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About me

Facilitating your spiritual journey is my service.

Contributing to Universal Enlightenment is my purpose. 

Helping Divineness unfold - person by person - is my mission.

Who can benefit from coaching with Matheus?

Few people are qualified for this kind of coaching - that is, this coaching is suited for few.

The clients who benefit the most are usually people who are already "accomplished" - they have good relationships throughout, are comfortable or prosperous materially, are well-cultivated and have good competence over their minds and emotions. 

... and now, they looking for something more. Something that is less about doing well and more about doing good.

It could be creating a huge revolutionary cash-cow business for the good of all - in record time. Maybe mending relationships that seemed beyond mending from days of olde. Or attaining such levels of Happinness, Peace and Love that are unimaginable - Enlightenment. Something that is a Work of the Heart, and achievment of the Mind, and a celebration of the Spirit in the Material, for the good of all.

Now, if they are already so accomplished,  why would they need a coach? They don't. Having a coach just facilitates their journey - after all, doing the impossible is rarely easy.

What can Matheus offer?

Straightforward, Spiritual and Synthetic coaching. 

Strwaightforward means you'll receive feedback timely. Easy or hard to hear, you`ll figure out what needs to be done.

Spiritual means you'll be treated like Divine Manifestation you are. Clients frequently feel elation, elevation, weightlessless or the room filling with light during sessions. This is you being who you are, and being seen for who you are. And you being seen for who you are means you`ll be taken in High Standards - after all, a Divine Manifestation is capable of nothing short of Greatness.

Synthetic means you'll experience, process and manifest opposites. Get conrete thigns done, while feeling the weightlesness of the Spirit. Sync into intuition, while understaindg all the hows and whys. Be an embodiment of Love, while showing an example for high Discipline. 



Q: All this talk about spirituality... this is nice and all. But what about when the rubber meets the road? Do you know how to help people out with the concrete stuff of day-to-life? 

A: Having lived in huge urban centers my whole life, and having had financial, relational and educational accomplishments, I'd bet that I have much to contribute with concrete stuff. I have coached executives for years now, and they conssitently report increased  productivity and profits.

The kind of Spirituality you`ll experience is the one that must work on long far-away reatreats, as well as in the nitty-gritty huzz-buzz of the big cities.

Q: Well, you mention something about your coaching not being for everyone. Who shouldn't take your coaching?

A: The coaching I offer is particularly, emotionally, intellecually and spiritually challenging.

You'll have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands and feet dirty. You`ll need Love and Will for this.

You'll have to realize you`ve screwed up big time. And for decades. And it affected everybody you love the most. You`ll need Self-Love and a clear mind-emotions for this.

You'll have to deep and hard thinking, realizing you`ve been wrong to the point you feel dizzy - and coming out of the experience able to explain deep mysteries to a small child. You`ll need Courage to have your mind for this.

You'll confront the Light in you. You`ll need to be ready for the ground to open up under you for this.

Q: So, please tell what a session with you looks like?

A: They usually last for 45 minutes. 

The first and instroductory session (which is offered free of charge) is excpetional: there will be relatively less coaching, and I`ll try and impart as much knowledge to you as I can. Ideally, this will be enough tools so you can achieve your goals without needing me at all.

(here's a link for an intro session: )

Though rare, some clients have felt that this session was all they needed.

For the following sessions, we`ll establish KPIs (key performance indicators) that we need to 'tick-off' to let us know you`ve arrived at your goal. For example, a client wanted to stop distracting himself when directing his company. We discerned how much % of this time in the office he spent getting things done for the company (about 25%), and how much % he wanted to spend getting things done in the company (about 75%). We only considered the process over when he achieved this goal. 

Q: And what are the sessions after that one like?

A: In the following sessions we talk - I'll do the questioning, and you'll be doing the figuring out.

I take notes during the conversation, which will be used a powerful feedback, with your exact words and mannerisms.

The direction of the questioning is usually "what do you need to do now to acheive your goal?", "what's stopping you?".

And when we have clera answers, we use behavioral-emotional-cognitive and intuitive (spiritual) methods to help you overcome blockages and put-out the behavior and experience you want. 

Q: How do I know if your sessions are for me?

A: How could you? You can only know if you try.

Is there some still small voice, or nudging feeling towards trying it out?

Does your ability to think and analyze lead to believe this could be a worthwhile experiment?

Do you feel good having read this profile? Does your body naturally leans towards trying it out? 

If not, then probably you'll find your Beautiful path some other road.

If yes, then I'd lovingly  invite to try it out. I'd be honored to participate in your Beautiful Unfolding

Training, qualifications & experience

Accredited Coach of Meta-Coaching System (International Society of Neuro-Semantics)

Language, Linguistics and Literature (University of São Paulo)

Private Mediation, Dialogue Facilitation and Consensus Construction (Palas Athena Institute, São Paulo)

Matheus has coached and facilitated hundreds of people. He has either taught or supported dozens of trainings in NLP (specifically Neuro-Semantics).


Free initial online session

Additional information

I humbly and gratefully offer a free initial session. This is a part of the service I want to offer to the World and to society.  I hope this will be enough, and I hope that you won't need any sessions afterwards - as much as they may be helpful.

(Here's an example of an intro session:

Availability and fees can be discussed afterward.

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