Matteo Trevisan

Matteo Trevisan

About me

I fundamentally believe that we all have the potentials to be something far greater than we tend to live our lives to become, that we should therefore devote our lives to trying to become something far greater than we can imagine, and that that work […] will hopefully lead to living extraordinary lives in which we can create a better world for ourselves and create a better world for those to come”.
    - Michael Puett

If that speaks to you… If, like me, you feel there is something big you want to accomplish, some far off future that you need to get to in order to look back at your life and say...
                                                                      "I lived with Purpose."

If you are willing to put in the hard work and long hours… and I don’t want to kid you it’s going to be hard work…. to try to become something far greater than you can imagine, then we can work together to understand what that something is and, once we do…
                                              What steps can you take to move towards that future?

Get in touch now to book your Personal Discovery Session with me and find out what you could achieve.

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Training, qualifications & experience

  • Transformational Coaching, ANIMAS Center for Coaching (ICF accredited)
  • CPD Group Coaching and Facilitation (ICF accredited)
  • CPD Relationship and Couple Coaching (ICF accredited)

I’m an avid researcher of Neuroscience as well as Cognitive and Social Psychology. Tools from these fields enhance my training as a qualified Transformational Coach in order to help you grow past emotional and psychological barriers.

These tools include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

  • Positive Psychology

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Mindfulness Meditation

The unique style of coaching you will experience is a result of the unusual background I happen to have.

With a Masters in Physics (Bath University), a further degree in education (King’s College), and a coaching diploma with ANIMAS, I'm now a full time teacher as well as a qualified coach.

The science background has developed great focus, uncanny observational skills, and a passionate curiosity.

The experience in teaching has further advanced my emotional intelligence, listening and communication skills, and a joy for peoples' growth.

I speak three languages fluently (English, Italian, Spanish) and I foster a culturally sensitive approach, using humour and compassion where it is needed most.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Purpose
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Confidence
  • NLP
  • Mindfulness


I offer a free consultation.


Often clients like to take sessions over phone/skype simply due to the convenience. I'm also available for face-to-face coaching for central London locations.


My fees are tailored to you and your objectives. If we mutually decide to work together I will make you a recommendation based on a number of factors including your personal situation and what you want to achieve with coaching.

I have flexible programmes from three sessions to a premium six month service.

Further information


  "The work with Matteo has been a key factor in helping to concretize a business project which is extremely important for my life and helped me “take the next step”. This became possible by the way of working we established together which, ultimately, improved the confidence in my choices.
    I was just spending an incredible quantity of time on it but I was approaching it in the wrong way. Without him, probably this project wouldn’t have come to life and I would have always regretted that later on. The amazing thing is that… we got things off the ground in only 4 sessions!
    What really made each session fruitful for me was the authentic empathy he has (which creates a great connection) as well as his keen intuition (which resulted in really insightful questions).
    He is an excellent listener and is very good at quickly understanding situations he is not familiar with. He also has an outstanding capacity of breaking down complexity into simple, surmountable, challenges.
    I would definitely recommend Matteo!"

- Mattia, marketing analyst and soon to be business owner

    "Matteo was very patient and a great listener, he also managed to help me focus on the main goals I wanted to achieve. He helped me change my thought pattern from negative into positive, to help strengthen my confidence and better achieve my goals. I would highly recommend him a life coach to anyone looking for guidance on how to improve focus and achieve better results in life."

- Valentina, intrepid actress and nutritional business owner

    "Matteo is a great Transformation Coach and has helped me to move forward in my life giving me hope that I am capable of anything I want. He was very professional and always checked if I was okay with the time and dates for the session. He also worked around my schedule making sure that he could accommodate me. The issue discussed was very personal and talking was very much required at the time.
    I truly understood the power of coaching when I had the experience myself. I felt that I was given the space and time to reflect and really look within myself. The sessions allowed me to assess my thoughts and feelings and where and why I had certain behaviour patterns. The whole experience made me grow as I became more aware of myself and the impact I may have on others.  I felt comfortable to open up and express my true self as we had great rapport. He is able to ask and pick up on what needed attention as I spoke and that resulted in me being able to go deeper into certain issues.
    He is very professional in his approach yet setting a relaxed scene so I felt that this was my time in the session. Matteo's perspective is great as he knows what to recognise that maybe the client had not noticed, giving them more insight with regards to what they say and make the client go beyond their initial thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend Matteo as a coach to anyone who requires one as he has empathy but with balance, as I did not feel judged even when he challenged my thinking."

- Fahima, inspirational mother and life coach

    "I was juggling a stressful job, starting a coaching course and all that it entails, finding a new home, planning a trip to India. I felt ‘busy’ and with lots of plans and expectations of myself with an underlying lack of belief in myself and my abilities to ‘hold’ all of these challenges.
    The coaching was over skype/whatapp calls, but even with this limited form of communication I felt immediately at ease with Matteo, he is very professional in his approach and is brilliant at summarising the long and winding stories I told concisely and logically.
    Within the limited time we had a lot of the coaching consisted of exploratory work. I was impressed after the first session that Matteo had picked up on the underlying issues at hand quickly. He allowed space to explore, whilst at the same time there was a sense of moving through the dialogue with purpose.
    Matteo coined some key questions in relation to my limiting beliefs, issues with comparison to others and confidence which I have later reflected on and although they still remain I have taken steps to work further on these and taking myself less seriously.
    Being coached as a young woman by Matteo, I first queried with myself how comfortable this would be, however I found that the dynamic worked perfectly and I was able to relax and speak from the heart.
    He has an impeccable professional manner and I looked forward to each of our sessions."

- Louise, compassionate Operational Therapist

London, NW8

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: English, Italian, Spanish


Mon-Friday after 17:00 Sat-Sun at 11:00-17:00

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