About me

About me

As a Master Practitioner in NLP and an accredited Strengthscope consultant, I specialise in support to gain confidence, self-belief, ways to handle stress and more recently, dealing with anxiety in an uncertain world.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with workload, stressed with exams or exhausted by what life is currently throwing at you, I can help you prioritise, focus and see your full potential.  I can show your strategies and coping techniques to improve your anxiety and/or stress, whilst also finding tools to help you recognise the signs of it arising.

I can give support with time management and organisational skills, both key whilst studying and in the workplace, as well as guidance on interview techniques so that you have the necessary confidence when it really matters.

My clients vary from university students to retirees, including young professionals and CEO's 

Understanding the uncertainty and added stress the Covid 19 situation is causing to many companies and appreciating that having someone to talk issues through with and support is so important to many.

The techniques I use are flexible, practical and caring.  My priority is for my clients to feel at ease and for us to set realistic goals together.  I find there is not just one way of coaching and together we will find the most appropriate ways of working to give you the very best.  Communication is key and I would like to think I am approachable and honest and at the same time I make the sessions enjoyable and uplifting.  As we progress, it is only natural that your goals will evolve and we can continuously evaluate the original goals set, appreciate the progress, as well as focus on the new.

The experienced I gained from previously running a company has give me the tools to understand and relate to many issues that arise and affect businesses.  I have also raised four children and understand the pressures that young people face, whilst being mindful of the parental perspective.

What is Life Coaching and how will it benefit you?

Coaching is most successful with complete trust, so be reassured that my coaching is strictly confidential and discrete.

My coaching is supportive and productive. You will be delighted to see that the effort you put in is so quickly rewarded.

  • Personal development
  • Career coaching
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Stress / work-life balance
  • Young People

What can you expect from your first Coaching session?

I offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to start recognising current issues, which together we can work to overcome.  After the call, I will send you a list of thought provoking questions that will assist us in clarifying the specific areas in which you would like to start your coaching journey.  This is to keep us on track to get the results you wish to achieve and we can revisit these frequently during the course of your sessions ensuring you get the most of our time together.  So much of the progress is made in between the sessions!

What happens next?

Please call me on: 07889 558937 or click here to send me an email, to arrange a complimentary initial phone consultation.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained with the International Coaching Federation. I am a Master Practitioner in NLP and an accredited Strengthscope consultant.

I have many years experience as a coach from group coaching 400 young university students to CEO's and retirees to young parents with all the stresses involved with bringing up a family and continuing with their careers.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I am coaching many people suffering from stress at the moment. To give them time to appreciate the fast and changing world right now.  Supporting those who are experiencing stress to come up with strategies and coping techniques to help themselves learn to reduce anxierty and manage better whilst also learning to recognise when it arises. Among the techniques I suggest, include learning relaxation skills and journalising trigger events.

Coaching school leavers and graduates

I have now coached many school leavers and graduates. I coached in a school for three years to small groups, so really appreciate their concerns and also what motivates them. I produced a workbook for the schools which I still use on my one to one clients which is fun to use and is also a great record for them to see the progress that is made so quickly.

University students and graduates often need time and space to really consider their options, to be given that support is truly invaluable.  Time management and organisational skills can be a constructive areas to concentrate on as they progress through different stages of education and employment.

I can also give guidance on interview skills so that they have the necessary confidence when it really matters.


Additional information

I offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to begin to get to know each other and to discover if I am the right coach for you, as the chemistry between us is very important for successful outcomes.

My fees are reasonable and competitive as I charge £85 per session. I am happy to do pro bono work for worthy causes.

We can work face to face, Skype, zoom or telephone whichever works best for you. I am happy to coach in my own home or meet you at a mutually convenient place in and around north Hampshire and in London.


I am very happy to offer evening & weekend appointments to fit in with your busy schedule. I am happy to fit in unscheduled sessions if the need arises. I try to be as flexible as I can!

Further information


Having had sessions with Pam since I returned from uni in the spring when I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed, I am now back at uni feeling positive and motivated.  Having regular fortnightly phone calls with Pam is keeping me focused and on track for my finals at the end of this strange educational year. - Jamie                                       

"The progress I have made in the last year with Pam by my side has been phenomenal and I shall always be grateful for her great thought provoking questions with gentle humour, she just 'gets me'.  - Sandra

"Pam helped me identify and successfully challenge assumptions around what was possible, opening up my thinking and options. She asked some powerful questions that helped me gain new personal insights and remove barriers to progress - Dan

"Thank you for being part of my rejuvenation! I am amazed how powerful my coaching experience with Pam has been, I am so much happier and focused" - Claire

Hartley Wintney

Type of session

In person

Key details

I am very happy to discuss accessibility on an individual basis, particularly at this difficult time.


Pam Andrews

Pam Andrews