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About me


I'm a certified life coach and NLP practitioner who is passionate about helping you find true happiness and contentment with who you are and where you are in life, so you can live life to your full potential and learn to thrive and live your dreams.

I'll coach you to help you find direction and purpose in your life, helping you to build self-belief and a better connection with yourself.  I'll help you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviours and thoughts, so you can contribute fully to every aspect of your life with excitement and confidence.

Using the coaching framework and NLP techniques you can discover how to  change the way  you think and respond to situations, finding new perspectives and building new beliefs and habits.

I provide a friendly and supportive  environment for you to explore who you want to be and how you want to live your life, where you are in relation to those goals and how you can achieve them.

I can help with:  finding direction and purpose in your life, time management, building confidence and self-belief, personal development, overcoming negative thinking and self-doubt, work/home life balance and much more.

Emma in London said:

"Nancy made me feel comfortable and safe from the get go. My thinking patterns are completely different now and I feel equipped with the tools for life that will enable me to succeed and believe in myself more.

When I look back to the person I was at the beginning of our sessions to who I am now, I am genuinely amazed at how far I've come and how much my confidence has grown."

Coaching sessions are one to one, each session lasting approximately 1.5 hours. To support us all keeping safe, currently all sessions are through Zoom or phone call.

If you have any questions or would to to find out more about working with me and how I can help, please feel welcome to get in touch for a chat.



Training, qualifications & experience

  • Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Member of the NCP (National Council of Psychotherapist)
  • Insured by Holistic Insurance
  • Volunteer for the charity The Cinnamon Trust since 2003
  • Over 15 years working in the charity sector
  • Certificate in Fundraising (MInstF Cert)


From £50.00 to £640.00
Free initial telephone session

Additional information

Catkin Coaching is versatile, it is tailored to you and your needs. Many people have coaching at various points in their lives, sometimes working towards a single goal, other times going deeper, exploring a deeper understanding of who they are so they can learn to thrive in life.  Coaching supports you in keeping the momentum going, so you keep moving forward towards your goals and create the life of your dreams

I’m here be your coach for life. You can come back to me for coaching as and when you need space to think things though, to make big decisions and invest in your personal growth.  I’m here for you, providing a friendly, safe space and offering encouragement and support, tailored for you whenever you need it.

Introduction call (free of charge)

Discovery Session (one hour) £50

Single Coaching Session (one and a half hours) £80

Goal Focused Coaching Package (5 weeks) £400

Deep Dive Coaching Package (8 weeks) £640

Introduction Call (free of charge)

We will begin with a 30-minute telephone call. The aim of the call is to say hello and for you to ask any questions and share want you want to work on together.  I’ll provide you with information on how Catkin Coaching works and how I use NLP within the coaching framework. During the call we can discuss what coaching package suits your needs.

There is no charge for the introduction call and no obligation to sign up to coaching by having this call.

Discovery Session

I know that coaching is a personal commitment and a big decision. This one-hour one-to-one session is a great idea if you want dip your toe in to see if coaching feels right for you before deciding. We’d begin looking at what outcome you want to achieve and explore how we would approach this through the coaching sessions.

If you go onto book a coaching package, the cost of the discovery session will be deducted from the package.

Single Coaching Session

If you want to book a single session to work towards a specific goal, or for NLP, you can do so.  These sessions are 1.5hours long and the session will be tailored to you. Please be aware that depending on what you want to work on you might need more than one session to achieve the outcome you want.

Focused Coaching Package

This package is suited for people who have a specific goal they want work on, for example ‘I want to build more confidence’ or ‘I want to change career’.

The package includes:

  • Five weekly one-to-one coaching sessions lasting approximately 1.5hours each, fitting in with your schedule.
  • Focusing on a specific goal, exploring your values, beliefs, barriers and opportunities in relation to that goal. Using NLP techniques to help you work towards achieving your desired outcome.
  • Session follow up emails – personal and tailored emails reflecting on your session and including any relevant information and suggested reading/watching.
  • Goal relevant recorded audio NLP guided visualizations/exercises for you to use outside the sessions.
  • Six week follow up call/email, to see how you are doing in relation to your goal – someone to keep you accountable to.
  • Personal responses to any questions you may have between sessions.

Outcome: you’ll have worked on achieving your specific goal, identifying and overcoming barriers that might have held you back. You’ll have strengthened and created positives behaviours and thinking patterns that will take you forward towards creating the life you want.

Deep Dive Coaching Package

This is a comprehensive coaching package that goes deeper, exploring who you truly are and what your values, beliefs and behaviours are.  The aim of this package is to help you strengthen your connection to yourself, so you have a strong sense of yourself and what you want in life, so you can move forward, fully contributing to every aspect of your life with excitement and confidence.  

  • Eight weekly one-to-one coaching sessions, tailored to your needs, using NLP techniques within the coaching framework. Each lasting around 1.5 hours, fitting in with your schedule.
  • Sessions include a comprehensive review of:
  • Your values (what’s important to you)
  • Belief system (for example, I’m a hard worker, or I’m not good at public speaking)
  • Your thinking patterns (for example, When I am faced with something challenging my self-talk says ‘I can’t do this, it’s too hard’)
  • Your boundaries – clarity over when you are living outside your preferred behaviours (for example, not having enough time to recharge by yourself if you find being around people all the time draining)
  • Identifying your purpose and direction in life (identifying what you truly want from your life, what you find fulfilling and are passionate about)
  • Barriers – identifying areas of your thinking and behaviours that are currently keeping you from living the life you want.
  • This comprehensive review will give you a solid understanding of who you are and of what’s important to you. This is vital when making big decisions in life and in taking control of creating the life you want.
  • In addition, you’ll also have dedicated sessions to work on specific goals you want to achieve.
  • Session follow up emails – personal and tailored emails reflecting on your session and including any relevant information and suggested reading/watching.
  • Recorded audio NLP guided visualizations/exercises for you to use outside the sessions.
  • Six week follow up call/email, to see how you are doing in relation to your goal. To give you some accountability.
  • Three month follow up call/email, to see how you are doing in relation to any goals set.

Outcome: you’ll have taken important time to find out who you really are, what you are passionate about and what you want in life. You’ll have identified and worked at removing barriers that hold you back and will have worked towards achieving specific goals and taken steps towards creating the life you want.

Catkin Coaching is outcome focused – my goal is to make sure that you achieve your desired outcome and I’m committed to you, during your sessions and beyond.  


Available week days/evenings and weekends


Type of session

In person
Home visits


Nancy Everson - Catkin Coaching

Nancy Everson - Catkin Coaching