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About me

Experienced, qualified and passionate life coach, trainer, facilitator, manager and mentor. 

Whether it is with groups or individuals, I love working with people to help make a real difference to their lives. 

By creating and holding a safe space as well as offering some practical tools, I can help to foster confidence and clarity, being a catalyst for long-term, positive and sustainable change. 

By helping people shift their perspective and change the way they think about things, they are better able to move and navigate through their blocks. More choices open up and become available, they start to believe in themselves, see new possibilities and can access new and exciting opportunities for themselves. This whole  process brings me so much joy! 

For me it’s about empowerment and I champion the idea that people can find their own answers to the challenges they're facing. In my experience, the less we offer advice and attempt to solve other people's problems for them, the more they are able to learn, grow and re/gain trust and belief in themselves. 

Ultimately I seek to enable others to take full ownership of their lives, nurturing their inner compass and authority, and in doing so they tend to become more resourceful, decisive, resilient and self confident with a clearer vision for how they want to be experiencing their life. 

Also an avid foodie, fitness enthusiast, traveller and choir member!

Training, qualifications & experience


More than 6 years as core member of the Animas Centre for Coaching Team, including 3 years as part of the Leadership Team. 

Head of Enrolments (Aug 2018 - Jul 2021)
Lead Course Consultant (Mar 2017 - Jul 2018)
Community Manager (Apr 2015 - Mar 2017)

As Head of Enrolments I was responsible for everything Animas does to attract, nurture and enrol new students and enable them to begin their journey to become coaches. As a coach for many years myself, I was empathic to the hopes and concerns of the customers and cared passionately about having them make the right choice for themselves. 

As Lead Course Consultant I was passionate about having conversations with those interested in training as a life coach and bringing them on board to the Animas Community. 

As Community Manager I helped make the heart of the Animas community beat! My role was to support our students to have the best learning experience whilst creating an active and lively community for the coaches and students to engage in. 

  • 2010 - 2016  Independent Personal and Professional Development Coach designing and delivering 1:1 and group coaching experiences.
  • 2013 - 2015  Group Coaching Business Trainer and Mentor with Animas Centre for Coaching.
  • 2013 - 2015  Personal Development Worker at the charity Step Forward, providing 1:1 coaching and designing and facilitating workshops for young people on topics such as confidence. 
  • 2014   Created and delivered my own series of group coaching workshops supporting those who were struggling with procrastination. 
  • 2013    Careers Coach at the Careers Development Group UK, supporting the long-term unemployed.
  • 2012 – 2013  Designed and delivered Introduction to Coaching Skills workshops for University Careers Advisers.
  • 2011   Created and launched the East London Lifestyle Festival showcasing a variety of creative workshops to the local community.
  • 2010 – 2011  Designed and facilitated career development workshops for students at King’s College London.
  • 2009 - 2012  Active member of the Staff Coaching Support Service at King’s College London providing coaching support to senior members of staff.
  • 2002 –2004  Coaching Programme Manager at The School of Coaching 

Training & Qualifications

  • Youth Coaching Certificate, Animas Centre for Coaching, 2013
  • Group Coaching & Facilitation Certificate, The Smart School Ltd,  2013
  • Fundamentals Coaching Course, The Coaches Training Institute, 2011
  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Distinction), The Coaching Academy, 2010
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Diploma, NLP Excellence, 2010
  • Certificate in Performance Coaching, Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd, 2010
  • Coaching at Work course, The School of Coaching, 2004

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Procrastination
  • Time management
  • Solution focused
  • Non-directive
  • Person-centred
  • Future-oriented
  • Holistic


Free initial telephone or online session

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Package of six, one-hour sessions, including unlimited email support between sessions, for £900. 

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Client Testimonials 

"Before this I couldn't remember a time when I had made myself happy."

"Coaching with Karen has been life changing and the best time and money I’ve ever spent on myself. It has surpassed what I wanted to achieve. Not only do I have clarity on what I want to concentrate on, I also have the confidence to do it. I think coaching is a little bit magical!"

