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To experience a total transformation you need to work on 3 dimensions.

1st Dimension = Fundamentals (Body)
2nd Dimension = Psychology (Mind)
3rd Dimension = Heart (Spirit)

Train Your Body, Rewire Your Mind & Connect to Your Heart To IGNITE THE FIRE OF GOD WITHIN.

If you are ready to transform your life you, are in the right place. FAITH based Life Breakthrough Coaching Holy Spirit led transforms lives more powerfully than teaching or consulting, bringing lasting, significant, sustainable, life-transforming change.

Stop and give yourself permission to really dream for a few minutes…What does your ideal life look like?

What would you do if there were nothing standing in your way if all the obstacles were removed and you had the resources you needed?

Life Breakthrough Coaching helps you to bring about the change you long to see, and design your life around what matters most so that you can live life as God intended.

A life breakthrough coach approaches coaching from a Biblical perspective and helps you to bring about change God's way.

Imagine what your life will be like when you.

  • Know who you are and live as though it's true.
  • Reset mindsets that once held you back.
  • Be empowered and equipped and do all that God intended when He created you.
  • Are you living life true to your values?
  • Know your life purpose and are living life true to yourself.
  • Get things done, see things through to completion, and succeed where you've failed in the past.
  • God wants you to thrive:

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for evil, to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sometimes it's difficult to see God's plan for your life by yourself. That's where a life coach comes in.

Would you like to get off the treadmill and start LIVING your days rather than simply enduring them?

Or create an inspiring life plan that enables you to pursue the dream that God planted in your heart?

Most people have a passion deep inside that would light up their whole life and benefit everyone around them if they would only give themselves permission to pursue it.

Are you living a life fulfilled?

If not, I can help you to start transforming your life, make your dream a reality, and live a life that satisfies you and delights God’s heart… And you’ll find you do that much sooner than you thought possible when you have someone alongside,

I invite you to listen in to this free workshop - coming soon - so that you can begin to identify your calling, start living life on purpose, and fulfill your God-given destiny.

Or get in touch with me so that we can explore the best way forward for you and get you started with transforming your life and live as God intended.

Hi, I Am Nat.

Through my love, enthusiasm, kindness and passion I help you to discover who you are in God, and fulfill your calling so you can enjoy everyday life of true freedom and purpose.

The freedom to reconnect with the power of love in your heart, so love can flow more fully into all your relationships and bring you true intimacy and fulfillment.

I love coaching. I love the concepts behind it and the results it produces. I never tire of seeing how even small changes of perspective can lead to big changes in people's lives.

People often can't see a way forward. Yet, after a few insightful questions and time to reflect, plan and respond, their situation quickly turns around. I really enjoy seeing people come alive, overcome, breakthrough, and move forward.

My expertise comes from a combination of both personal and professional experience.

I love helping people to overcome obstacles by sharing tools and techniques to help them get their life back on track. It gives me great joy to see people overcome and fulfill their God-given dreams.


I create a safe, coaching environment in which my clients feel both supported and challenged as they work towards their goals. My coaching style is warm, direct, and considerate. I ask for a lot because I know my clients can achieve more than they think possible. I'm always there to celebrate their successes and to support them.

Please check my online programs which will allow you to connect with me form anywhere.


Training, qualifications & experience

  • Holistic Life Coaching Diploma
  • Mind-Body Diploma
  • Self- Care Coaching
  • Life Breakthrough Coaching Diploma
  • Mindfulness
  • CBT - Therapy
  • Fitness & Nutrition Diploma

Other areas of coaching I deal with

The Coaching Program

  • We will talk about what is it that you need help on the most?
  • Identify goals and prioritize them.
  • Work on the relationship with self and the people around us.

  • Get clarity of your mind and help get clarity on finding your purpose

  • How to implement all these learning and manifest the life you desire.

  • Work towards a life of time and financial freedom.

  • Understand how to use the mind as a tool that works for you instead of the other way round.

  • Understand Spirituality and what it means for you.

  • Realize trapped emotions and learn how to accept & forgive

Photos & videos


I have found that 3 months works best to allow real change to happen. I include support in between sessions and I am happy to develop a package to suit your needs which can be discussed before any commitment is made. If we are local to each other we may be able to meet face to face.

SUMMER SPECIAL OFFER NOW 50 % OFF: Sessions start from £60 for more information please contact me.

www.natevolve.com - GRAB YOUR FREE SESSION

Further information

  • She is a beautiful, kind-hearted soul that sincerely wants to help people reach a whole new level of self -love. I did her Journey to Mastery program and reached a whole other level in my own journey of self-development, a journey I have been on for the past 9 years! I finally figured out why I was stuck in the same old patterns! Nat gave us so many tools to use. Tools we can continue using on our own journey a journey that continues on even past her 12-week program! Thank you Nat! ~Ali Roman
  • Having a 1 on 1 call today was amazing. Nat Evolve is a beautiful soul who is very passionate about teaching the importance of love and truly understanding yourself. I am so grateful for her compassion. ~ Char Jones
  • An amazing person fulfilled with kindness and love!! The last project I was part of was the 7 Day New You Challenge (7DNY). I recommend to all of you to join in !! It will give you whole body-mind-spirit transformation, self-confidence, a lots of new nutrition knowledge, great energy, joy, and different training every day.???? ~ Silviq Varbanov
  • I find it difficult to find the words to describe how my life has transformed since working with Nat. Her loving bright shining energy, knowledge and unconditional support through the process makes it achievable for anyone.I feel my life at 61 years is the best it has ever been
    Thank you
    Thank you 
    Thank you ~ Middle Ann

  • If you are someone who want to get more out of life and revisit anything, what is keeping you away from reaching your highest potential - then you should definitely contact Nat Evolve.
    She is using very unique blend of techniques, her own experience and intuition and helps in gaining clarity and inner peace. In my session, to my amazement, she told me things that only I could know! Very powerful!
    Thank you, Nat! ~  Agnes Budlewska
  • I highly recommend Nat to anyone who feels like it’s time to do better, to understand yourself more to evolve above your current state of mind and open your heart to new possibilities. I have already come so far thanks to the guidance of this beautiful lady and I’m so grateful to her every day. I was stuck in a cycle of diffused focus, procrastination and limiting beliefs, crippled by trapped emotions pulling me back to the past. Working with Nat Evolve is making a tremendous difference of clarity, peace, love for myself, focus and alignment with my true purpose.
    Much love and gratitude always ~
    Ania Cunningham

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