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About me

My name is Kathy Bowers I am a  professional and experienced Parenting/teen Coach. Parenting and behaviour issues are my speciality.

As a life coach I offer support in other areas: Personal development and lifestyle change to achieve your goal.

I trained with The Coaching Academy in Personal Performance Coaching and SFEDI Awards Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.

I offer 121 individual sessions on Skype-/Zoom/WhatsApp and mobile. These sessions are individually set to meet your needs to achieve your desired changes to move nearer to achieving your goal.

As a parenting/teen coach I will support parents online to look at all areas of parenting for their toddlers and older children. You will gain insight into your children's behaviour, understanding of positive parenting and what changes you will put in place to improve the situation, specific areas such as routines, boundaries, guidance and your responsibility as parents to be able to met the needs of your child/ren.

I offer mediation for parents with teenagers, these sessions work well with teens. It is vital that all the family attend online and that teenagers are willing to engage. Sessions are longer: one hour thirty minutes, to allow before the session begins to speak to the teenager separately, then parents before everyone attends as a family group and the session begins.

I recommend 6 sessions every fortnight, this allows for the actions agreed at each mediation session to be put in place and to see how they are working.

As a coach

I will be there to support you through the various sessions which are a safe, confidential place for you to explore where you are now and look at options, actions to allow you to move forward towards your goal.

We will look at areas of support, ensure your beliefs and values are the same as your goal. We will look at your strengths to help you move forward and find out why you are stuck and what you will do to move forward.

I will guide and support you on the best outcome and understanding of you. This allows you to make the changes permanent, positive for a happier you with a better life balance.

The coaching relationship is a conversation between client and a coach. This is the power of that relationship that will produce the results. Trust, honesty, openness and mutual respect will build a professional coach and client relationship.

Once we have spoken and you have decided coaching is for you.

I then offer a free intake session where we agree on the contract, time of sessions and number, responsibilities of one another. The first session is set up as soon as payment has cleared and other relevant information.

For further information please go to my website life-change-coaching.co.uk

You will need to complete a form and press submit this will go to my email and I will get in touch to set up the free intake session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Make the free call for a no obligation, no hard sell chat just to find out about you and if life coaching can help.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained with the Coaching Academy in Personal Performance Coaching and also SFEDI Awards Level 5 diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.

The skills below I am now putting into use as a Parenting/teen Coach with families.

As a life coach I work with individual clients on specific areas they have identified as their goal. Example: personal development, confidence & self-esteem, bad habits, communication, relationship difficulties.

I have 20 years of experience working with parents and their children/teens on parenting and behavioural issues.

Mediation sessions with parents/teenagers and their siblings as a family group.

Parenting and behavioural issues are what I know extremely well and if you are a new parent or one with older children/teenagers and are struggling.

Call me for a chat-no obligation or hard sell. Just to find out a little about you, your difficulty and if I can support you to find the way through the minefield of parenting.

My main job for 20 years had been working closing with parents to make changes within themselves, as a couple, family to make their children's and their family life better.

When I qualified I brought my coaching skills to my work and the difference it made was amazing. The clients were no longer relying on advice but were now making all decisions, actions and taking full responsibility for ownership. The success rate for change was noticeable and they achieved success which they sustained.

I believe anyone is able to change as long as they are willing to take responsibility and make the full commitment.  There is no need to live a negative lifestyle, make the choice for a positive one and you will see all the benefits that will come your way, starting with yourself.

As your coach I will support you all the way on your personal journey. I hope to hear from you, you have nothing to lose.

I have experience in the following:

Relationship issues (Adults, children).

Parenting difficulties (I am also a qualified nursery nurse, Family support worker, Family resilience worker, 0-19 Practitioner) with over 20 years of experience.

Mediation with parents/teenagers and their siblings to gain insight in to what is happening, reasons that communication/behaviour for the teenager has become difficult between them and their parents.  As a family you will work together, agree  individual actions and take full responsibility.  From the first session you will have the first step to move forward and start improving your relationship.

