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Nicholas Grover

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About me

As your Coach, I use creative tools, to facilitate deep awareness, leading to personal transformation. This results in new or renewed aspirations.

I also believe in facilitating a goal/prize big enough to inspire effortless application/transition.

I use a unique approach using thrilling and adventurous metaphors, neuroscience and visualisation to make the vision more authentic.

LIFE COACH (Note the Acronym below)

L ife I nspiring F acilitating E nlightenment

C oncentrating O n  A spirations C hanging (effortlessly)

H olistically (All areas of interest)

My perception that you don't have to agree with, is our self worth is the only thing that never changes and is therefore a solid foundation to build everything else from.
No matter what our challenges are and how negative our outcomes have been, our self worth as people, has always been the same, "priceless".

Therefore, if this is the case, we need to be more self aware of this assured truth because head knowledge is a very low level of awareness. Self-worth/value is not the same as self-esteem as the latter can go up and down.

My perception is also that the more we are aware of our self worth we can learn to grow in awareness of what is unique about us and what special authentic gifts and talents we have to share with the rest of humanity.

For example, a performer needs an atmosphere to share their gift and the more relaxed they are and excited to express themselves the performance is more likely to touch the emotions of the people and deliver well.

Instead of having to meet expectations over and over again and hoping to perform faultlessly and be received well they can share freely their gift from a foundation of high self worth that is not going to change after their performance.

My gift is to facilitate You to find a creative way to find a greater personal awareness of your True Self Worth and transform your relationship with yourself and others.
Also to facilitate greater awareness of your Unique Career,Gifts and Talents that fulfil you and touch the emotions of others.

The more aware you are of the Prize, known as your Vision, the high energy will inspire you to achieve your aspiration in that particular area whether relationships, personal development, career, health and spirituality.

I use a collaborative approach where we explore and discover together the mouth watering insight and the ocean of possibilities without judgement.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have been Life Coaching since 2004 however until October 2017, I was very mechanical in my approach and facilitated only linear thinking and had no idea how creative I could be in the coaching relationship.

That all changed when I studied coaching as a concept and this included the psychological side of the process.

From all my research and experience I have found that building a foundation where my clients can feel so safe to explore all that really interests them and build a fabulous coaching relationship is a golden key to unlock assured insight and awareness.

My coaching approach is facilitating adventure and "AHA" "Eureka"moments.

I have coached Business owners, Sportspeople, Senior Executives, Actors and Performers.


  • Diploma in Coaching University of Cambridge 2018
  • Diploma in Life Coaching 2005    NCFE
  • Certificate in Life Coaching 2004 NCFE

Member organisations


Other areas of coaching I deal with

Minimising Stress Levels

Facilitating business dreams and ideas

Facilitating Business Vision clarity

Overcoming Work Anxiety and Depression

Transforming Mental Health in Work & Career

Transforming Low Self Esteem from a foundation of high self worth

Transforming Low Self Worth

Facilitating Personal Transformation

Greater Awareness of Dreams and Aspirations

Inspiring Positive Working Habits

Transforming Low confidence

Transforming Relationships at Work

Transform self acceptance through the process of accepting yourself unconditionally

Transforming Personal Relationships

Transforming Communication with Partner

Transforming Communication with Children

Building Assured Confidence


The first session is free, for which you will get huge value from, so you can taste whether my approach wets your appetite for success. If we make a great fit we will discuss the best package to move forward and how we can exceed your expectations.

  • Foundation package for Personal Coaching for 4 (one hour) or 8 (30 minute sessions
  • Practical application support package from the second month which is 2 (1/2 hour) sessions a month
  • 12 month intensive support package where you get support as and when you need it to facilitate outstanding results beyond your expectations.
  • Group Coaching where everyone feels just as important and valued in the process.

    The important criteria for me is the prospective client has to have a first class attitude and an excitement to work with me.

Further information

Real Life Client Case Studies

Case Study Example 1

Facilitated client to share their Dreams and ambitions without judgement

Vision/Dream was given attention to detail to enable more clarity and enlightenment

Limiting beliefs were Exposed by tracing back where the beliefs came from which produced liberating results.

We then went on a metaphoric journey to discover their self worth with an unexpected "Eureka" moment that has led to better career opportunities and liberating mental health.

End Result: Together we provided an inspiring safe atmosphere to discover an amazing insight into their career talent value.

Case Study Example 2

To build trust I was able to show great understanding of their background and really listen to the individual at a deep level. This demonstrated to the client I really valued them as a person which enabled them to trust me with their real desires and share their pain and weaknesses.

Facilitated client to share their business idea and discover their niche.

I used natural neuroscience to relax the client through a metaphoric journey to a mental haven. From this place the client could intuitively think and focus on the amazing potential of their idea. We also discovered a metaphor to inspire a winning mindset.

The proof that it was not some fake experience and authentic was the right support and opportunities seemed to come at just the right time to apply the ideas.

The new insight and clarity brought new clientele and an exciting business plan with an assured metaphor to inspire self belief.

London, SE1 2EN
London, EC1A 2BN

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


8-4pm Mon-Friday