Laura De Schivanovits

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MINDSET COACH FOR YOUR CAREER - Increasing your confidence
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Wembley Park HA9 & London EC2A
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Stuck in your career?

My goal is to help you create the working life you actually want. Whether that is starting/growing your own business, changing job or progressing in your career. It all starts with you and your mindset. 

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You are low in confidence to take the next step in their career - whether this is changing job, progressing in your career or setting up/growing your own business
  • You are blocked by self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • You are lacking motivation which stops you from taking action to create your ideal work life
  • You are stuck in a cycle of procrastination and doubt
  • You feel frustrated knowing you want more from your working life, but can't seem to take action to make it happen

Our sessions will allow you to…

  • Uncover what you want from your working life
  • Identify what is holding you back 
  • Remove your self-doubt and limiting beliefs so you can move forward in creating your ideal work life
  • Challenge your negative self talk and increase your self-belief
  • Increase your confidence and motivation to take action
  • Create a structured plan of how to get your ideal work life
  • Carry out actions that move you towards your goals
  • Feel content and fulfilled knowing that you are doing what you love. 

Your next step:

Call me on 0203 488 8539 or email me to set up your free introductory call where we will determine where you are in life, where you want to go and what will help you get there.

Your coaching package will include:

  1. Mindset - Challenge your negative self-talk and break the reoccurring patterns which are holding you back from creating your ideal work life.
  2. Goal Setting - I will help you get clarity on what you want and create a structured plan of how to get there.
  3. Action - We will set actions in-between each session which will increase your motivation and help you work towards your ideal work life.
  4. Accountability - Have me by your side holding you accountable to the actions set, checking in each session to ensure progress.
  5. Tools - We will work through a number of models and tools to help you overcome your mindset obstacles and take action.
  6. Flexibility - Choose face to face, online video or telephone coaching sessions to fit into your lifestyle and schedule - this will also be dependant on COVID circumstances.
  7. Personalisation - We will have check in points throughout the package to ensure we are on the right path, one that is most helpful to you.

Contact me on 0203 488 8539 or email me ( if you are ready to start creating your ideal work life.

Warm regards,


Training, qualifications & experience

I have the following qualifications behind me:

  • Psychology and Social Anthropology Degree
  • Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Introductory Transactional Analysis - The Link Centre
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management
  • MyBrain Practitioner
  • CIPD Level 3 Diploma Learning and Development Practise
  • Certified Trainer for DiSC 


Additional information

I offer a FREE, non-obligatory introductory call followed by a new client PROMOTIONAL offer.

Please allow thirty minutes for this call as it will allow us to get to know each other a little. We will start to explore what is happening for you at the moment and identify what is holding you back from moving forward. I will happily share with you information relating to my style of coaching and answer any questions you may have.

I offer a range of unique programmes which are typically between 1-6 months to help you make your vision a reality. I will share with you the investment required for each program during our introductory call.

When I work

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm, some evenings options are also available

Further information


I also run a Meetup group and host a number of different events, all based on helping you to get out of your way and take action. Click on the below links to have a look at my Meetup group and upcoming workshops: Prioritise Your Life with and Empowering Mindset.

Click to register on to the September 11th workshop.

Click  to register on to the October 1st workshop.

Why choose me as your coach?

  • I am analytical which means we will uncover the true depths of your beliefs, perceived  limitations and understand what is truly holding you back.
  • I am challenging and will guide you to consider different perspectives.
  • I am systematic. We will break down your goals into small, bite size, manageable pieces and tackle them one by one.
  • I am action oriented which means we will agree on actions for you to carry out in between sessions to move you closer to your goal.
  • I will hold you accountable to these actions.
  • I am reliable, caring and will be with you every step of the way.
  • I am your coach.

A little more about me...

What made me choose to become a coach?

I noticed that people tend to open up to me and share their deepest concerns, anxieties and worries about their life. Having initially taken this for granted I soon realised this is not something which happens for everyone. I realised that people open up to me because I provide a warm, comfortable and non-judgmental space where I am truly present to listen and understand that person and what is happening for them in their world. I realised that my honest, encouraging yet challenging approach allows people to see things from a different perspective and helps them move forward. I realised that I love doing this. I realised that I am a coach.

