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So you are looking for someone to help you make a life changing shift, is that right?

One of the biggest set backs in life is not asking for help when we need it.

And I assume that you are in the process of rising up and asking for help.

The first step towards any great change is within the deciding thought.

Which must mean that..

You Have Already Started.

I have experienced many earth shattering heart breaks in this life time and have come to realise that pain is in fact a very purifying and deepening force.

If.. and only if..

We are ready to stop running from it, embrace it, learn from it and transform it.

Just as diamonds are formed from intense pressure, so too is wisdom.

But sadly many are running from their pain, they suppress it along with their problems, fears and insecurities, some for an entire life time.

And in my opinion..

Life is too precious to be spent in hiding.

If you can imagine a better life for yourself, you can have it.

NLP has helped me with many areas of my life and the results I get with my clients never cease to amaze me. (Find out what they say in the testimonial section at the bottom of this page)

Life can be incredibly graceful when we commit to doing the inner work.

Don't message me until you have decided that enough is enough today you are ready for change.

We each experience moments of feeling stuck throughout our journey of life from time to time.

Some possible causes of this are…

Indecisiveness - “on one hand I want this, but on the other I want that”

Being split between decisions literally splits our sense of self in two and can at times become paralysing.

A breakthrough session will resolve this by giving you full clarity of your core values and the potential of each decision, this can be an incredibly insightful and empowering moment as this split between your sense of self returns to balance and alignment. Allowing you to naturally arrive at the most optimal decision.

Relationship difficulties – whether it is a partner, friend, work colleague or family member

More often than not, relationship difficulties are caused by a lack of authentic and compassionate communication.

A breakthrough session will allow you to connect deeply with your most authentic self. Which will give you access to deeper insight, perspectives and help you uncover the most optimal method of expression and resolution. All of which will come from within you.

Given that a relationship involves the cooperation of someone else other than just you. I cannot guarantee resolution between both of you. However I can guarantee that you will be left feeling enlightened to your needs, boundaries and the steps needed to make sure that you are not left suffering and depleted for it.

Limiting beliefs -

-       “I am not good enough”

-       “I am afraid of failure/ making mistakes”

-       “I am afraid of judgement/ embarrassment/ rejection”

-       “I do not deserve… “

-       “people don’t like me”

-       “ I don’t have enough confidence”

-       “To be loved I have to… work hard/ have money/ make people happy etc.. “

-       “I don’t like to be alone”

-       “I don’t like talking to strangers”

-       “Everyone is selfish and out to get me”

And the list goes on and on..

Limiting beliefs are often acquired and adopted when we experience something undesirable, something that is so unpleasant that we adopt such belief/ world view in an attempt to protect our self from experiencing such things again.

Most of us are exposed to something unpleasant as a child, and every experience shapes us into who we are today. Perhaps a group of children laughed at us in school and we made the decision “I must keep my head down, In case people embarrass me again”. Which may be seemingly small from your now older and wiser perspective but as a child in that moment it was earth shockingly traumatic.  The moment may pass and the memory of the event may fade but the belief “ I don’t want to be embarrassed” can stick with us into adulthood until conscious effort is made to overcome it or the unfolding of life presents us with an experience which allows us to overcome it, discarding the belief to be invalid. These beliefs are mostly unconscious but manifest themselves in ways such as an inability to speak up for ourselves, talk to new people, anxiety and nervousness etc.

These limiting beliefs can majorly hold us back from experiencing the fluid nature of life and the opportunity to express and share our beauty with the world

A breakthrough session will allow you to recognise the exact limiting belief which is holding you back and from there allow you to revisit the experience/s which caused this allowing you new insight, learnings and perspectives which will allow you to re-evaluate the validity of this belief. By doing so your relationship with these past experiences and beliefs will change, allowing these issues to become obsolete.

Unresolved emotional issues from the past

We each seek peace, contentment and forward movement but until we resolve the pain from the the past we will simply not achieve this.

Unresolved emotion from the past can result in resentment, frustration, anger outbursts, sadness, guilt, self-destruction, depression etc. And can later also manifest as physical ailments.

Psychologists say that if an event/experience is over 2 years old yet still triggers emotional discomfort in us, that it is unprocessed.

Unprocessed emotions can be detrimental to all aspects of life.

- Mentally we can become agitated, restless, fearful, frustrated/ short tempered, self-loathing, depressed, etc.

- Physically we can experience tension, back pain, shortness of breath, chest pain and may even develop chronic disease over time.

- Relationships, work life and recreation may also suffer as a result.

- Self-destructive habits or coping strategies like over eating, smoking, excessive partying, television watching, shopping and even over working can be a result of this.

A breakthrough session will help you revisit and resolve these past issues resulting in a sense of liberation and lightness of heart.

Unresourceful habits

Every action has a good intention behind it. Un-resourceful habits are those which are however not productive to our growth, development and expansion although do serve a purpose.

Whether that be relief, relaxation, comfort, a sense of protection..

Habits like:

-       Smoking

-       Alcoholism and drug taking

-       Overeating

-       Excessiveness/ compulsions - television watching, shopping, working, socialising etc.

These can often become strategies for coping with emotional discomfort. They may bring temporary relief from our current pain but in turn prevent us from facing and resolving these issues thus perpetuating the cycle of avoidance and suffering.

A breakthrough session can help you resolve the root cause of the problem and help you build new strategies for developing a sense of relaxation/ relief.

Do I need a personal breakthrough?

Firstly ask yourself who or what it is exactly that is telling you that you “need” a breakthrough. If you are feeling pushed towards me by an external source and not being pulled towards what you feel is right then I will not work with you.

