About me

Hi, I'm Lara - an accredited life coach and a practising lawyer.

I help high-achievers who appear successful on the outside, but are feeling dissatisfied with their work, self or purpose on the inside. 

How I help 

I work with those either wanting to explore and tackle the issues limiting their progress in their current role or those contemplating a job change or total career transition. 

Many come to me to help improve their wellbeing, their confidence and their relationships with others. 

​I offer clarity on your next steps and a deeper understanding of yourself, so you gain a more fulfilling work and personal life.

The best way to understand how coaching can help you is to experience it. I like to have a (free) consultation call before starting any new coaching partnership for us to get to know each other better and see if we are a good fit. I also offer a taster session so you see what it's like working with me before committing to a coaching package.

Please see my website for more information and you can check out some of my testimonials in the further information section below.

Burnout and my story

I had long fought against the warning signs that I was struggling with my mental health in working environments that weren't right for me. 

​I appeared successful on the outside, but I felt frustrated, unconfident and unsure on the inside. I struggled with self-doubt and my coping mechanisms were holding me back in my career and in my personal life.

Eventually,  I completely burnt out. 

Looking for answers on how to move forward, I tried therapy which helped process what I had been through, but it didn't tackle how I move forward.

I then came across coaching and, through first-hand experience, I saw the power it could have. 

I clarified what I needed less of and what I wanted more of in my work and personal life and what was within my power to change. I dismantled the obstacles that were holding me back, from the inside out, in order to get there. 

I soon realised that I wanted to train as a coach myself and trained with one of the leading life coaching schools in the UK. My passion is helping others to get unstuck in their careers and personal lives so they feel happier in themselves and can achieve their full potential. I just love a lightbulb moment!

Training, qualifications & experience

I have a diploma in transformational coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching. Animas is one of the UK's leading life coaching schools delivering coach training accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF).

I am also a practising lawyer and have worked in the legal industry for over 8 years.  


Additional information

I offer coaching in packages of sessions so you can decide the duration of support that feels right for you.

All sessions are 60 minutes over Zoom

Recommended 1-3 weeks between sessions

Daytime, evening and weekend calls are available


6 sessions (approx. 3 months) - £540 (£90 per session)

8 sessions (approx. 4-6 months) - £680 (£85 per session)

12 Sessions (approx. 6-9 months) - £960 (£80 per session)

If you'd prefer to try a one-off session before committing to a package then I also offer a taster session for £95 so you can experience what it's like working with me. If you then decide to go ahead, the £95 will be deducted from the full package cost. 

​If you are interested to explore working together then you can book a consultation call (at no cost) through my website so we can get to know each-other and discuss what would suit you best.

I only work with a limited number of clients at one time so you can be sure I have the time and energy to dedicate to you and your goals. I only take on new clients once an existing client completes their package of sessions and chooses not to renew again. 

Further information

I will help you to quieten your inner critic and find ways to work through the internal and external blockers holding you back from your potential.

You will gain an accountability partner (me!) and a bespoke toolkit and action plan to help you take control of your career and personal life with confidence.

This is not one size fits all. I won't tell you what to do, but instead I will guide you with deep inner work to unlock the answers you already hold inside yourself. This is a much more sustainable approach, creating lasting change that's best for you. 

​Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I want to help you break through any obstacles that are holding you back from your full potential. 

Thank you so much for your interest - it's great that you're considering committing to yourself in this way and I hope to hear from you.


"Lara was able not only to provide a listening ear, but to give me the tools to grow personally, mentally and emotionally as well as professionally. She acted as a soundboard for my aspirations, anxieties, frustrations and so much more; allowing me not only to vent, but working with me to understand my emotions and how best to deal with them. She gave me a brand new perspective when it comes to dealing with the workplace and completely changed my outlook on not only my work life but my personal life too and how to balance them both"

Rianna Prince, Legal Professional

"Lara taught me I have all the tools I need already, and with her expert coaching I was able to unlock them to reach my full potential. I really enjoyed the entire coaching experience, it changed my thought process which in turn allowed me to act differently, which resulted in a different and better outcome to any given challenge I was facing. The tools I have learnt can be replicated for different scenarios and now I have them, they will stay with me forever. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone contemplating it." 

Finance Industry Professional, London

"I enjoyed my sessions with Lara and worked through a number of different issues I had been thinking over. Through the sessions I have worked on decisions regarding my career direction and possible further study, as well as involving hobbies more in my life and what's really important to me. After the sessions I feel more settled in my decisions and more able to approach future problems using techniques from the coaching."

Rhiannon, Medical Professional

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Lara Murray

Lara Murray