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About me

In my coaching programme, I encourage you to tap into your resources to accomplish deep and sustainable change without strain or force. Using practical tools from NLP we de-code the script that your mind believes and that prevents expansion. The sessions help you transform the self-imposed limitations into a new, positive, and resourceful mindset. The coaching process is there for you to expand your life with greater clarity, power, and confidence.  Instead of endless talking, my sessions aim to empower you with specific strategies that are easy to learn and that you will have for life.

Training, qualifications & experience


Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming Training at Arielle Essex Trainings

Hypnosis, Ericksonian Language Patterns, Indirect and Direct Induction Techniques at Arielle Essex Trainings

MA degree in Pedagogy, specializing in Pedagogic Therapy, Swietokrzyska Academy, Department of Pedagogy and Health Sciences


  • providing one-to-one NLP coaching sessions to individuals since 2009 in areas: health, career, relationships, finances. These are a fusion of transformational and healing aspects equally.
  • involved in long-term cooperation with leading London health centres including 'Amanaya' Health Centre - Kensington
  • leading Mindfulness and Meditation groups both physically and online.
  • teaching Usui Reiki Courses from Level1 to Master Teacher level
  • offering holistic services - bodywork and healing (Kensington W6 & Chiswick W4)
  • a Member of Complementary Therapists Association and insured with Holistic Insurance Services since 2004.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I offer a free no-obligation chemistry session.

I am based in London - Chiswick W4 & Kensington W8, but I can work online with clients from anywhere in the world.

I provide coaching in English and Polish.


Additional information

NLP Coaching/Hypnosis:

Initial session 2hrs £260

Follow up 1hr £130

Holistic Sessions:

1hr £100

Further information

What Others Say...

"Working with Monika has been one of these things that really changed the direction of my life. She helped me to release self-doubt and negative beliefs about myself so I could fully express my potential. The work we have done years ago is still bringing me results even now. I now have the courage to be the best version of myself and shine brightly without apologizing for it. Monika has been very supportive, intuitive yet very real and raw which I love. I would recommend working with her to everyone who feels stuck or feels affected by the past experiences. She will definitely help to release that!" Magdalena Anna

“I had a long period of depression due to the tragic death of my brother and an unhappy childhood. Sadly, traditional therapy did not help. After 8 years of taking anti-depressants, I had to put them aside because of the side effects. The despair I started feeling again had a negative impact on my private life and my career. I decided to try unconventional methods. Monika was recommended to me by one of her former clients. Over the course of 10 sessions, Monika helped me reach deep inside my mind and find the answers to my problems. I was surprised to find out that all the answers to my problems were hidden in the depths of my mind. She helped me change my negative attitude and overcome the limitations that I put on myself. Monika teaches you how to live in peace with your inner self.” Agnieszka

“From first-hand experience, I can highly recommend Monika for a variety of reasons. Firstly, she has sound scientific/medical knowledge of neurology. To bring the best possible service to her clients, she hones this hardened medical approach with her ample understanding of alternative medicine. She provides holistic care, guidance, and treatment. To do this she blends a variety of techniques which, when merged together, become a tailor-made package for each individual client. Secondly, Monika is very quick to identify what issues need to be addressed. Sometimes I knew I was on the wrong foot but I did not know how or why. Thanks to Monika´s highly trained eye and years of experience, she accurately identified what I needed help with and immediately came to my aid. Due to her in-depth understanding of so many treatments, she is in an excellent position to choose the most appropriate technique(s) for you. I never once left Monika feeling worse than when I arrived. I never once left Monika feeling the same as when I arrived. I did, however, always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Very seldom does Mother Nature grant us such an empathetic, sympathetic, profound and powerful person as Monika. Her ability to heal you and get you back on track are second to none.” Samantha Russell

“In times of great confusion, when I get stuck in some thinking loophole in my mind, Monika is my go-to person. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly one can create a hell for oneself in one’s own head! We talk, and I see how that sickening maze in my head is just a construct, I see all the places where I bought into an illusion. This is where I like to give myself a hard time for being 'stupid' enough to do it. This is where I find myself witnessed by an ever-allowing and accepting Monika who helps me, with the precision of a surgeon and kindness of a Zen master, to untangle myself from limiting beliefs and take my power back. It is incredible how much ease there can be in dropping the unhealthy programming! What's more, I feel empowered to choose something different and set myself free one question at a time. The package works in miraculous ways. At the beginning, I didn't even know I was blindly living those programmes. Then, I started noticing them and towards the end, I'd laugh and say 'hey, you're not going to fool me anymore'. It's a truly empowering process of self-discovery in a safe, non-judgmental space that Monika holds for you.” Emilia

“I started the 10-week programme with Monika because I was getting more and more unhappy that I was single. It had been such an exhausting process trying to meet the perfect man, and the same pattern would emerge over and over again: those men I liked did not like me and vice versa. To a certain extent, my life was on hold as I was waiting for an ideal partner. In my discussions with Monika it became clear how habitual thinking kept me focused on the perfect relationship and not on my life. The sessions were a true transformation and I have been much happier since.” Tracy

“The day I met Monika my life changed hugely. I often used to feel insecure around people. After the sessions with Monika I realised that I could choose a different way of thinking and feeling about relationships, without fears of rejection. I now feel more authentically connected with myself and others. I managed to choose a life full of joy and continue to feel that I can be the best version of my self. If I ever paid for something that was worth paying for, it was to have Monika as a coach!” Lucian

1 Adam & Eve Mews
High Street Kensington
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Type of session

In person
Monika Jazwinska - Transformation & Healing Coach

Monika Jazwinska - Transformation & Healing Coach