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Certified Self Esteem & Confidence Coach
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25
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About me

Hello, I'm Natalie, a qualified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner specialising in Self Esteem & Confidence Coaching.

Has a breakup got you feeling like there must be something wrong with you? Or has a rejection after an interview left you questioning your own capabilities? Or are you constantly comparing yourself to other women and thinking how you just don’t measure up? Or have you just always felt generally not good enough?

Well it’s time that all changed, because you deserve to not just feel enough but also confident being you.

I am passionate about helping women to realise they hold the power to setting themselves free from limiting self beliefs that are keeping them stuck and to realise that they are so much more than just ‘enough’.

I'm passionate about helping women to become their own best friend because I used to suffer with low self esteem myself, particularly after devastating breakups. After trying (so many!) self help books and therapy, for me Neuro Linguistic Programming was the only thing that actually worked, freeing me from my own negative mindset about myself. And I believe every women should know how to help themselves too.

By increasing your self confidence we can get you from:

  • Breaking down over a breakup to feeling empowered living life as a unstoppable single lady or ready to find the relationship that is right for you
  • Avoiding social situations you'll feel awkward at to feeling confident to meet new people
  • Comparing yourself constantly to every women on social media to finally embracing who YOU are
  • Freaking out about going barefaced at your new partners house to feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Putting off that life changing decision to feeling brave enough to follow your heart and take the leap
  • Dreading a night out with your beautiful girlfriends to feeling excited to shine alongside them
  • Keeping quiet over things that matter to you to feeling empowered to ask for what you want and need
  • Staying stuck in the same situation to feeling excited to go after everything you want with clear direction

How does it work?

Every single feeling you experience or action you take is based on the thoughts you have. From what you choose to wear in the morning to the leap of faith you take with that career change, your thoughts have the power to dictate how you live your life daily.

But when those thoughts are negative they'll have you missing out on great opportunities at best and keep you feeling stuck, unworthy and resentful at worst.

Self esteem & confidence coaching helps you to overcome those unhelpful thoughts by:

  • Discovering who you truly are and working out what makes you feel happy, worthy and motivated
  • Noticing how you're keeping yourself stuck by identifying the limiting beliefs you keep telling yourself
  • Using powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to transform your mindset and develop true self belief and self confidence
  • Supporting & motivating you to reach outside of your comfort zones with personalised actions plans that get you experiencing true transformational change that sticks!

What you can expect from coaching with me:

Whether you’re anxious about a certain life event coming up, want to rebuild your self esteem after a certain life ever or want to feel more worthy and confident in general, our sessions together will leave you feel empowered and remembering just how amazing, strong and capable you really are.

Sessions with me are an opportunity to spend dedicated time focussed solely on you, your beliefs and your desires. Together we'll determine what a successful, fulfilled life really means to you and identify the actions you can take to create long lasting change to your self-esteem to help you get there.

We’ll explore all the great personality traits, skills and knowledge you already have that make you the incredible woman that you are. We’ll work through any barriers you think might be stopping you from moving forward, including turning those unhelpful beliefs into powerful truths you'll believe wholeheartedly. Together we’ll come up with inspirational goals and realistic actions plans to help you get to where you want to be and feeling how you’d like to feel.

Great, so is self-esteem & confidence coaching right for me?

If you're ready to commit and leave behind the things that are holding you back then yes!

I feel passionately that every woman should realise just how unique, strong and in control of their own lives they are. I’ve been where you may be now and I would love the chance the work with you to help you set yourself free from those limiting beliefs and low self-esteem that may be holding you back.

In a nutshell my role is to be your cheerleader, motivator and to hold you accountable so that you can feel empowered to life the live you have always wanted.

So, what next?

If you’d like to find out more, I offer free, no-obligation consultations to chat through what you would like to get out of self esteem & confidence coaching - just drop me an email to book yours. I’d love to hear from you xx

‘Self-confidence tends to be something I lack and the fear of failure often halts me. After being placed on furlough, I took this as an opportunity to make a change in my career. With Natalie’s natural guidance, I felt empowered to make decisions to shape my next career move confidently' ~ Fiona, Berkshire

Natalie is a such an empathetic coach. She helped me during a challenging time and really helped to calm my anxiety. Natalie is friendly, a great listener and really puts you at ease.’ ~ Jade, Wiltshire

Natalie provides an open, non-judgemental forum where you can truly be yourself. After each session I come away feeling positive and confident’ ~ Joan, London

I'm also currently offering a FREE downloadable 28 Day Self Love Challenge with practical activities to help you start thinking and feeling more positively about yourself  - you can download it here:

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Certificate in Life & Business Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner qualified
  • Trained by UKCPD

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£275.00 per session
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

I offer a free no-obligation discovery call (over the phone or via Zoom) to make sure confidence coaching is right for you and that we are the right fit for one another. 

My signature 1:1 package will get you digging deep and rebounding high! 

Packed full of self discovery exercises, transformational NLP techniques and constant motivational support this package is for you if you're ready to feel free of the negative mindset that's keeping you stuck and finally live life on your terms. What you get:

  • x3 60 minute 1:1 online coaching sessions with me via Zoom
  • Unlimited access to me via email in between sessions
  • Personalised action plans & a range of inspirational exercises for you to take away in between our sessions
  • Motivational support to keep you on track and to cheer you on!

My signature coaching package is £275.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Lunchtime and early morning (pre-work) sessions can be booked on request if a last minute booster session for an upcoming event would be helpful for you!

Further information

Sessions with me are held online over Zoom from the comfort of your own home. I run sessions during weekday evenings and Saturday mornings understanding the life commitments we all face. Lunchtime and early morning sessions can also be booked on request.

For more information and inspiration please visit

I'm also currently offering a FREE downloadable 28 Day Self Love Challenge with practical activities to help you start thinking and feeling more positively about yourself - you can download it here:


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Natalie King

Natalie King