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Career Coach for People Seeking To Break Free of the Mould

About me

Hello. I'm Letesia. I'm a career and personal development coach, with a degree in psychology,  training in transformational coaching, positive psychology, and somatic body-oriented coaching.

I am a mixed-race, working-class woman who has had an entrepreneurial career, working at senior levels in both the corporate and creative sectors, with a passion for reimagining what work needs to look like for what people want and need today. I live in Ibiza and coach globally.

Are you looking to make real change? Not just tinkering around the edges but you feel like you actually want a coach to help you to show up differently in your life? To find the courage to take meaningful action to have the work and life you truly want? Read on.

How we end up living someone's life

Whether we are aware of it or not, who we really are and what we really want is often buried under a pile of expectations. These might be our own or someone else's - parents, partners, bosses, peers, friends. We can spend our lives busy trying to meet them but deep down we feel like something isn't making us happy but we can't put our finger on it. Our identity, beyond the many roles that we play in our lives, hasn't had space to fully breathe and just be.

Waking up to feeling stuck

At some point, we notice that we are stuck. We feel trapped in situations that don't make us happy. We feel empty that we have everything we thought we wanted but there is still a void for us. We're not sure who we are or what we really want anymore, and have lost our connection to what really lights us up. Or perhaps we never really found it in the first place.

Seeing the choice you have to change things

So many feel it is not possible to change this. They convince themselves to be grateful for what they have. That it's just a phase of unhappiness that will pass. That it could be worse, so they put up with mediocre. So they stay in jobs that don't work for them or don't dare chase after the working life they really wish for.

The truth is we all have the power to create our own reality. I help clients get what they really want.

Who I work with

Clients come to me to pivot careers into new areas, to start new businesses, to begin life and work abroad, to create a more flexible work-life. Underneath this is a desire to take control of making life feel more aligned with who they truly are and what they really want from it.

My experience

I bring my own life experience - a high flying career which I reinvented several times, a big burnout in 2015, retrained and developed a new career as a coach and future of work consultant, and moved to Ibiza Spain in 2019. I am of mixed-race heritage, proud of my working-class roots and I am passionate about creating equal opportunities for all.  Working with people who don't neatly fit into boxes lights me up.

I work with various coaching styles to connect clients to their body, their instinct, and intuition. I work with purpose and values, which are the backbone for any kind of transformative work. I am skilled in helping clients learn how to get out of survival and fear-based living which keeps us doubting and playing life safe, and into impactful, creative living where many more possibilities exist for us.

I adopt a creative approach to coaching using real-life experiments to take us away from endless talking, and into the world where we can make progress through a practice of stepping into the next chapter of your life, now.

I also run Brave Bootcamps on my home island of Ibiza.

Brave Bootcamps - 3 days away from it all in North Ibiza to supercharge your life change - https://www.livesbetterlived.com/bravebootcamp


You can get in touch in the following ways for an initial consultation. Our first chemistry session is FREE.

Call me on +447950469168

Training, qualifications & experience


  • Animas Transformational Coaching Diploma
  • Positive Psychology CPD
  • Group Coaching CPD
  • Qualified Yoga TTC 200 hours
  • Bsc Psychology & Sociology, First Class
  • Somatic Coaching Diploma
  • The Polyvagal Theory Psychotherapy Excellence CPD

Other Experience

  • Extensive career experience from 18 years of business consulting / advising
  • My passion for and knowledge about the future of work and possibilities for change
  • My insight from creating and running several businesses of my own
  • My own lived experience of burnout and recovery to a new career and lifestyle
  • My strong belief that working with the body and the mind creates quicker, sustainable results

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I work with clients to prevent, manage, recover and flourish from burnout.

There are many complexities to burnout - but you might need support on the following

- loss of purpose/meaning at work

- challenging dynamics in your workplace

- anxiety/overwhelm, or depression/disconnection

- emotional exhaustion/loss of energy

- rebuilding your work identity post-burnout

- health led strategies to build new resilience

- support going back to work

- career planning for a better life


Additional information

I work on a sliding scale of affordability to create greater access to my services.

Our first chemistry session is FREE.

When I work

Monday to Saturday Appts from 8 am - 8pm Bookable online at your convenience. I work online.

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