I work with people who want a breakthrough. People who are ready and willing to deeply connect with their most authentic self, with all of its strengths and vulnerabilities. People who are ready to take ownership and who are courageous enough to do the inner work needed for radical healing and transformation.

If you are someone who wants to step into their higher potential, you can contact me today because we have work to do!

What can a personal breakthrough provide?

Each individual is entirely unique and so too are the objectives and results. Here is a list of some of the potential outcomes

  •   Insights and clarity of situation and next steps ahead
  •   Potential eureka/ epiphany moments
  •   Increased self-confidence, decision making
  •   Improving relationship with self and others
  •   Letting go of negative emotions like, fear, anger, guilt, hurt, sadness
  •   Resolution of inner conflict and indecisiveness
  •   Resolving limiting beliefs which hold back success
  •   Breaking bad habits like smoking and overeating

My areas of expertise are:

  • Confidence coaching
  • Phobia Removal
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Men's sexual dysfunction ie. Premature Ejaculation
  • Men's empowerment coaching
  • Stop Smoking
  • Spirituality and Self Mastery
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

Training, qualifications & experience

NLP Master Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Men's Group Facilitator

Other areas of coaching I deal with

My areas of expertise are:

Confidence coaching
Phobia Removal
Men's sexual dysfunction ie. Premature Ejaculation
Men's empowerment coaching
Stop Smoking
Spirituality and Self Mastery
Meditation and Mindfulness


Here's the thing..

I don't just work with anyone. I maintain an exceptionally high reputation and success rate due to this. I only work with people who are seriously ready and committed to getting their results.

Are you a traveler or just a tourist?

Are you ready to fully immerse yourself in the journey of growth and new discovery or are you simply just seeking entertainment?

For those that feel ready for the journey I offer..

Free Discovery Session phone call - 20 minutes

A successful team must be compatible and know their objectives.

During this phone call we will both explore your issue and together we will discover what next steps will most serve you best.

My Rate is £65 per session. Coaching packages are also available.

Further information


"I met Lewis today for a 1 to 1 session. His navigation skills and intuitive approach to my current inner goings on was nothing short of fantastic. He used effective and non-judgmental probing enabling me to come full circle in my inner critique to view a situation differently. He held the space energetically and I felt his approach methodical, caring but having a gentle dynamism which created 'light bulb' moments within me, helping my judgmental mind to expand and move from ingrained thinking patterns and default positions. He is a natural and effective empathetic guide. The beauty is the sense of empowerment within as naturally through his involvement you are bringing about the change. I couldn't praise him enough. Most importantly he radiates a lovely energy which creates the space for change within."

~ Charlie


"Lewis is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. He understood my issues around confidence and taught me several strategies for making me feel more confident when I was feeling unresourceful. These techniques were simple and easily replicated of which I cannot thank Lewis enough! He's given me so much confidence now after what had been a difficult time. I cannot thank him enough!"

~ Simon


“Hi Lewis,

This is just a note to say thank you for your guidance into helping me with my quest to stop smoking.
It’s been really helpful and worked well , the fact that you know how to engage the subconscious mind and allow people to break their own habits by getting them to tap into their own memory and emotions to understand the reasons they smoke, it is a phenomenal and great way to give up for good. Thanks.”



“Lewis is fabulous.
I expressed that I had a money issue. I was going to hang onto it for now.
Lewis was on it like a greyhound that's spotted the rabbit. His tone changed and became purposeful. He was not going to let the conversation continue without addressing this. With a few sleight of mouth questions he demolished that issue. Scales fell from eyes, business future looks exciting, clear and totally issue free!
Amazing reframe Lewis. And thank you for not letting it pass.”

~ Linda


"Lewis is a fantastic individual, an incredible therapist and I had the luck to work with him. He such a lovable and kind person. I totally recommend him."

~ Simone


"Lewis is an extremely illuminated soul with awareness that can elevate humanity to a level we all strive for. He deserves his weight in gold a billion times over."



“I’ve been scared of spiders since I remember. And I couldn’t even think of them without feeling itchiness all over my body. If I’d see a spider sharing the same room as me I would either run away, either ask somebody to get rid of the spider for me. To a point that I’d feel embarrassed sometimes. That’s why I decided to accept Lewis help on removing this phobia for good. During the session he was very kind and I didn’t feel ridiculous when expressing my fear that had no logical reason. I felt relaxed thinking of spiders after the session and couldn’t wait to experience the first encounter with one of them. When the day came I was in a park with friends and I noticed a spider. I ended up having it walking on my hand and instead of fear I experienced excitement and great freedom. For the first time in my life I could be peaceful sharing the same space as a spider. Forever thankful!”

~ Sonia


"I had an insect phobia, especially the flying and buzzing ones. It started in my childhood, when I discovered a wasp nest in an old tree trunk and was stung multiple times. I also had a memory of a hornet chasing me and running for my dear life to hide in my grandma’s house.
This phobia continued throughout my adult life and had been a huge inconvenience in many occasions.
I had to avoid the outdoors, as the buzzing sounds would give me the creeps and put me in a state of heightened alertness. It spoiled a lot of my holidays and outdoor experiences. Even a buzzing fly in my bedroom could keep me awake all night.

After the session I felt immediate relief, but wasn’t sure actually how successful it was until last weekend, when I was spending time outdoors.
I must say I wasn’t expecting to be so unaffected by all the flying and buzzing insects around me.
For the first time, since I remember I could peacefully coexist with the creatures that before were my true nightmare.
Huge thanks to Lewis for his dedication, knowledge, and ability to adapt different approaches throughout the session, as well as his calming energy, and caring, patient attitude to clients."

~ Ania

Glasgow, G2

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified

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