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About me

If you feel lost, stuck in a life that doesn't fit who you are.

If you want to hear your inner wisdom, truth and intuition.

If you want to come home to who you are, discover your true essence.

A part of you has woken up – but what do you do next?  How do you stay true to it in the face of regular life?  How do you find and then stay on your path?

You’ve always been a bit different, and it probably made you feel like you didn’t belong, perhaps even your own body hasn’t felt like home.  You’re now realising your differentness is what makes you uniquely epic.  Although you’re likely struggling to work out exactly what that epicness is, and what to do with it.

In some ways you’ve always felt like the Black Sheep, or a free spirit trapped in a conventional world.

You’re looking to embrace your self-awareness & spiritual side but you’re not looking to become Gandhi, Jesus or Mother Tereasa.  You want to be real.  You want to be you. You want depth, not fluff… you want to experience things, not just know them… You want to bring colour into your life… To immerse in yoga, energy and gong baths and then head to the pub… To play in the light and delve in your shadows… To cherry pick from different religions and belief systems… To mix mung beans with the steak house …  To dance and feel the total abandonment of floating free down the road, then sit down and watch netflix…  Basically you don’t want to be a carbon copy of anything or any idea… you want to find your way.  And I can help you with that.  I don’t fit you into a box, my gift is helping you find your own truth.

The Essence Path is for those seeking inner truth & embodied self-awareness.  To come home to the truth of who they are. To hear & trust the advice of their intuition & inner guidance. To embody their spirituality through movement & dance. To channel their Intuition & Soul through journaling and meditation. To work & flow with their energy. To experience full integration and alignment between their ‘spiritual self’ and ‘everyday human life’. To transform the pain, suffering & emotional trauma’s of their past into the gifts of their future’s. For those who want to stop hiding their spiritual truths, embrace the richness & creativity of their inner world… and feel meaningfully alive.

helping you reconnect to the essence of who you are

"Your essence is the authentic core you were born with. No matter what has happened in your life, it is always there, waiting to be reconnected with."

for those seeking a life of meaning & purpose

When you embody your essence you'll find your creativity reappears. That sense of aliveness comes back to your body and mind. You'll trust your intuition and feel confident about who you are and what you can offer. You'll naturally start making changes that are more suited to your true self. Feel grounded, balanced and whole in yourself.

How can I help?

  • If you’d like support to integrate your spiritual self into your body and everyday life.
  • If you’d like to feel more in flow.
  • If you’d like to work with, increase and trust more in your intuition.
  • If you’d like to heal aspects of your past.
  • If you’d like to find your path.
  • If you’d like to feel your spiritual self, embodied in your everyday worldly self… less separation of the two.
  • If you’d like to expand and heighten your energy and vibration.
  • If you’d like to work with your heart, guides & higher self.
  • If you’d like to connect with & be supported by people on a similar journey.
  • If you’d like support in integrating your awakening (from travels / retreats / life experiences) into your everyday life.

My approach
I believe no one size fits all and my approach is to follow your unique process.  No two sessions look the same.

Drawing upon meditative body movements, meditation, deep inner work, trance states, coaching, healing, inner child work, energy work.

If you're wanting to know who you are, what you want and to live a life that's authentically aligned with your true self - then I'd love to hear from you.

A little about myself
Olivia has run a successful private practice since 2006 specialising in embodied spiritual self-awareness and connecting individuals to the essence of who they are. Olivia is a life coach, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist (in training with UKCP), theta healer, yoga teacher, trauma specialist yoga and somatic movement educator.

She believes no one approach fits all. Through extensive training and experience, her background in healing allows her to offer a unique blend for each client. A lifelong interest in mind, body and spirit have led to extensive worldwide travel, not taking herself too seriously and a belief that everything has a place in the world, including the pub.

Specialising in:
spiritual self-awareness & embodied integration of spiritual self into everyday life.
Sub-specialising in:
transitions, direction, purpose, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, creativity and self-esteem.


Training, qualifications & experience

I have run a private practice since 2006, helping clients discover who they really are, and live with purpose.


2006   Life Coach (Holistic Healing College), London
2016   Hypnotherapist (College of Hypnotherapy), London
2004   Person Centred Counselling - RSA (Thames Valley University), London
2010   Theta Healing Practitioner (Theta Healing Institute), London

I offer development in mindfulness, intuition and body awareness in coaching sessions. Supported by the below.

2008   Somatic Movement Educator, 1 & 2 (International Institute for SME) Dublin & India
2007   Hatha Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance, Sunra Yoga), Egypt
2011   Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher (Boston Trauma Centre), Boston USA

Other areas of coaching I deal with

HSP Highly Sensitive Person
Body Wisdom
Life Purpose
Trance States


Finding the right life coach is an important decision and so I offer a free 20min phone consultation.

All fees are listed on my website


Further information

“My session with you was the first time in the seven years I have lived in the UK, that I have felt able to speak freely from my heart. I am trying gather words to say how nice it was to meet you but as usual they fall short when you need them most…” Ani H


“I have been wanting this knowledge for years and didn’t know it existed. Thank you for finding it all and passing it on. A fun, relaxed and enlightening day which helped me understand lots’ of things about being a woman I’ve been struggling with for years. Practical, no-nonsense, straightforward and revolutionary”   Melissa M


I’ve just been reflecting on our session about the self critic and now I have a better understanding of how to control it, thanks to you and yesterday’s session.  Also I am very curious about my spiritual capabilities and path.  I feel we are really starting to delve deeper under the surface to the real interesting and possibly life changing. Bethany S


"I thought I wanted a careers adviser then after chatting to a friend she thought it might not be so clean cut as just changing jobs/careers suggested I looked into Life Coaching. I chose Olivia as she came with a glowing recommendation from another friend. Olivia’s grounded and welcoming persona made it really easy to open up and she has helped me get my lust and passion for life back.

Her approach is very kind and considered in assisting reaching the desired outcome. With just a few chosen words she has made me look at my life in a very different and positive way and to which I am eternally grateful. I have returned to the enthusiastic person I used to be.

Olivia is a very inspiring woman and I have recommended her to several of my friends to have in turn had great experiences."  Ceri J


Thank you so much for the session today. I love speaking to you. It always frees something up inside me.  Merit S


“I just wanted to express my gratitude for our sessions. I am constantly amazed at how the body works and talks!

Your work gives back the voice to body and brings it alive so as to feel whole again, to be able to live in the present, to be able to deal with any psychological issues that keep me in the past through expressing them in my body in the present.

Thank you for your care and passion in your work..”  Mersedeh K


I certainly took a leap of faith in making contact with you in the first place (well outside my comfort zone!) and what an enjoyable and worthwhile interlude my contact with you has been.   I had no idea what to expect when we first met and I have come out of each session feeling refreshed and positive. I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled on your website and now to have spent time with you.   Thank you therefore for being so professional and yet so personal in your dealing with me. I have found the whole experience enriching and you have added substantially to my faith in humanity.  AB


Thanks so much for last session, you really helped me. I especially loved the thing about waiting for the phone call/email and seeing the positive in that. That really helped as that is something that often cripples me. M Stephanos

Surbiton, KT6

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified

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