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About me

Hi I am Jenni,

I have suffered health and digestive issues for many years as well as experiencing chronic stress and fatigue. I have seen first-hand how stress can negatively impact our lives.

I mix neuroscience, mindfulness techniques and breathwork to help guide, support and empower you through your life journey. I will give you the space, with no expectations or judgements, to discover your potential and help you release it. We will focus on YOUR chosen areas of your life and by asking illuminating questions, we unlock new ways of thinking and tap into undiscovered insights. We will use creative tools, your new insights and strong actions to help you move forward. I will be your thought partner and be by your side throughout this journey. As an ACCP transformational coach and breathwork teacher I have the knowledge, expertise and tools to help you to create new neurological pathways.

How it works:
During the introductory session I will introduce you to coaching and we will get to know each other better, to see if we are a good fit. Coaching is a two-way process and we both need to be comfortable with the relationship to ensure you get the most out of our sessions. I am fully committed to giving you my 100%.

If we are happy to continue, we can book in a session or block of sessions. These are usually 1-1.5 hours every week or every other week, depending on your needs and what is comfortable for you. Blocks are usually 6 – 12 sessions but bespoke packages are available. Coaching is focused on YOU and you are at the centre so we can structure these sessions around your needs.

Getting started:
To get started simply drop me an email Jenni@themindfulsoul.co.uk, call or message me 07745647115 and we will book you in for your initial consultation at a convenient time and take it from there. The initial consultation will take around 1 hour.

Areas I cover:
Business coaching, career coaching, confidence, health coaching, motivation, personal development, wellness, health, stress,  energy, work/life balance, relationships, friendships and self esteem.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • The Transformational Coach - Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice. (ACCP)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching.
  • Certified YOGABODY Breathing Coach.
  • Nutrition Consultant Level 3.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Changing habits and mindset
  • Overcoming limiting self-beliefs
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving mindfulness
  • Sleep improvement techniques
  • Improving relationships with yourself and others
  • Breathwork training and techniques

Photos & videos


£50.00 per session
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Packages with discounts available.


Flexible to your needs.

Early morning, day time, lunch time and weekends available.

Further information

I have suffered health and digestive issues for many years and experienced burn out from working in a highly stressful environment, I discovered for myself the impact this can have on our lives.

This led me on a journey of healing and self-discovery. I have unearthed for myself the power of coaching, mindfulness and wellbeing. I am now on a mission to share this knowledge with the world and help you find your own path, discover your true self, what brings you joy and enable you to create positive changes and start living life with purpose.

I want to help YOU transform your life, giving you space, guiding you with kindness and compassion and helping you uncover transformational insights and setting powerful actions. I want you to become who you want to be, living the fullest life, one full of happiness, peace and fulfilment with a strong body, inspired mind and peaceful soul.

Clients Feedback
‘Life coaching with Jen has completely transformed my way of thinking. Jen has such a positive and friendly energy. The environment created was always a safe space that allowed me to open up about things I was not able to usually share. I left these sessions feeling empowered and in control of my life. Through this experience with Jen, I clarified areas of focus for my career, found what inspired me and learnt life skills to undo bad habits which I have been able to apply in practice. I couldn't recommend Jen more. It was a truly motivational experience.’
- Alice

'I had known for some time I had wanted to try coaching, and because of this had high expectations, and yet my sessions with Jenni managed to completely exceed those. In a friendly, approachable and encouraging way Jenni was able to help me reflect on what I really want from life and which areas I wanted to put my focus into first. She helped me keep on track with goals and gently challenged me to think bigger or reframe my ways of thinking when appropriate. As someone who is self-employed I sometimes struggled with keeping myself on track, particularly for longer term goals, and my work with Jenni is keeping me accountable to bring my big ideas into fruition. It has been an invaluable experience that came at exactly the right time!’
– Leanne

‘I loved my sessions with Jenni, she created a relaxed and informal environment, where I felt comfortable to discuss areas of my life, and she pushed me forward and helped unblock with barriers that were holding me back in my career. I would definitely recommend Jenni, as her calming approach, made me feel relaxed and made it a safe space to open up, it was a great opportunity to work on yourself, and having the time to focus was brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone feeling lost or feeling like something is missing, Jenni made me realise I have the answers within me.’
- Leoni

‘I had a great coaching experience with Jenni. Her presence made me feel very comfortable and safe. She was able to push me, in a friendly way, to commit to actions, reflect on learning and to also continue to follow through, and I made some great progress in the time she was coaching me.’
- Sunni

‘I have always been interested in life coaching, self-improvement and anything related to mental wellbeing. As such, I attended a few motivational seminars and used personal coaching. I have been introduced to Jenni by a friend, and I was intrigued by her approach to mental wellbeing, with the introduction of breathwork and also touching upon the role of nutrition in making one feel and think better. I immediately felt at ease with Jenni whose generosity and kindness made the sessions extremely pleasant and friendly, and I absolutely loved her holistic approach. Beyond the fact that she helped me prioritize things and focus on what matters the most for me at this stage of my life which was extremely helpful and very important for me actionable, the highlight for me was to learn how your breath is connected to how you feel and controlling your breathing and using simple technics can do wonders. I really feel I achieved more than expected from my sessions and got some simple techniques that I will be using forever.'
- Sophia

I came to my first coaching session completely overwhelmed with life and not really knowing where to turn to or what I needed. I struggled with prioritising and felt smothered under mounting home pressures and a stressful work life. Jenni’s sessions brought me back to centre, helped me break each area of my life down to bite size chunks and gave me manageable action points to focus on each week. She also picked up on a number of limiting thoughts I had and in doing so changed my perspective on what was possible. At the end of each session I felt grounded and clear headed. I really enjoyed the experience and I’m looking forward to my future sessions.

- Lauren

Type of session

In person


Jenni Whale ACCP, AC

Jenni Whale ACCP, AC