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About me

I am a qualified Life and Business Coach with many years experience of helping people achieve their ambitions and overcoming challenges. Life can be full of problems but also many opportunities. Unlocking the door is always an issue and I have helped so many people find the key to their success

Helping To Manage Your Career

No matter what you do or where you work, your career is very important. We spend so much of our time in work that a worthwhile and rewarding career can lead to happiness. Career Coaching can help in planning and managing your career. Having managed people myself I have always found helping people with their careers was a very important part of my role. Through coaching, this is also a great way of building confidence and success.

Personal Development/Motivation And Confidence Building

Whether its through a career or in other ways we all seek to grow as individuals. Our personal development is so important both now and in the future. Through my coaching I can help you to break down barriers in your mind to achieve so much more. Whats important is that you decide on the best way to develop with my coaching help designed to support you throughout. In doing so you will find it incredibly motivating and will build your confidence.

Business Coaching

As a professionally trained business coach I have helped many people running small and medium sized businesses across a range of issues such as setting up the business, helping them through their growth phase and ultimately selling the operation. My background in marketing and finance has helped me connect with people owning companies in a variety of situations. I have also been able to help as a result of my own experience as an entrepreneur.

My Business Experience

I have held a range of roles in business, including both managerial and board positions. This has given me an understanding of peoples needs and assists my coaching of others. This has covered marketing, finance, strategic planning, organisational design and strategic planning. This has been gained in banking, IT, healthcare and construction.

How I Work As A Coach

I am comfortable working in any mutually agreed way with clients. I do, however, initially provide a 30 minute free consultation with possible clients for us both to conclude whether we would like to work with each other. If we agree to go ahead then we decide on the number of sessions, price and contract.

The first meeting is usually best face to face (though in the present environment that needs to be by zoom) and thereafter by zoom or telephone.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified Life and Small Business Coach, having graduated with a distinction and merit in diplomas in small business coaching and life coaching respectively, gained through The Coaching Academy. I am also a full member of the Association of Business Mentors.

I work across the UK and overseas through up to date internet contact such as zoom and can hold personal meetings when allowed in the Kent and London areas.

I have held roles at all levels of both large and small companies, where i have helped people resolve problems and achieve their own success. I hold a doctorate in Marketing and have written and had published three books.


1 Finding Her way Forward

I started coaching sessions with Ken after I became unhappy and stressed, both at work and at home. My time spent with Ken was invaluable; he helped me organise my thoughts with the questions he brought to our meetings. By the end, I was able to evaluate what is important to me and whether I am willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I want in life.

Ken has an upbeat manner and a very positive attitude. He has the ability to make you feel at ease when discussing sensitive issues. Thanks to him I now feel more confident about myself and my abilities.

FI Executive, Fund Manager

2 The Next Phase Of Business

I was fortunate enough to meet Ken about 10 months ago and have benefited tremendously from his coaching. We have had 20 coaching sessions since that time. Ken started by helping me to identify the goals I was envisioning and worked with me to arrange my thoughts into an organized and manageable set of achievable goals to execute. He is excellent at helping to bring out and clarify issues as well as helping clients formulate potential solutions. Ken brings into his sessions decades of first-hand experience from highly successful areas of his own life. One of the areas that I find Ken to be extremely valuable is his effectiveness as a coach. Another important aspect of working with Ken is the level of comfort one feels when dealing with him. Ken made me comfortable and at ease right out of the gate. In just a few sessions I have improved my decision-making skills and making life-altering positive choices in both personal and business with a focus on overall wellbeing.

A A  Medical Doctor

3 Re-focussing on Goals

I have had 6 sessions with Ken, all of which have helped me understand some key areas of development to focus on and agree what goals I think I need to achieve to help improve my situation.

The conclusion was that I had become fairly complaceent about the goals I was trying to achieve and Ken helped me re-focus on what was important and by the end of it I had successfully performed two public speaking events and had developed opportunities to start to improve my senior engagement across the company’s customer base.

Ken has a very warm, engaging and open manner that made me feel very comfortable from the start of our engagement. His questioning effectively led me to some very meaningful actions to help me achieve the goals I set myself. Ken has a very broad business experience at an extremely senior level, and this meant Ken had significant knowledge that he could draw upon to help guide and support me through his questions.

JB Senior Executive, Major IT Co

4 Starting A New Business

I have started my coaching with Ken and as a result of his questioning I have managed to resolve more clearly my overall objective and importantly why I want to achieve that objective. It’s been quite interesting how quickly Ken has related to me and seems to understand what I’m trying to achieve. He has helped me to set specific challenges whilst working towards my long term goal.

Ken has an easy style, very open but at the same time asks some challenging questions. I think his business background together with his personality has made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk with him.

Even at this early stage, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

LR-H on setting up a new fashion business

5 Deciding The Future

I started working with my coach Ken Andrew when I was looking to review my career goals and set a long term goal and some short-term milestones.

In this context, Ken was extremely helpful in helping me to think through and clarify the issues by listening and asking questions for me to consider in my thinking, which enabled me to set and start to achieve my goals. Ken was also very helpful in constructively questioning my thinking so I could refine my goals and objectives as we progressed.

Ken is very easy to work with – he is open, warm and engaging which means I felt able to be open and share my goals and thinking. Ken put in place the right amount of structure to the sessions which meant it was very easy to maintain focus and remain on track.

I really enjoyed working with Ken and found him very comfortable to work with. He is very strong at creating the right environment and tone for coaching sessions.

The impact of the coaching sessions meant I was able to set an overall goal and objectives and start to achieve these which has given me the impetus and structure to keep working to my long term objective.

KT-B Director, Facilities Management Company

Other areas of coaching I deal with

As part of my commitment to helping people with their careers i provide a focussed package of support in updating their CV's and showing how this can work to their benefit in seeking other jobs/roles.

I also provide a structured course in helping executives become non executive directors.


From £100.00 to £200.00
Free initial in-person session

Additional information

First Contact

We would initially have a conversation for about 30 minutes to discuss your needs and how i might help. This is a free consultation.

The Agreement To Work Together

If we agree to go ahead then we would decide on the number of sessions and the fees to be charged.  The cost of a session lasting 60 minutes can be as low as £100 and the overall cost can be discounted if a package of sessions is decided upon.


I am available for coaching sessions most days of the week and happy to work around the clients needs

Further information

I am happy to engage with clients in anyway they would prefer such as by zoom, skype, telephone and when allowed in a face to face meeting.



Type of session

In person
Home visits


Online supervision
Telephone supervision

As a qualified coach i am able to assist others as a result of being certified by cpd.

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Dr Kenneth Andrew Life and Business Coach and Mentor

Dr Kenneth Andrew Life and Business Coach and Mentor