"My coaching experience was a delight from start to finish. So many things have been tackled that nothing seems such a big problem anymore. The rise in confidence and capability has been astounding. The coaching style has been fantastic. Everything I needed."

“Karen is a little ray of sunshine! It exceeded my expectations. Very motivating, empowering, enthusiastic. She tailored this service to suit me so I would get the most out of it and I now approach the steps I need to take to reach goals in a more realistic way. I feel more focused and disciplined and it has also showed me that if I don’t do everything as planned, to re-evaluate the plan and create one that does work. Coaching has been very beneficial to my life direction and I think Karen is a fantastic coach.” Jules

“I have worked with Karen for some time as an integral part of an internal bank of coaches here at King’s. Karen has received nothing but excellent feedback from all her coachees and I would unreservedly recommend her coaching work.” Peter Storr, Head of Organisational and Staff Development, King’s College London 

“You are a terrific coach. Each session I have had with you has sparked a shower storm of new practical ideas, many of which I have already applied to great effect. You strike a good balance of allowing some reasonable exploration then pulling my focus back to the goal. You have helped me see the importance of following through on agreed actions. Great stuff!” James

“I was coached by Karen on a couple of business issues and I found immediate benefits during and after the sessions. Karen has a personable and yet firm style of coaching which sets a nice balance between putting you at ease and not letting you get away with anything!” D Fonseca, Essex

“Karen is a fantastic coach. I feel much more confident about the direction I want to take in the next few years of my life and how I am going to get there. I am much happier about my relationship and am about to embark on a Masters course which I am extremely excited about. Karen really helped me focus on what was realistic and ensured there were actions which really helped give me the push I needed! She was an excellent time keeper and always made me feel valued. Karen’s calm, positive, objective, clear and professional nature meant I always felt entirely happy in her company and able to talk about anything.” Katie

“I not only learnt more about myself; more importantly, I learnt about what I will need to do in future if I have goals that I want to achieve or problems to solve. It’s empowering to learn how to take responsibility for the course of your own life and there’s much to be gained from it. Karen helped me challenge my preconceptions and I feel more confident in my own judgment now. She is very professional, non-judgmental and supportive.” Katy Chaytor, Communications Officer

“Karen is a very inspirational coach. Her outlook on life is that anything is possible as long as you know how to apply yourself. Coaching helped me to work through my career problems in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to on my own. I have been through a journey of realisation which has helped me generate a greater self awareness and given me calmness and clarity. It helped me to break down large insurmountable problems into achievable tasks and to take stock of my life. Karen enabled me to see the barriers keeping me from progressing towards my goals. Her attitude was always upbeat, and I felt she considered my issues seriously and took time outside the sessions to send useful tips and advice.” Laura

“It was very easy to talk to Karen over the phone. She was very good at letting me air and explore issues but remained focused and was a very good guide, but also let me lead the way. It has made me put less pressure on myself realise that it is always good to step back and really look at my life. It helped me recognise it is not necessary to make ‘big life changes’ to change your life and it is possible to adjust little things that will make enough difference to change how you feel.” Alex 

“I feel I can be in control of my destiny and have been able to make some very strong and very real judgment calls. I was able to see my life in a very different light and it continued to bring up thoughts and realisations. The last session really blew me away and has had a very powerful impact on me. It has enabled me to make big changes that I think will only create more and more positive events in my life. I really felt I could trust you and you were very easy to be in the presence of. I always felt comfortable and not judged. Thank you so much, I feel privileged to have had the experience.” Claire

“Karen is an excellent life coach. Having coaching with her has been a thought-provoking period and I have gained a lot. I felt really listened to and able to express what I wanted to say. She is kind, easy to trust, and focused without any kind of pressure. She gave a lot of the control of our sessions to me in that I chose what to work on. Thank you, Karen!” Sue M Farebrother