Working with professionals in the Teaching profession, Counselling, Health, Social Care.

I am also a qualified and experience Holistic therapist s in Aromatherapy, massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing. I use this knowledge and approach in my coaching to ensure all your values and views are respected and to ensure you are treated so you feel able to explore and open up knowing you will be fully supported in your journey.

Low self-Esteem-I approach this in a holistic way

Bereavement,  trauma, loss- sensitively supported to make your life changes to move forward.

If you are still in counselling please continue and when this is right for you please contact me. I am trained in Brief therapy so have a very good understanding of the difficulties you are coming to terms with.

Victim of Domestic Abuse ( I have good understanding as I ran Domestic Abuse groups previously). I am Non-judgemental and will sensitively support you to move forward to a happier life.

For  Coaching you must be ready to move forward and accept you are a survivor and no longer a victim. If not ready get the counselling support first and then when you feel this is right for you please get in touch.

Health -wrong diet, poor sleep, exercise but no routine, tired, lack motivation. Let me support you to find ways you can  improve this.

Spirituality-lost, not practicing and regret it-need a better life balance. Get in touch to see what you feel are the reasons that have got you stuck. Let's explore what you can do to get back on track.

General well-being-need to change, lack confidence, low self esteem, lack energy- Life coaching can support you to make these changes.

Work-Not reaching your potential- unhappy with work, thinking of changing, out of work. Lets discuss this and look at your options, strengths, support so you can make a decision, take action to improve your situation.

Relationships- Feel you are not going anywhere, not the person you should be-lost, bad habits which are affecting interaction, relationships with others. Need to make personal changes for a better you. Need a better life balance-please go to my website and get in touch.

COVID19 has effected us all in many ways and this might be something you need to address to help you find your strength and direction again. I can support you to do this.

Aspirations-Make dreams a reality, develop your potential, find your life balance, better lifestyle. Please

I truly believe although life always brings challenges to us we can use this to make us stronger. We always have a choice to let what has happened to us have control or get back in the driving seat (no matter how difficult).

All of us have been somewhere we wish we had not wanted to be (many times) you might still be there.

Find the spark to ignite the strength that will help you move forward one step at a time. If you are at rock bottom there is only one way to go-upwards where a better life is waiting for you.  You are not alone, your strength will grow, you will find you again. There are positive people, services waiting to help you all you have to do is approach them.

When you are ready after this support please get in touch with me to help you achieve your goal.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Support to professionals in the Education area, Health and social care who have identified they require support either in their personal life or work to overcome the pressures, stresses or to find ways to manage workloads or promotion to move forward and find the balance in life.

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Free initial online session

Additional information

After you have contacted me either by phone or submitted form I will get in touch to introduce me and talk to you.

Intake session-free when you have decided coaching is for you. We will draw up a contract and all other relevant information, my website explains further.

One-off coaching session £90

A course of 6 coaching sessions £420 (able to pay in three payments)

A course of 9 coaching sessions £630 (able to pay in four payments)

I  offer a free consultation session after all sessions have been completed to see how things are going. We will set up a date and time at the end of the last session.

Consideration of reduction under special circumstance, discussed individually with me


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  10.00-16.00 18.00-20.00 hrs

Further information

Why Choose me?

I am experienced, confident, competent and ambitious life coach, I assure you that you will be fully supported on your journey towards your goal. We will build a working relationship where I will get you to work to your full potential.

  • Taylor made for individual results
  • Confidential and safe environment for you to explore you and how you wish to develop this goal.
  • Allowing you time to find your own choices, make your own decisions, full control of the changes you wish to make.
  • Positive results-permanent change-positive outcome will depend on you.
  • Supported throughout your journey-your voice will be heard and fully respected.
  • I am fully trained, qualified, insured, professional, trust worthy and easy to talk to. I will help make your journey easier.

Watford Hertfordshire

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Kathy Bowers - Parenting & Teens Coach

Kathy Bowers - Parenting & Teens Coach