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Coaching for individuals, coaching and consulting for growing businesses, open group programs and for your organization: training, short masterclasses and more ongoing support – this can be tailored.

I work with passionate explorers who want to make more of a contribution. Often accomplished professionals, there is the yearning for something deeper, to make a more substantial positive impact in the community and the world. To go beyond decisions that “look good on paper”. We go deep and make it practical. In a solution-focused way that helps you keep this inquiry going for yourself as you make changes.

Today is the perfect time. Yes, things are very much in flux right now, but the good news is, you don’t have to wait for things to settle to start making meaningful change and better decisions for yourself. Start where you are. Get to know yourself and what drives you on a deeper level and learn tools to “go there” and back and make this a habit in the future. Expand your comfort zone a bit and with it your range of options, towards a future you actually care about. Particularly when it’s all a bit of a mess out there right now.

We go deep, and we make it practical:
We will explore values, pain points in key areas of your life, the bigger picture/vision, how to go about making shifts in messy situations and how you can get support to craft experiments, to define meaningful milestones and how to keep anchoring as this journey evolves. to explore your next steps to make the shift you would like to make and how to anchor shifts from milestone to milestone.

Some glimpses here:
My coaching work was featured in "The Book of Beautiful Business" and I got nominated for the EMCC Global Coaching Award 2019.

My book on Values and Change is out, a chapter in an academic publication is about to launch and my new book “The Decisive Edge” is currently in the works.

A lot of my clients end up starting their own businesses, and coaching or consulting support helps ground this in core values and in their desired contribution. For you as entrepreneur/founder, I help you (re)connect with your values and vision and help you design the organization you want to build (mindset, behavior, culture, systems/structures etc) and to sharpen your story around it (e.g. for potential investors). Particularly helpful in phases of high growth to co-develop this with the team(s).

• Name recently changed to Lior (from Christine). Cosmopolitan who lived in 6 countries on 4 continents, now based in the London area.

• Going deep on change – with a conversational, non-threatening style (strong focus on values, purpose and authentic leadership) and strong accountabilities to make things happen in real life

• Deep expertise in how humans learn and grow and what else is needed to make change stick individually and on a whole organization level.
Previous experience in Consulting, Aviation, Media, Pharma, FMCG, Telecommunications, Education building communities, driving learning, change and global initiatives as first career.
Now focusing on individual change-makers and small/growing businesses that aren’t just in it for themselves. Holistic view on systems, structures, culture and processes as well as individual mindsets.


• Trained coach since 2007 (ICF-accredited training), nominated for EMCC Global Coaching Award 2019
• Degrees in communication, psychology, systems thinking and change, peace and conflict resolution, solution-focused business practice. Further training in sustainability and design and virtual and face to face facilitation.
• 12+ years in Learning and Development and change covering a range of industries
• Trained in transpersonal psychology and various holistic approaches, Yoga teacher, licensed as a psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie) in Germany since 2009.

The parameters:

  • Clear goals and commitments we develop together
  • Giving you the skills and tools to keep this going yourself and to have better conversations with your boss, your team and your friends/family
  • Predictable investment with clear packages
  • Group options available shortly – contact me to stay in the loop

Training, qualifications & experience

Trained coach since 2007:

  • Integral Business Coach (Coaching Center Berlin, ICF accredited course)
  • Transformational Presence Coaching (Alan Seale, ICF accredited)
  • Nominated for EMCC Global Coaching Award in 2019

Academic credentials:

  • M.A. (incl undergraduate degree) in Communication and Psychology (LMU Munich)
  • Postgrad in Systems Thinking and Change (Open University)
  • Professional Certificate in Solution-Focused approach (UWM Milwaukee)

Other licenses:

Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie (psychotherapy license in Germany)

Published author:

  • Coaching work featured in the Book of Beautiful Business
  • Guest blogger at the Drucker Forum 2019
  • Academic chapter on values in CSR book (Springer)
  • Book "Values-based: Career and Life Changes that Make Sense

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Other areas of coaching I deal with

Decision making, values, integrity, intuition, body-focused approaches

Entrepreneurship: Helping founders/entrepreneurs build a business that reflects their values and vision

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