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Nova Coaching Services offer a variety of options around coaching: Life Coaching, Career Coaching, NLP Coaching and Timeline Therapy, Sober Coaching and Laughter Coaching. I am skilled in guiding you to open the door to opportunities you thought were out of your reach. I believe that you have the potential to achieve all that you set out to achieve. I am offering a range of packages and during our initial free session we will agree the level of support and the package best suited to your needs at that time.


If you are currently feeling as you should be moving forward but find yourself stuck for whatever reason, then it possibly the right time to explore working with a coach. As a certified coach and NLP practitioner I am able to work with you to discover where you want to go next, how to get there and how to overcome anything that stands in your way. I am able to offer you one to one coaching to support you to address areas of your life where you are currently experiencing a sense of being stuck. Enabling you to rediscover your strengths and abilities and move forward through goal setting, addressing unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs, and overcoming emotional barriers. I believe that you hold all the answers but that you may just need some gentle nudging and some new skills to release the answers in order to fulfil your potential. All with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Also available is help to overcome deep set phobias that hold you back from living your best life. And fantastic ways to stop unwanted behaviours that are encroaching on your life, such as procrastination, overeating and limiting beliefs.

Initial telephone consultation to establish your needs and how we will work together.

Choice of packages:

8 session coaching package – one to one coaching sessions via zoom or face to face over a 12-week period. Weekly telephone check-ins, access to private group and free access to laughter yoga classes for 12 weeks.

12 session coaching package - one to one coaching sessions via zoom or face to face over a 16-week period. Weekly telephone check-ins, access to private group and free access to laughter yoga classes for 16 weeks.

Limiting Beliefs and unwanted behaviours package – 3 one to one sessions via zoom or face to face, 2 follow up telephone check-ins.

Phobia package – tailor made package to the specific need.


A specific Sober Coaching service, to support you in managing your drug and or alcohol use, as well as any other addictions or dependencies. This service is tailored to your individual needs. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and to explore with you the type of service and support you need. I will support individuals and family groups, providing a holistic approach to recovery. All support is carried out in a safe and confidential way, working together to set and achieve goals. I provide support and escort to rehabilitation and medical appointments and provide ongoing support for sustained recovery. During our initial conversation we will together establish what is best for you and your specific and unique needs. I have over 20 years’ experience of working in the field of addictions, building up a wealth understanding and skills in supporting people to achieve their goals around having a healthier relationship with substances, gambling, shopping etc. This may take the form of abstinence or of control, whatever the goal is with help and support this is achievable.

Initial telephone consultation to assess the level of need expect this to take a minimum of 1 hour.

Packages available: All packages to be discussed and designed on an individual basis, the minimum package will be 8 one to one sessions either face to face, via zoom or a combination of both. Daily telephone support and unlimited access to a private peer support group.


Packages available:

Health and Wellbeing Through Laughter – 8-week course (3 hours per week) increasing both health and wellbeing through Laughter. Specifically, for those affected by long term conditions such as ME, CFS, Fibro etc. research shows that Laughter releases Endorphins and has been shown to reduce pain by 10%. Laughter also reduces the release of the hormones cortisol and epinephrine that are linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies have also shown that laughter can increase the production of the white blood cells that support the body to fight off viruses and bacteria thus improving our immune systems. The health and wellbeing effects of laughter are numerous, during this course you will learn how laughter is a vital component in staying healthy physically, mentally and holistically – Homework activities to be completed between sessions available as group or individual sessions. Access to online laughter Yoga classes during the 8-week course.

Building Confidence Through Laughter - 8-week course (3 hours per week) designed to build the confidence of those attending the course through a combination of laughter exercises and NLP techniques. During this course you will explore the aspects of Laughter that enable us to express our emotions, and in doing so find a new confidence and self-worth. You will learn techniques that will support you to be more confident in everyday situations and in those situations that people tend to dread such as public speaking or having awkward conversations – available as group or individual sessions. Access to online Laughter Yoga Classes during the 8-week course.

Relapse Prevention Through Laughter – 8-week course (3 hours per week) specifically for those who have achieved desired goals around addiction and dependence. Exploring laughter and how this can help to sustain recovery. Laughter is so important to sustaining recovery, laughter helps you to rebuild broken relationships and new healthy ones, builds confidence and self-worth, and allows you to have fun – available as group or individual sessions access to online Laughter Yoga during the 8-week course.

Corporate availability:

Laughter Yoga is a great team building activity and available in 1 hour, half and full day sessions.

If you have team members who are experiencing issues around dependency to alcohol, substances or to anything else that has become a factor at work, and you would like them to gain bespoke and confidential support with the least disruption to your company. Nova Coaching services offer a package tailored to their needs and the needs of your company.

Training, qualifications & experience

Having worked for over twenty years in the Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice fields, I have gained a great understanding and skills required to support both individuals, families and groups to achieve change and growth.

I am a qualified Life Coach ILM, NLP Practitioner, Coach, Time Line and Hypno Therapist.

I have experience and expertise in the following areas:

Alcohol and drug use, addictions, disabilities, LGBTQ+, criminal justice, domestic abuse and trauma.

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Addictions
  • Trauma
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Disability
  • Phobias
  • LGBTQ+

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Flexible hours available to suit client.


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Nova Coaching Services

Nova Coaching Services