“It has really helped me to dig deep within myself and reveal the passions which I’ve been too scared to follow. With Karen’s help I have started the new year pursuing two passions which i have been putting off for many years. I have never started a January feeling so happy. I have achieved some personal goals which have made me feel more confident and better about myself. Had it not been for Karen’s help and guidance I don’t think I would have realised what I wanted to do.” Maryam 

“I really enjoyed the coaching sessions because I felt much more in control of my life and my choices. I managed to keep up to date with all the things I always postponed and I had a much more productive and calm period both at work and in my personal life.” Lucy, Research Staff

“The coaching sessions with Karen empowered me to take confident action in the areas of time management and relationship. The results speak for themselves – I have now bought the house of my dreams with my perfect man, and have made significant headway with getting my hectic life in order!” Karen Anders, Director

“Through the coaching with Karen I have experienced a sense of the interconnectedness of all the different parts of my life. I’ve found her coaching style friendly, clear, open, and keeping the whole process rooted in my own goals. Right on track.” Anna, MSc

“Karen is an excellent life coach. She is clearly highly trained and extremely knowledgeable of her chosen field, very friendly, punctual, and organised. Her main quality as a life coach is that it is obvious that she deeply cares about her work and the people she’s working with. I can’t recommend Karen enough.” Chris

“My coaching experience was invaluable. It was worth every penny. I learnt a lot about myself besides also achieving the career goals we set in the beginning of the course. I always felt we were working towards something and left every session with a sense of achievement and purpose. In terms of action plans - it was 100% effective. I always left with a goal, something to do and a positive approach. I learnt a lot about myself, my strengths, my weakness and how to plan, think ahead and achieve results with effective techniques, which have not only helped me get to my goals but which I can use in the future too. I have definitely learned a new way of thinking about things i.e. positive visualisation of where I want to be in my future and positive affirmations of what I’ve achieved every day, so I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I can see my future as an ongoing change / journey not just a once off degree or course or career. I’m excited about what lies ahead of me. I’m actually living the goal I set and I’m confident it’s the right choice. You really listened and got in touch very quickly with what I needed. You responded to everything that I wanted, but were also intuitive enough to move into other spheres of my life when you felt it was relevant. You have a brilliant way of getting me to act on things and take responsibility without coming across as instructive. You have been professional, flexible, intuitive and approachable. You created a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere but there was always very clear structure and sense of purpose. I’m really, really glad I did it.” Lindsey

"Karen is a superb coach. Within the first 15 minutes of our session she enabled me to challenge my views about specific areas of my life and to move forwards in a positive and proactive way." Sam 

"I found coaching a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but Karen laid out the process and kept me on track within each session. It was refreshing to take time out of my busy life to address issues that are important to me."

Overall I think the coaching has helped me generate a greater self awareness. It has given me a calmness and clarity to deal with decision making by helping me to break down what I consider to be large insurmountable problems into realistic and achievable tasks. 

It’s also helped me to take stock of my life and to think about how I should measure success and achievements within my own life. It’s also helped me to relax my mind around decision making which is a useful skill as, for me, that allows me to open up my mind and not stress about decision making.

"The coaching has been very relaxed but informative. Karen listened to the methods that I identified would work for me and utilised those but she also pushed me further to think about things in different ways."

"I’ve never done anything like this before and it worked well for me to be pushed into action, by meeting every two weeks with specific objectives to achieve, and I feel it’s helped to start to work through my career problems in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to if I’d just been tackling the problem on my own."

"I really enjoyed the coaching experience, you helped me see things from a different perspective but also motivate me to make a change to follow through with my actions."

"It was way better than my expectations - I was a little apprehensive but you are really easy going and made me feel comfortable, especially because this was my second time meeting you. You made me feel at ease and relaxed, which is great. "

"What worked was coming up with different solutions for problems (especially when you are just guiding me and not telling me what to do) but when you say it out loud and have someone there it motivates you more to achieve that goal. Also just setting myself goals and a date for it to be done by, this has helped me get myself on track, especially the mental state I was in recently."