Unique facts about me…

  • I am addicted to crunchy nut chocolate clusters
  • I am always learning
  • I am a big foodie and have very strange mixes
  • My idea of relaxing is to watch a documentary on Transactional Analysis
  • I have been described as ‘relentless’ and ‘erosion’ in the way I approach getting things done
  • I love to dance
  • My ankles click whenever I walk
  • I hate cranberry juice


Please have a look at my YouTube channel to hear what clients are saying about their experience at the end of their coaching packages. You will also hear people's thoughts about the events I have previously run:

Susie Lovelock - Pilates Instructor (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

Working with Laura has been life changing. I first came to Laura for help with feeling stuck, and to work through the things that have been holding me back. From our first consultation, I knew Laura would be the right coach for me. She made me feel at ease so I could work on the deeper layers. I have had many revelations along my journey with Laura, that I would never have had by myself. Over the course of my sessions I have been able to let go, move forwards and conquer fears I never dreamed I could. Laura has given me tools for life, and I am confident I will continue to grow. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Adina Pascall - Digital Copywriting Expert and Content Marketer (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I highly recommend Laura for mindset coaching! Very soon after beginning my coaching journey with Laura, I realised that I had been spending too much time focusing on work, which was hindering my progress in other areas of my life. At the time I didn’t believe it was possible for me to have a successful career whilst also pursuing other interests. Through exercises, discussion and weekly actions with Laura, I was able to challenge this belief that was holding me back. As a result, I have finally started driving lessons, been on holiday and more whilst also improving my confidence to pitch for new clients.

Dilesh - (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I bumped into Laura and could see that she was really happy. I asked her why she had such a big smile on her face and she said it was because she had just come out of a coaching session with a client and she was really happy that he was starting to remove his obstacles and progress towards his goal. I have not experienced Laura’s coaching sessions, as I do not feel I need a coach at this point in my life, but I can see that Laura really cares about what she does and genuinely has her client’s interest at heart. It is nice to see someone in their profession motivated by passion and genuine care for their client.

Luciana Ramos - Yoga Instructor (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

When I started the first coaching session with Laura I was immediately impressed by how organised, professional and competent she is! In our first session Laura already managed to help me shift my mindset from procrastination and complaining to a positive mindset that mobilised me into actions. I was trying to get back into self-employed work after maternity leave and find a happy balance between work, being a mum and family life... I was struggling as being self-employed I have no-one to report to and make me accountable for the work so I procrastinate a lot, felt sorry for myself and was unhappy with my circumstances. In our session Laura help me with self enquiry, we looked at my behaviours, the stories I was telling myself and how I could turn everything around and I did! I came out of session feeling inspired, positive and ready to move forwards with my work action plan without compromising family time. It has been a couple months now since the coaching took place and I have to say I am very happy with how I managed to move forwards in finding the balance I was craving; in finding time to attend to my work and family. From the get going Laura helped me clear my mind, creating awareness, self-confidence and a sense of direction. That mental shift has changed everything! My time is now well spent (no longer procrastinating and stuck), I have managed to build up my workload and generate more income as well as enjoy my family time. I cannot believe how much value Laura coaching brought to my life! Whatever problem you have if you are feeling stuck, inspired and lacking motivation… I highly recommend having Laura as your coach! You won’t look back!

Tahmina - (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I hired Laura to coach me because I admired her gift of being assertive and the set of skills Laura has to offer to help me change my mindset. Laura showed me how to connect with my creative skill of delving into my current mindset that wasn't serving me in order to achieve my goal. The best thing that Laura teaches was that I could empower myself to change my mindset by developing my own tools to change my mindset and to keep going until I reach my goals. This encouraged me to be committed and driven to stay on track throughout the 8 sessions.
I would highly recommend Laura to any client who has commitment and is willing to learn about themselves and find out what isn't and what can work for them to achieve their goals. Laura's approach to her clients is with understanding, empathy but most importantly constructive solutions to keep the client on track and focused to achieve the change in mindset. Thank you Laura. The best coaching I have chosen. I would highly recommend Laura to any client

Daniela Colognesi - Pilates Instructor (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

During my sessions with Laura we have focused on my mindset around setting up my pilates practice, minimising my self-doubt, increasing my confidence to move from thought into action, challenging my negative beliefs and replacing them with ones that serve me better - identifying my strengths and areas of development, using visualisation techniques to gain clarity on where I want to be in my business and also, identifying triggers of fear and stagnation, setting specific goals and milestones for my studies. Laura’s careful questioning and challenging, combined with listening skills, teased out the important issues and then together we formed an action plan that really helped me moving forward with my business and improved my organisation skills as well as strengthening my self-esteem.

