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About me

I help leaders and driven professionals create a fulfilling work life they be proud of, whether it's a major career shift or making the most of the current job.

You may be in a job that pays your bills, maybe even a career that looks great on paper, but you feel stuck and unfulfilled. You know that you definitely don't want life to be like this until you retire, but life is busy, isn't it? And somehow months, then years pass and nothing changes. But it would be such a shame to wake up at 70 and regret not doing anything about it.

I help my clients transform their working lives, think bigger for themselves and build their confidence that change is possible. I firmly believe that life's too precious to be unhappy at work. And with so many options available to us, we don't have to be.

Investing in career coaching is a way to take charge of your life and switch your mindset from wishing to doing.

The Career Reboot

I also offer a Career Reboot coaching programme which is offers a more structured way to kick start your career transformation. Find out more on the programme web page:


Why work with me?

In our coaching sessions you'll feel truly heard. My coaching style combines deep empathy and no-nonsense honesty.

In addition to being a certified coach, I enjoyed years in a vibrant corporate career and transformed my own career as well. This means I'll work with you from the position of someone who knows exactly what you're going through.

This is how career coaching with me will make a difference

  • Feel positive, inspired and confident from session to session as you take charge of your future and continue to make progress.
  • Get clarity of who you are and what you want. No more wasting time and energy on options that are not for you.
  • Dedicated time to focus on you and your future.
  • Understand what is holding you back
  • Reduce anxiety that comes with career change
  • Confidence in talking about your skills and strengths.
  • Get challenged to see yourself in an honest way and to do things in a new way.
  • Get encouragement and support. My signature strength is being encouraging but challenging at the same time.
  • Safe, unbiased space and sounding board to explore anything. Support from friends and family is wonderful, but they may have a stake in your choices. As your coach, I'm 100% independent.
  • Get there faster. I'll hold you accountable and you'll keep making progress.
  • Boost your personal growth will benefit you beyond your working life.

Our First Session:

If you are considering career coaching with me, please book a free, no obligation 45 minute introductory phone call by emailing me or you can book this on my website. This is our opportunity to meet and test if we could work well together. You'll get a taster of what coaching with me is like and I'll answer any question you might have.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have undergone in depth education and training as a coach and I'm credentialled by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I enjoyed 15 years of a fast-paced corporate career before becoming a full time coach. I have also lived through many challenges: change, multiple relocations abroad, running businesses alongside a day job and finally transitioning into being a full-time business owner. All this while juggling work and parenthood.

I have extensive experience coaching, mentoring and hiring some of the brightest professionals in the UK in my previous career in the City. This experience is invaluable when working with career change, in particular to work with you on your transferable skills and how to ‘dress them’ for a CV.

I am trainer for coaches at Animas Centre of Coaching, one of the largest Coach training schools in the UK, accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Additional information


Coaching programmes start at £280 per month, depending on the length chosen.


My typical working hours are 8am - 3pm Mon-Fri. Most of my sessions are via video calls intertwined with face to face sessions

Further information


I am fortunate to have been coached by Marta. I highly recommend her services- she has a wonderful coaching style that is both supportive, yet challenging. This really got me to think deep to better understand my values, future ambitions and even my fears. All of which helped me connect my thoughts, beliefs and emotions. The coaching sessions helped me figure out where I want to take my career. I felt like I was at a bit of a crossroads and Marta helped me gain clarity to find the right way forward. Thank you Marta!!

Ginette Oliver, L&D Manager, Bournemouth

I have really enjoyed working with Marta. Even though our sessions were via Skype she immediately put me at ease and I felt like she was a trusted friend not someone I'd just met. Marta has a really lovely manner, is a very approachable person and is very good at listening. It really helped me get clarity on what I needed to change to reach my goals. I would highly recommend it.

Nicola Hearn, Business Owner



Type of session

In person


Marta Abramska - Career Coach

Marta Abramska - Career Coach