Karo Paszkowska

Executive Master NLP Coach (Mindset, Confidence, Success)
London SE22 & EC2M
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About me

I'm Karo!

To hear how it works and see availability for your 1st session please visit my website www.trustkoaching.com and email me on trust.koaching@gmail.com

My clients call me queen of lives, kick ass life coach, and inspirational strategist. My work in the self-development and in the music industry is not a job – it’s a true PASSION for personal growth and for music!! I live in London and work internationally.

Before moving onto the self-development space, I shifted from being a translator and interpreter onto cross-cultural relocation training, events organizing and business consultancy. Before moving to London, I lived in several European countries and traveled the world researching different methodologies and approaches. All that led me to creating unique 2-day Paradigm Breakthrough Coaching Program. I use a wide range of techniques and tools from Life Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Linguistics, Art and Business.

I certified in Transformational life coaching, Master NLP coaching, Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnotherapy. I coach in English.

I'm EXTREMELY serious about what I do AND I love having fun as well! Some of the most important values I share in my business is:



I grew up in a musically family, played saxophone, sang and played in an independent theater. Through my experiences and those around me I learned about music and entertainment industry. Being creative might not always be easy in the world of instant gratification with the pressures coming from social media channels and from the industry. Music creators, song writers and singers are working under stress of being role models as well as being extraordinary creators and business people. Being authentic and knowing EXACTLY who you are as an artist and more importantly as a HUMAN BEING can be lost and replaced by addictions, self-destructive behaviors and negative thoughts.

My mission is to help, steer and guide you to being confident, authentic, self-efficient and for you to truly shine from within.

I believe in creation a lifelong success and I ask my clients to be ready for a truly fascinating and colorful journey where they will SHINE and thrive again :)

I help executives regain trust in themselves, battle anxiety & strengthen their confidence. ­

I enjoy working with people who are self motivated, super creative, like to have a good laugh, want to foster and learn.

Clients that I take on to work with are dedicated, brave and ready to step up.

My duty as a coach and adviser is to provoke, guide and steer you to connect with your values and to build up on your strengths deleting dis-empowering habits.

Your duty as a client to be honest, open, trust the process, to invest your time and to follow through. Coaching is not therapy or counselling; it is a process of deep positive transformation on conscious and unconscious level. You can read more about life coaching, conscious/ unconscious mind, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy on my website.

IF you:

… seem to be stuck with succeeding in life;
… self-sabotage yourself;
… are experiencing anxiety attacks;
… are afraid of flying/ heights/ darkness/ spiders/ snakes/ wasps...
… are good in procrastinating;
… believe that you are not good enough/ not smart enough/ not worthy/ not confident enough/ not loved etc

HOW would it be if:

? …it took just few hours to get rid of your phobia's & fears, is it something that you'd be interested in?

? …you could change your old limiting belief that drives your behavior and sabotages your success into a new TOTALLY empowering belief in just 15 min, would THAT be something that you'd be interested in?

? …you could get healthy without a diet; would that perhaps be something that you'd be interested in?

Get in touch if you want to hear more about service and prices.

To hear how it works and see availability for your 1st session please visit my website www.trustkoaching.com and email me on trust.koaching@gmail.com


1) Standard Life coaching session takes 90 min and it doesn't come as an individual session (please visit my website for details).

2) There is a choice of an individual NLP session for anxiety and phobia's or Breakthrough session (2 days). Both require pre-framing time therefore please always count in 2-3 more hours on top of the scheduled duration of the session.

3) Time Line Therapy ™ pre-framing time therefore please always count in 2 more hours of your time on top of the scheduled duration of the session.

All sessions (except to life coaching) take place in a therapy room near Liverpool Street Station or in a private setting.

To hear how it works and see availability for your 1st session please visit my website www.trustkoaching.com and email me on trust.koaching@gmail.com.

Training, qualifications & experience

- Transformational Coach
- NLP Master Coach (ABNLP - Acredited by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
- Time Line Therapy (TM)
- Hypnotherapist
- Transactional Analysis Coach
- Business Coach SME’s
- Group Coach
- Person-Centred Coach

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Post performance depression, NLP, Phobias, life coaching for singers and entertainers, Hypnotherapy, Anxiety, Red Light Syndrome, Stage presence, managing stage nerves


Additional information


  • POWERFUL Coaching Conversations (sessions)      90 min each
  • Exclusive NLP Breakthrough Coaching package      2 days
  • Individual Hypnotherapy session                          < 3 hours
  • Powerful Goal Setting session                                 4 hours
  • Your Peer Group Review session                              2 hours
  • Executive Business Strategy session                    < 4 hours
  • Confidence Building session                                      3 hours
  • Dealing with Anxiety individual session                  4 hours


OTHER SERVICES: Mentoring, strategic career advice, stage presence training, body language training


POWERFUL Life Coaching Conversations (sessions) (90 min each)    £ 90
Exclusive NLP Breakthrough Coaching package (2 days)                    £ 749
Individual Hypnotherapy session                                   
between        £ 149 - £ 247
Powerful Goal Setting session    (3 hours)                                            £ 99
Your Peer Group Review session (2 hours)                                          £ 50
Executive Business Strategy session                                between      £ 374 - £ 549
Confidence Building session  (3 hours)                                                £ 247
Dealing with Anxiety individual session  (4 hours)                              £ 299

**Extra fees apply if travel longer than 2 hours is required**


Monday to Friday 6 - 9pm (depending on availability) Saturday 1 - 6pm (depending on availability) Please note that timings do not apply to the One day/ two day and Half day sessions.

Further information


London (UK)
Brussels (BE)
Amsterdam (NL)
Warsaw (PL)

**Extra fees apply if travel longer than 2 hours is required**


2 Victoria Avenue

Type of session

In person

Additional languages

Dutch / Polish


Karo Paszkowska

Karo Paszkowska