"I think it will help me get my priorities straight and focus on getting my career on track. Setting deadlines and organising myself. Especially time managing myself a lot more, therefore making a huge difference on my future in the next few months. "

"Overall Karen, you were definitely the chat I needed recently. You really motivated me to think positively and keep my head up! You really are great at what you do So thanks!"

“Karen has a very easy-going, open and honest attitude to life-coaching which makes it really easy for me to open up and talk through the issues that concerned me. It's non-confronting, she guides you to finding your answers rather than just pointing it out, which I think is a more powerful approach, makes you take ownership.  After the sessions I have a new outlook in life, and feel energised and motivated to achieve my goals. The session has saved me weeks possibly months of grief trying to figure out my direction at this point in my life. She also took the initiative on incorporating tools I could use in the session that suited me, making it feel more personal and specific. Also great that she is flexible on location, very convenient. Highly recommended.” 

"My coaching experience over the last two years has been great. The coaching has really helped me to get myself through a dark period, and now I feel like I’m through the other side.

You really listen to what I have to say, and crucially I feel like you make significant links between the points ...that I make, sometimes months apart, and this really helps me to sort out what I’m thinking/feeling.

As a result I’m now working on two publications and have had two others out during this time. 

I have also got my job, persevered with it, and felt, by the end of my second year, that I was in a strong enough position to start to set my own conditions for working there.

I feel the role the coaching has played in this is to help me increase my confidence, and also to help me work out what I want and having the courage to go about getting it.

I’m on the way to becoming a conductor. Coaching has really helped me with this – so much of it is about confidence, and feeling good about what you’re doing. 

One has to provide one’s own self-esteem. This is something that, over these two years, I’ve improved at immensely, and I’m still learning.

I’ve taken some much bigger musical risks in the arrangements, which have paid off.

My last outing as an arranger has already been played on BBC Radio 6 a number of times.

Coaching has helped 1) with the self-belief side of this, and 2) as regards allowing myself to be complimented on my work and to believe that people appreciate it, rather than finding reasons to dispute their praise, internally.

The benefits I have experienced so far with the help of the coaching are:

I’m happier – I allow myself to be.
I’m far more at peace these days.
I’m healthier and feel younger.
I’m more aware of all the things I have to offer, and am improving at putting myself in situations in which I dare to offer them.
I don’t beat myself up if tiny things go wrong.

I’m most proud of my place on the Dartington Course – I made something entirely myself. So delighted!

I’ve learned the full extent to which internal dialogue can affect my life, and seeing just how much my perspective on a situation affects my behaviour in it.

I’ve learned just how important it is to have energy, and that really everything is related to energy levels.

I’ve learned more about what I want out of life, and have allowed myself to see just how talented I am.

The coaching style has been positive, friendly, iterative, relaxed.

It allows me to follow my own callings and work out what I want in my own time – this is really important, as a fundamental challenge for me is to be in control of my own Self.

You are highly recommendable. You allow the client to be in the driving seat, which works for me, you’re extremely encouraging, and always very positive.

Just thanks! I really appreciate your long-term interest in what I’m doing. What I’m trying to achieve is becoming a certain kind of person, rather than merely hitting a target/achieving a ‘thing’, and I feel that over time, I have been becoming that person.

"Karen coached me on a very complicated moment of my life when I had to make some important decisions, and was able to make me organize my thoughts in a very positive way. I would highly recommend her. " Andrea

"Karen was great at listening to my issues and working with me to set some achievable (yet stretching) objectives. She came prepared to each of our sessions which I valued as it made each one as effective as it could be. " Wendy

"If I was to expand my business, Karen Conway would be the first person I would hire. Trouble is I would probably not be able to because her own business is already taking off. Karen has extraordinary management skills and is a first-rate coach." David Finney, Managing Director, The Energy of Conversation

