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Olivia D'Silva - Discover Meaning & Find Direction

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East Grinstead
West Sussex

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East Grinstead
West Sussex

About me

Have you heard that story about the woman who was lost whilst travelling through the Irish countryside? She stopped a local man and asked him the way to Kilkenny. The local man replied; "Ah, if you want to get to Kilkenny, I wouldn't start from here..."

How do you know where to go if you don't know where you're starting from?


Perhaps the place you are starting from is somewhere you’ve worked hard to get to but now it feels unfulfilling. You may be fed up with the rat race and living in a society where everything feels just a bit superficial. You may be asking yourself IS THIS ALL THERE IS?

Perhaps you feel like escaping on holiday to try and get a different perspective on your situation. However, you know that when you come home nothing will have actually changed and it would have the effect of sticking a plaster on a broken arm.


Creating visions and dreams for your life to be can be a tricky business. If you begin from a place of not being fully connected to yourself, then you are in danger of being influenced by things that are not really important; i.e. the expectations of others and society (or what you believe others and society may expect from you).

The trouble is that if you create a vision from this place, when you achieve your vision you will realise that this is not the kind of life you want at all! (I know this because I've been there).


What if I was to tell you that everything you ever need is already within you? Within your life, right now, there is deep meaning and deep value. When you make connection with this, then you will have created a solid foundation for your future direction.

I know that you know yourself better than anyone else possibly can and you don’t need anyone to tell you what’s good for you.  However, your dreams maybe clouded by day to day frustrations, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.   I am qualified to help you challenge these conditions so that you can uncover your desires and operate from a place of empowerment.

When you give yourself the space to break through the distractions and complications of daily life and old behaviours that are no longer helpful, you create an effective place from where to plan for the future and create a life of fulfilment.


My approach is gentle but authentic, we will not beat about the bush or play games. I will help you to challenge and break through the things that are holding you back.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, however I usually like to start our sessions by giving time and space to talk about what has brought you to this point. Working from the assumption that you know what is best for you, this person-centered exercise can be revealing. My job through this time is to listen and observe. At the end of this time, we can draw together links and bring out relevant points together. This will help to really direct the focus for our sessions towards your desired outcome.

I like to encourage my clients to make the best use of the coaching space and ask for what they want. So if something doesn't feel right or you don't like the question I've just asked you then I encourage you to say. The purpose of the coaching space is your personal growth; always bear this in mind.

The magic of coaching lies within the powerful, heart-felt connection and non-judgmental space where you can talk as deeply and freely as you like. This is a space where you can discover deep meaning, find inspiration and where you can thrive.

Training, qualifications & experience

I hold a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching in London. This course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

I am working towards my individual Associate Certified Coach accreditation with the ICF.

I have been working with a variety of coaches since 2003. Coaching has enabled me to create a unique life that is rich and meaningful. Now I know how to make the most of every day and I live within my purpose. I believe in the process of coaching and I am passionate about enabling other people to have this experience.

My business background consists of 20 years working within SMEs within a variety of industries. I am qualified in business management to PGDip level and have always worked in a strong leadership supporting role. My passions belong in strategic development and organisational/personal structure. I have transferred my skills of flexibility and bringing creative solutions to complex problems into my current lifestyle.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more information and articles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/livdsilva/

Yogi ~ Foodie ~ Beekeeper ~ Life Lover

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Coaching with Meaning & Spirituality
  • Finding Your WHY
  • Leading with Purpose
  • Recognising your true value


If you have read this far into my profile, something must have connected with you. Why not get in touch by email or phone to tell me more about where you are and what you want out of life?

I offer a free of charge, no obligation initial consultation. We will use this time to get to know each other and explore your coaching challenges. If you feel I am the right coach for you, we can explore how we might work together. I am always keen that my clients learn to use the coaching space in order to get the greatest value.

For new clients, I offer a starting package of 1 x 1.5hr session followed by 2 x 1hr sessions (3.5hrs in total). These will be delivered face-to-face at my home near East Grinstead or by Skype or phone. My cost for this package is £360.

If after the three sessions, you wish to continue a longer-term relationship, we can discuss methods and costs for this.

Let's have a deep conversation and make a powerful connection!

"Don't postpone your happiness. The best time to take stock is now, long before tragedy touches you to confirm that life doesn't last forever". ~ Rod Stryker

Further information

Some comments from my clients:

"Professional yet friendly, the coaching has been a unique experience that has enabled me to work towards the life I want to live. Without judgment, the simple, gently guidance has been a great help and I look forward to moving on to living the life I want to live".

"Warm, friendly and kind, Olivia is very personable. She is welcoming in her practise, allowing you to feel at ease enough to discuss very personal issues. She was also very good at suggesting ideas but allowing me to feel comfortable with it and always checking I was okay with the process".

"I was surprised by how much progress I made over the sessions. Olivia gave me her full attention & felt very safe talking to her. I found myself opening up about some things that I had never spoken about before.

"She prompted me to think about what my wildest dream would be and I felt guided by the process so that I would have the courage to say my desires out loud, I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I gained some new realisations about what I want to do with my life as a result of this.
I found it very powerful to have my words reflected back at me. This helped me to see my own thinking and where I get stuck. During the process, my limiting beliefs and self-criticism came to the surface and she helped me to challenge them. I am now much more aware of my patterns about how I hold myself back".

"She gives good attention, is professional and creates a safe space, which made me feel like she is trustworthy. I liked her flexible approach so that we could sometimes move away from the plan to focus on the issue at hand but still returning to the original plan afterwards".

"She challenged my thinking very diplomatically and packaged feedback in such a way that it didn't feel threatening".

"It was really helpful for me to have the space to talk and explore aspects of myself. As a result I felt the awareness enabled me to be clearer about what I wanted and what I needed to do to achieve this. Being considerate of these different, and sometimes conflicting, parts of myself means i can be mindful of getting caught up in old patterns".

"She was sensitive and empathic. She was skilled in noticing and reflecting back to me, as well as summarising what I had said which meant I was able to reflect on this myself. Olivia was astute in noticing my changing thoughts and affect and this allowed me to explore myself at a deeper level".

"My understanding of what coaching is, and does, has been expanded and I am very impressed with what my coach was able to offer. I found the experience similar to counselling in it's approach ; the bredth and width of exploration was expansive and I was able to gain greater awareness of myself. This awareness has allowed me to make choices and find a clearer way to move forward".

"Olivia makes it easy to work with her, she has many ideas on ways to help you move forward. Her strengths are listening, making suggestions and helping you to see things from a different angle".

"Olivia is a great coach and very unique with the approach she takes as it is very clear she likes to invest her time in people to help them to grow and this is very genuine".

East Grinstead, RH19

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Online life coaching: Yes
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Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Mon - Fri, 9am to 8pm. Sat 9am to 4pm.

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