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Milena Barton Transformative Life & Wingwave/EMDR Coaching - The Fourth Solution

Edinburgh, County (optional), EH9
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About us

Working with me you discover and experience that there is a place of deep inner calm, strength and joy within you that is completely independent of and untouched by external or past/future events. You can tap into it and you can root yourself there - now, later, at any time. That is where your true power lies. Don't worry if you think you do not know how to get there - I will show you how.

Problems, anxiety, habitual thought patterns, external events, ideas, self-sabotaging beliefs, negative emotions, painful memories, traumas and so on - they are all layers. I enable you to drop them/peel them back one by one. It is empowering and liberating when that happens.

And when you do drop them, everything becomes alive and clear: you are at ease -and at peace- with yourself.

Then your full creativity, power and true potential can unfold.

Live the life you really want - liberated from self-sabotaging negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, worry, anger, trauma/PTSD, self-limiting beliefs/self-doubt, past emotional and physical injuries and painful memories.

Make it much more authentic, alive, meaning- and joyful, reconnect with your inner compass and passion and find your unique path & direction. Working with me you develop your creative ideas and take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams and extraordinary vision and identify & reach meaningful personal/professional goals.

Wingwave/Deep Coaching creates a sense of deep emotional calm, restores hope & inspiration, increases mental clarity and energy, enables you to unfold dormant potential and perform at the peak of your ability.

Get in touch if you would like to experience how working with me can help you to transform your life. I offer an intensive 2-hour session free of charge.

Working with me you:

  • learn to live life from a place of deep inner calm & clarity
  • learn new Mind Mastery skills & strategies that protect your mental health and wellbeing and increase your resilience & creativity
  • take your ambitious goals further
  • prevent & overcome burnout
  • get unstuck - find flow, inspiration and a new direction in life or a creative, intellectual or decision-making process
  • overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative, self-sabotaging emotions such as stress, anxiety, worry, anger, depression, trauma, ptsd, panic attacks
  • find your purpose and a new direction
  • liberate yourself from the pain of difficult memories or past emotional or physical injuries that still affect your wellbeing and performance
  • manifest as yet unlived dreams
  • recover hope & inspiration
  • increase your mental agility, creativity & success
  • find a way to make it much more interesting and alive, more exciting, relevant, joyful and meaningful to you


Wingwave® Coaching is an innovative, transformational yet gentle neurological coaching technique; it combines EMDR (bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation by mimicking rapid eye movement during sleep), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and myostatic testing (a simple muscle test).

This unique method allows your unconscious mind and the body to take the lead in the coaching process (instead of the conscious mind or the coach) which reveals the unconscious mind's own 'map' and pinpoints with unparalleled precision specific unconscious mental stressors that may disrupt, irritate or block your mental/emotional balance and ability to perform - which otherwise could not be identified and accessed. It then releases/removes those stressors.

Performance-inhibiting and self-sabotaging unconscious thought patterns, habits and/or self-beliefs, such as 'I am worthless/powerless', 'I am not enough', 'I can't do it'/'I am incapable' etc. are transformed into powerful resource beliefs. Difficult memories and emotions get re-processed and released.

The effect of Wingwave is a profound & long-lasting positive reprogramming of thought patterns and beliefs on an unconscious level.

Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave restores a sense of deep emotional calm, sets free mental clarity, energy and dormant potential, restores hope & inspiration and enables you to perform at the peak of your ability and reach your personal & professional goals.

I am the first coach in Scotland offering this powerful method and am very excited to make its profound impact available to more people.

Wingwave enables you to expand and unfold your full potential in your present-day life and also helps to remove emotional/psychological disturbances that may have undermined your wellbeing, happiness and ability to perform and succeed for longer periods, if not decades.  Wingwave Coaching can also help to identify whether emotional stressors underlie a physical illness and remove those stressors.

Wingwave® is an internationally recognised breakthrough technique. Its effectiveness has been scientifically tested and approved by the University of Hamburg, the Hannover Medical School and German Sport University Cologne.

I work in Edinburgh and internationally via Zoom.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Master Practitioner as well as a certified Wingwave coach. I am a member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund-Institute Ltd. in Hamburg, Germany.  Wingwave is recognised by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

I have an MA in Fine Art and have taught at the University of Art Berlin where I first discovered my ability to inspire and enable others to unfold their unique talents and potential.

I work with -and have worked with- people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages - high achievers -managers, fashion designers, artist and writers- and nurses, teachers, women with extremely difficult life stories including trauma and abuse,  and many more.

In response to the Corona pandemic, I currently also offer confidence building and anxiety coaching to teenagers and children.

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

oersonal devlopment, confidence, anxiety/stress coaching, confidence building, change capabilities, PTSD, trauma, mind mastery skills,  agile mindset, burnout, resilience building, anchoring of positive self-beliefs, anger management, corona anxiety, stage fright, exam/performance anxiety, self-loathing/lack of confidence, negative self-limiting beliefs, insomnia, overeating, numbness, setbacks on the way to achieving a goal, lack of direction/inspiration, past emotional or physical injuries or memories that still negatively impact on your wellbeing & performance and similar such scenarios.

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Additional information

I offer an initial intensive 2-hour coaching session free of charge. Contact me for more information.


Flexible times available

County (optional)

Type of session

In person

Languages offered

English & German


Milena Barton Transformative Life & Wingwave/EMDR Coaching - The Fourth Solution

Milena Barton Transformative Life & Wingwave/EMDR Coaching - The Fourth Solution