero
  • Turn off autopilot – and choose your legacy
  • Defeat self-doubt to become respected in your target field


Don't expect short-lived, one-off changes. I guide my clients to a balanced life with confident, repeatable decision making.
(Oh, and free lifetime follow-ups to support you through positive change.)

Check out my website or send me an email to book your free consultation and find out if we'd be a good match to transform your career and quality of life.

I work internationally online. I live in London, UK.

Email: hello@paultalbotcoach.com
Phone: 0330 001 1148
Website: paultalbotcoach.com


"I wanted to change careers but I was unsure what I wanted and what direction to go in. Now I know where I want to go and how to get there, and I have better belief in myself. Paul is easy to speak with and he genuinely cares. You could see him as the non-judgemental friend who makes you think and understand what you can achieve."
Bola, London

"I was having difficulty working out what to do with my career and knew that I wanted to work for myself, but for years I have let things get in the way. I have made some clear decisions and without Paul's coaching I would not have reached the point I have now."
Claire, London

"Being heard. Really heard. I've spoken to friends, family and colleagues about how I feel but Paul made me feel like I could talk through to the end of the 'story' rather than having to move on. I've got to know another part of myself.  Work has become a joy again rather than a source of stress."
Sarah, London

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m a qualified career coach with dual-accredited training and CPD. I’m a member of the International Coach Federation and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and I have degrees from Cambridge University and Durham University.


Coaching stuck professionals through career crisis is what I do. But this is the culmination of a long, twisting road. I spent over 15 years in large organisations, working in operations management and leadership development after graduating from Cambridge and Durham. Over time, I felt trapped in my career, and my mental and physical health took a serious nosedive. I tried a lot of things, but they didn’t work out. I focused on just getting through the day, convinced I couldn't be a good role model for my young girls.

But then I answered those deep, underlying questions without which any career change can only exist on shaky ground. And I discovered the core thread of my life and career: my commitment to compassionate action.

I’ve always run towards the fire. I’ve supported survivors of domestic and sexual violence, saved the life of stabbing victims, offered pastoral aid for end-of-life care, and guided successful leaders and managers through life-changing career transitions to find the joy again. My mission has always been to step in alongside others in challenge and dilemma. For me, turning away is not an option.

When I'm not coaching and consulting I'm being ridden like a horse by my two little girls, making ice cream, or playing the piano (badly).

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Meaning and purpose


Additional information

I don’t advertised fixed fees. Firstly, my service is tailored to you. Secondly, coaching is an investment in your future, so a decision based mainly on cost is unlikely to lead to a good result.

My rates are competitive, and I offer a combination of features you won’t find elsewhere. There are no hidden costs. I will be clear and upfront about my fee during our consultation. I never pressurise or hard sell.


Weekdays, evenings and weekends

27 Old Gloucester Street

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Paul Talbot | Career Change Specialist

Paul Talbot | Career Change Specialist