"My coaching experience was amazing, I enjoyed every moment of it, grown so much as a person and learnt a lot about myself. I feel comfortable with myself now. I am much happier with my choices, job, relationships and with myself. "Kayleigh

"I have delivered several coaching workshops with Karen. They got the best feedback for any workshops I’ve been involved with. She is an adventurous, committed coach.. I love working with her and she has really helped me develop my coaching skills. " Jeff Riley Careers Adviser

"I love how Karen conducts her coaching with integrity, never letting me wriggle my way out of a tight corner. Anyone open to making some positive changes in their life would benefit from spending time with her. "Belinda

"Karen has great coaching skills. She is a great listener and I would recommend coaching to anybody who is undergoing a career change or progression. Katja

A year on from my coaching I still feel able to draw on our sessions to move forward with my goals. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Karen to help them achieve their work and personal goals. "Jo

“My life is unrecognisable to three months ago. I didn't realise it at the time but Karen's group session was the catalyst, joining one of Karen's group coaching sessions I’d gone along thinking my life was quite okay. However spending a few hours talking about what you want to achieve bought up home truths. It was really powerful and life changing. Doing this made me realise I was in a relationship with none of the potential I wanted in life. I now live in a fantastic house with good friends, my business is booming, I can feel this will be the best summer ever and life has more potential again. Karen's helped me realise I had to take control of my life and now I’m really looking forward to everything life has to offer again.” Nancy

"You really have helped me to see things clearly again, to get motivated for what to do next and make me feel really good about myself, so I really thank you for that."

“Karen’s guidance and coaching was such a positive experience for me. Having decided to go this route after experiencing some personal bashes, I was craving some neutral guidance without the opportunity to wallow. Karen was professional but also very compassionate. Karen’s approach to what I hoped to gain from the programme appealed to me. She made me feel comfortable from the get-go."

"I have found the discussions and self-exploration to have been of tremendous benefit. The more you open up the more you discover of yourself. I now spend a lot more time slowing down, confident that everything is happening as it should."

"Can I take this opportunity to thank Karen for accompanying me through this process. I ultimately knew I was responsible for all the hard work but it sure helped having her along the way. I look forward to a ‘top-up’ session with her at some point. Thanks again for everything Karen, you have been such a guiding light.” Natalie

“Karen is an inspiring and insightful coach to work with. She always brings new ideas and perspectives to the table, enabling clients to move forward.” Tracy Bussoli Senior Careers Consultant for Researchers at The Careers Group, Queen Mary University of London

"It was really good to talk things through - in the very act of doing so, certain things became much clearer. The session was great - really revealing and constructive, and I felt I regained some focus from it, which I had lost a bit...I am taking with me a stronger sense of what I want and will be valuing myself far more highly and taking more of an interest in being present." 

"I enjoyed the first session. I felt very comfortable talking openly, something I struggle to do sometimes and I have to say you come across as genuinely enthusiastic. I liked being able to talk to someone about things that are important to me both now and in the future. Also being directed in a way that I could explain how I felt about certain events in my life or how I felt with the outcome. I am learning to be a little more positive too."

"I want you to know I couldn't have done these things without you. You have catalysed all these changes over the past year. I would like to write you another testimonial."

"Since the last session I have been talking about my dream more seriously, and have made goals to meet so this can happen. I feel your life coach techniques were most helpful and made me feel the goals are achievable. Since then I have applied your techniques to other parts of my life and am a much more positive person. I really feel the sky is the limit."

“I feel I'm undergoing a phase of change deep down...rarely have I been so clear on my will. Things seem to be picking up to a level they've not done before. What a change from 2.5 years ago! 

The great thing is that while it's all exciting, none of it feels intimidating. I have earned all these things. Suddenly, I feel really credible in areas where previously I've been something of a shrinking violet! 

I have a strongly held conviction that whatever happens will be the right thing. As if I'm getting in touch with the inner compass we've talked about.

Thanks for everything Karen - without our sessions I'd never have dared to get myself into these positions!”

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