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About you

You’re a smart, driven professional. You should be cruising, right?

You’re outwardly successful…..…but you worry and feel anxious because you have thoughts about not being good enough which affects your confidence.

People think that you have it all…..…but you feel like a fraud or feel isolated and lonely in your success.

You have big dreams and goals….…but you procrastinate or self-sabotage.

Your life is busy and full…..…but you can’t enjoy your success for more than a moment. You are never satisfied, always asking what is next.

The good news is that you can tune out the stress of that harsh negativity and still powerfully achieve what you want to in life.

I believe that with personal development you can learn to treat yourself with compassion and kindness. This is not letting yourself off the hook or pandering to your “weaknesses” but rather learning to guide yourself with strength and wisdom to get the absolute best from yourself. You build your energy, confidence and self-esteem in the process.

I can support you to achieve your goals in a more energised, joyful way. You start to enjoy your success for more than a moment because you enjoy the journey and the process, rather than just the achievement. Your motivation for life increases.

With the bespoke personal development that transformational coaching brings, you can let go of treating yourself so harshly and open up a whole new way of being.

If you suffer with a fear of flying, I can also help with your confidence. I'm also a part time airline pilot, so we can find out what your specific fears and concerns are. We can then work with them on a deep level to understand the stress you go through. We will develop personal techniques and strategies that are individual to you and I can answer any technical questions too so you can relax and enjoy your travels.

About me

Picture the scene. It is the mid 1980s and there are very few female airline pilots. However as a teenager I was absolutely determined to make that my career. I looked deep inside myself to find the resources to overcome stereotypes, hurdles and expectations to achieve my goal, becoming one of very few females pilots at the time and later one of the first female trainers.

I am now a captain part-time with a major international airline and have 25 years of experience as a commercial pilot and human behaviour specialist. I work with different people virtually every day - I’ve learnt to rapidly engage with people to find out what makes them tick.

I was bullied at school for being a clever-clogs smarty-pants. It was demoralising and humiliating but I was determined to make the most of my gifts. I have a First Class Masters degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford. It means I can think rigorously. I bring this approach to my work with you using proven methods from cognitive science & transformational coaching… just for fun I sprinkle in a touch of flying magic with some of the highly effective tools used by pilots to manage themselves in dynamic situations and get the best from their own performance.

My biggest strength is my boundless curiosity. This means I am constantly investigating the best ways and the newest ideas for people to gain the most from themselves and their lives. I have a deep motivation for personal development in my own life as well as yours.

I have an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, a training body and qualification accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching. I am also engaged in Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence Coaching program - focussing on building lasting results for my clients.

Coaching is best experienced through trying it in the first place.

Book a free discovery call today and let's get you started on your journey!

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Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Transformational coaching

Imposter syndrome


Mindset shift

Fear of flying


From £90.00
Free initial telephone or online session

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£900 for 3 months coaching including 10 x 60-75 minute sessions. 

£270 for 3 fear of flying sessions of 60-75 mins each.

Individual session £90.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Vary each week due to my hours part time as an airline pilot. There is some flexibility in the above - for example I can occasionally do an evening session.

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Karen also runs facebook tribe Supercharge your Self-Compassion.

Join for tips, insights, training, motivation, confidence, energy and connection with like-minded individuals who are also looking for personal development towards the joy of living with more self-compassion.



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Karen Speight

Karen Speight