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I provide bespoke 1:1 life coaching programmes, corporate workshops, a specialist programme for 16 to 24 year olds and coaching services for education providers.

I believe self-connection is the first step to understanding what is possible for us and what we can achieve when we are thriving as our authentic selves. When we’re truly connected to ourselves the rest falls into place. We feel clearer, more energised and more aligned with who we are and what we want out of life and our career.

We’re living in a world that’s more digitally connected than ever but it feels like we’ve lost connection: to ourselves, our bodies, to others and even to the planet.

I believe that self-connection is the vehicle that is going to drive tangible change, starting with ourselves.

In order to get there we need to unlearn the patterns that have held us back and relearn our natural essence that will propel us forward.

One to One Coaching

Through the power of self-connection, I guide you to discover your authentic self, take charge of your life and make empowered decisions with confidence, calm and ease.

I support you in moving from feeling lost and stuck, anxious and drowning in overthinking to embracing your unique superpowers and navigating life from that space.

Through 1:1 transformational life coaching, I create a safe space for you to explore what has been holding you back and relearn the new beliefs that will fuel your personal evolution.

What to expect in a coaching session

Coaching is led by you but with my guidance: asking meaningful questions as well as tapping into your feelings. It is a collaborative and explorative process where we work together to help you let go of and unlearn limiting beliefs.

I support you in relearning who you actually are - and who you can be. You’ll relearn how to feel grounded and trust in your own decisions, how to embrace joy, creativity and playfulness.

You will be able to embrace your skills and strengths and carve your own path based on who you really are.

It’s a 360 degree approach: I coach with the body in mind, helping you to connect your mind, heart and gut:

  • Learn how to make heart-led, intuitive decisions
  • Break through limiting beliefs 
  • Move from feeling not good enough to feeling more than enough
  • Connect with your body’s intelligence and harness it
  • Identify and stay true to your values
  • Ease overthinking and create new, more useful, positive thinking habits
  • Free up more energy to move forwards in your life and towards your career goals

We work together to help you unlearn what’s holding you back, relearn what’s true for you and connect with your whole being.

How coaching helps

Everyday I help my clients to move towards a more empowered way of living:

Untangle their limiting beliefs to bring their visions out from their head and into real life

Break free from frustrations, stuckness and negative thought patterns to find a new job aligned with their passions and purpose

Transition from comparison and concern about the future to making decisions from the heart and confidently start a new chapter

Unpick cycles of anxiety and old, looping patterns to completing long-held goals

Leave self-sabotage and negative self-talk behind and shift into higher self worth by taking leaps and bounds towards their goals

Find out how my life coaching services can help you

Working with young people (16-24)

The agony of comparison, the pressure of exams, difficulty making decisions not to mention stress and anxiety are issues that are all too familiar to many young people. With the addition of the uncertainty and unsettling nature of a global pandemic, now is the time for coaching support to be an integral part of young people's lives.

I have guided numerous young people in moving from a place of feeling stuck and frustrated, to embodying a new space where calm thoughts, feeling connected to themselves and inner confidence are the norm.

I have a vast experience working with young people and believe that coaching is THE tool to help in times of transition and uncertainty.  Coaching works really well online which is a way of working that we have got accustomed to, especially in the last year. The benefits are far reaching, my lovely clients talk about having the tools to now help themselves, a massive shift in clarity and confidence, feeling more independent and trusting with greater self-connection

Coaching is also a great way to build on strengths when preparing for interviews.

I've created a bespoke programme that can run between one and three months.

What to do next

Get in touch to find out more. You can book in a connection call direct via my website or send me a message first so that we can find out more about you and what you would like to get from our time together.

Training, qualifications & experience

Training and Qualifications

I am a qualified coach working towards ICF accreditation (ACC). I have trained at leading schools including Animas Centre for Coaching and The Somatic School. I have a certification in group coaching as well as being a specialist practitioner in Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning and Reiki Level II. I hold a PGCE in Drama from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

About Me

A natural-born conversationalist, story-teller, performer and present moment dweller, I’m passionate about helping people like you embrace their true selves by unlearning what’s holding you back and relearning who you really are. When we connect to ourselves, we are unstoppable!But how did I get here?After nearly a decade of teaching, directing theatre and mentoring, I began feeling a calling to embrace my natural strengths and get back to my true self.  I became a Transformational Life Coach and Embodied Sleep Specialist, so I could help others do the same.

I had to go through my own process of unlearning what was holding me back so I could embrace the life that was waiting for me… healing from depression in my late teens, early twenties as well as overcoming the label of dyspraxia, (the less glamorous cousin of dyslexia. ) Focusing intensely on my failings and what I felt I wasn't capable of rather than owning my strengths.

Breaking through that and then relearning who I'm meant to be has been quite the journey.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you connect with who you're meant to be.


"Kata asks THE BEST QUESTIONS: brilliant, precise, open, searching questions that somehow unravel part of the mess in my head and allows me to explore it all. Also, she has a really lovely balance of thought, work and discussion, versus holistic practice focusing on the body - she weaves the two together really well. Also love that she responds instantly to the ways I think and process, and adapt her way of coaching to fit my way of thinking!" Faye, Graduate/Theatre Director

"Kata's warm and friendly manner combined with emotional wisdom and boundless patience makes her somebody that I can rely on to help me overcome the issues that sometimes make me feel self-conscious, anxious and insecure. I always come away feeling positive and motivated to pursue my goals and happiness." Josh, Marketing

"Beginning Kata’s coaching has completely changed my way of thinking. I feel a lot of this is down to her nature and the way she approaches the topics in our sessions- I feel like I could talk effortlessly about anything to her. She does not push me in a forceful way- rather uses techniques and words to forward my thinking, and help me come to realisations myself." Lois, Drama Graduate/Florist

"Kata’s patient approach allows me to be open and honest. Through working with Kata I have gained a better understanding of where my thoughts come from. Every session I learn more about myself and walk away with a sense of clarity." Kassius, Actress

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From £85.00 to £555.00
Free initial online session

Additional information

Get in touch to book a complimentary connection session. ( up to 1hr)

Make powerful shifts in your life with dedicated support from me. Together, we’ll work closely with you to identify your goals, what’s holding you back and how to work towards what you want.

Includes: 6x 1hr Coaching sessions, support in between via whatsapp and resources.

Investment £555 ( paid in full) ( £200 monthly)

Coaching for 16-24 year olds

 20 % off full fee. Includes 6x Coaching Sessions PLUS a mini catch up in between sessions. 

Investment £444 (paid in full) (£166 monthly)

Individual focusing* sessions:

£85 for one hour

This is for my clients who would like to use the coaching space to explore a particular issue in a mindful body-oriented way. Focusing* is a somatic therapy technique which focuses on the felt sensations in the body.  Here you are gently guided to notice what comes up in the body and what can be revealed to you when exploring those feelings. Through the process, clients can feel a deep shift giving a sense of clarity and spaciousness, creating the energy to move in a new direction.    


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Kata Armitage

Kata Armitage