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Hi, I'm Nancy and I help people create positive self-talk, so they can be free from their inner critic and negative chatterbox and connect with their brilliance instead.

Why? Because creating positive self-talk for ourselves is key to living life with confidence and happiness and achieving our aspirations.  

If you had a friend who found fault in everything you do, who said you can't do it or will get it wrong all the time, you'd find a new friend right?  But that's so often what we tell ourselves through our self-talk, that inner voice that chatters away to us.

Just imagine if that voice was cheering you on instead?  Imagine for a moment that your inner voice were giving you encouragement, pointing out the things you have and can do well and helping you to do and be all the things you want in life - what a difference that would make! 

What's your self-talk saying?

Taking time out to reflect on your self-talk, your inner chatterbox, you'll bring awareness of what you tell yourself and identify times when you're being overly critical or unkind to yourself. This creates opportunity for you to challenge your inner critic and create new positive self-talk.

You'll learn how to see situations from new perspectives, to step back and see yourself in new ways - ways that will help you feel good about yourself, ways that can help you believe in yourself more.

You get to rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself. You know, the story you've been telling yourself about who you should be, that holds you back, rather than the one about who you want and can be? Coaching helps you shift from one story to another, to the one that connects you to your own brilliance!

Coaching provides a safe space for you to reflect on who you are and on how you think and behave. It gives you the opportunity to identify what you want and the tools, support and strategies to help you achieve it.

And it provides you with me, a friendly and encouraging support, to listen to you and bounce ideas around with. Someone you can feel safe with and who will help you see your qualities and opportunities. Because the answers are already within you, coaching just helps you hear them.

Catkin Coaching is RESULTS focused – my aim is to make sure that you get the results you want and I’m committed to you, during your sessions and beyond.  

If you're interested in coaching with me and what to find out more about coaching can help you, get in touch for a chat, it would be great to hear from you! 


Nancy x

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Member of the NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists)
  • Insured by Holistic Insurance
  • Volunteer for the charity The Cinnamon Trust since 2003
  • Over 15 years working in the charity sector
  • Certificate in Fundraising (MInstF Cert)

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From £50.00
Free initial telephone session

Additional information

I provide a friendly and encouraging coaching sessions that are one-to-one either in person, by phone or via Zoom.  Why not get in touch to have a chat to see what works best for you?

  • Discovery Call  - free of charge
  • Block of three Coaching Sessions (one and a half hours each) £150 (Thereafter you can book another block of three sessions or book single sessions at £60 per session)
  • Monthly Accountability Coaching (1 x one hour session per week) - £175
  • Create your own package - get in touch to discuss

Session details

Discovery Call (free of charge)

Regardless of what coaching you want we'll begin with a free 30-45minute telephone call or a video call (via Zoom). During this call we'll say hello and you can share a bit about where you are and what results you're looking for.  You can ask any questions you might have - this is a chance for you to see if I'm the right person for you and to find out more about how coaching can help you. There is no obligation to sign up to coaching by having this call.

Block of Three 1.5 hour  Coaching Sessions

You can book blocks of three sessions to work on a specific goal or NLP technique.  The sessions are 1.5hours long and tailored to you, including a follow up email.

If you find you want more than three sessions, you can either book another block of three at £150 or you can can pay for additional individual sessions at £60 per session as you go along. 

Monthly Accountability Coaching

Accountability is a powerful thing and for many people it is key to achieving longer term goals.  If you are looking for support with accountability then I offer a shorter (60min) weekly session, with a fixed fee of £175 a month, to help keep you on track.  

Create your own package!

If what your thinking about is a bit different to the suggestions here, why not get in touch to discuss creating your own package that's tailored to your needs? 


Available week days/evenings and weekends

Further information

Emma had three coaching sessions with me as she found it hard to have a positive outlook on life.  Through coaching Emma was able to find new ways of looking at situations to help reduce her worrying and to help boost her self-confidence. Emma said:

"Nancy made me feel comfortable and safe from the get go. My thinking patterns are completely different now and I feel equipped with the tools for life that will enable me to succeed and believe in myself more.

When I look back to the person I was at the beginning of our sessions to who I am now, I am genuinely amazed at how far I've come and how much my confidence has grown."

Sarah had two sessions exploring what direction she wanted to go in her career.  Sarah said:

"When I first contacted Nancy​​ I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to achieve from the coaching sessions. I had never done anything like it before but as a mum of three and made redundant while on mat leave during the pandemic I really didn’t know which direction I wanted my career/life to go in. Speaking with Nancy over a few sessions gave me so much clarity. The changes I want to make won’t happen overnight and she helped me set out a roadmap with milestones. Nancy is a wonderful listener and so calming. She really helped me explore different avenues using her coaching techniques and I would highly recommend her."

Brendan had three sessions and shared:

"Nancy has been really helpful, gentle and so easy to work with. She gets the best out of someone with wonderful ways of encouragement and compassion."


Type of session

In person
Home visits

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Young people
Older adults

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Nancy Everson

Nancy Everson