Antonio Costato - Life Coach (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

Hi, my names is Antonio, I am a trained life coach , soon after my training I felt the need to get guidance at the beginning of my life coaching journey. I had some blocks , limiting beliefs . I wasn’t able to move forward. Then I met Laura and her coaching style and support allowed me to overcome those blocks , I created a new belief system and I am getting the confidence that I need in setting goals and make actions . I highly recommend Laura she is present and supportive . Thank you

Muriel Gutu - Specialist Nurse Prescriber (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

When I met Laura, I was stuck in my business development. Limiting beliefs clouded my progression. Laura’s coaching style - asking probing questions enabled me to dig deeper and rekindle my self belief. I now ask myself how else can I solve the problem instead of giving up when I reach a brick wall. At the start of my journey I was I was looking to set up my business as a coach since I have coaching experience. I had been thinking of the idea for a long time but failed to start due to procrastination and poor time management. Laura’s coaching enabled me increase my confidence in setting up my own business, improve time management, creating a support belief system, clarifying my niche and setting goals for my business. In addition Laura also supported me with setting up my website and writing a professional profile. Laura is smart and witty. Her coaching style is very enabling. She stretches you to think outside the box. If you are stuck and looking for meaningful change, I highly recommend you go with Laura.

Billi Bartley - Independent Social Work Consultant (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I received 3 months coaching from Laura. It was one of the best ‘self-learning’ experiences I’ve had. Her coaching knowledge, her skills and abilities all supported me to actively navigate professional and personal dilemmas - week by week. Laura’s frankness, her ability to challenge and to hold me to account for the work I was doing - for myself - was wholly beneficial. Working with her has enabled me to interrupt negative patterns and to positively embrace fear and doubt - a work in progress! Most importantly, the reflections Laura shared have left an internal legacy of self-challenge, self-worth and acceptance that I can control being my best self. Thank You.

Anali Mohayaee - (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I never knew about life coaching before I met Laura. I thought it’s similar to psychologist where there will be a lot of digging into the past and negativity, but it’s the complete opposite and that is the reason I decided to give it a try. Before life coaching I done 6 sessions with a psychologist and 11 months on antidepressant. I am so glad that I trusted Laura and began these session. I began with 6 sessions but I had to carry on as it was helping me so much with my day to day life. Before my sessions with Laura I used to overthink every situation (even going shoppping), have anxiety on doing tasks bymyself and I felt very down and negative. However after just the second session I began to see tasks more positively and stressing less. Now after 12 sessions I do not have problem doing tasks on my own AT ALL!! I don’t overthink situations and my anxiety has calmed down so much more!! If someone told me a year ago I wouldn’t have anxiety over small things I’d never believe that it was possible for me. My last session was back in July but even so all of the positive results of the sessions have stayed with me and have helped me overcome so many small issues I used to have. I’d highly recommend Laura as she really cares and gets happy for your accomplishments.

Heeral - (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

I was introduced to Laura through another friend who had had coaching from her and it was perfectly timely, as I had been looking for a life coach and it was at a time where I was really feeling stuck. Laura helped me work through a number of different areas that I was dealing with to get a clearer direction and to get my motivation back up. She has been a pleasure to speak to and very supportive and giving with her ideas, tools and techniques. After 6 sessions I have learnt a great deal and feel there is plenty more I can learn further from her. I am looking forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you get some clarity around your goals, values, beliefs or anything else you are dealing with in life! Her first introductory chat session lets you discuss what you are looking for and Laura explains what she can do to help for you to make a decision on whether this would work for you! Good luck! And thanks Laura!

Joanna Wilczynska - Learning and Development Manager (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

Laura has a sharp, inquisitive mind that will question your statusquo and help you find solutions where there was no positive wayout to begin with. She has an incredible clarity of mind and acoaching intuition which cannot be trained. I’ve enjoyed workingwith her and hope our professional paths will cross again.

Steven Dibben - DBA at Aviva (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

During our hour long sessions, Laura would make me question the thoughts and behaviour that I'd adopted over years of negative thinking. Even after one or two sessions there were real and tangible differences in my thought patterns, behaviour and in the actions that I took in my day to day life. Focusing particularly on my relationship with confidence, she has helped me a great deal in my personal life. Laura is an extremely warm individual and very easy to talk to, she is a very good life coach and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for one.

Bryan - (5/5 Stars as per Bark Rating)

Working with Laura was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me gain clarity in the area of personal and intimate relationships and encouraged me to find my own answers. She did this through carefully orchestrated questions which prompted me to reach my own conclusions, and also skilfully extracted the answers which already lay within me, but which I was somewhat unaware of. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a life coach as her way of probing and supporting me to reach my own conclusions was second to none.

Wembley Park, HA9

8-10 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4JH

Type of session

In person


Laura De Schivanovits
Laura De Schivanovits