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“As a writer, I shouldn't be at a loss for words.  If you had asked me what had changed after visiting Jayne I wouldn't have been able to say, but most importantly I ‘had’ changed.  Then it suddenly dawned on me what was different; I was happy. For the first time in a long time, I was actually happy! Before visiting Jayne, my life was fog bound and at a complete standstill.  Jayne pulled me clear of the fog, showed me which path I needed to be on, then gave me a gentle shove to set me on my way. Now I can see for miles. She also equipped me with a turbo button (not literally) just in case I need a feel good boost along the way.  When you visit Jayne you'll understand what I mean.  Would I recommend Jayne; most certainly, she has an acute ability to pick apart problems and expose them for what they are.  If you want to change your life and give yourself limitless potential, contact Jayne.  You won't regret it.  Now, if she could just cure writers cramp.....”!

James Hutchinson, Writer

I have my own unique intuitive style with a wealth of experience in human behaviours. From my own personal journey I also have a deep understanding of how we learn, and how we sometimes must unlearn, our mind programming. I have a passion for helping people transform their lives and their minds using cutting edge personal development techniques that 'work', such as NLP (Neuro Linguistics) especially and also conversational hypnosis and other affective techniques. I have a life time of experience - I've been there. I know, through experience, how disabling our own processes can be and also how fantastically enabling they can be also.

“Prior to working with Jayne I was desperate to change who I was, I suffered from social anxiety, lacked self confidence and had no self esteem. I had already tried various books on how to overcome anxiety and improve self confidence but nothing seemed to be working and I started to lose faith that anything could change, so as a last resort I decided to give life coaching a try and I came across Jayne Caldwell's New Wave New Mind. I was sceptical initially, I wasn't sure if it was right for me or if anything like that would work at all, however even just after the first session I felt an immediate change in my attitude. Using a combination of therapy and NLP, Jayne helped me understand myself better and eradicate negative thought processes to change my thinking and behaviour, and after a few short weeks I began to feel like a brand new person, although in reality I was just becoming a more natural me. Since my time working with Jayne I no longer feel anxious at work, I have a new found self belief in myself and I feel comfortable in my own skin. It's nice to feel good for a change”.

Chris Keenan, Store Manager

Do you have hindering thoughts and feelings? I can help you.

Help you re-enforce and strengthen your best resources and support you in your growth to be a better you today than you were yesterday and a better you tomorrow than you are today.

Do you feel you need to do or change something in your life but you just need more clarity to kick start you? I can help you?

I totally transformed myself after learning amazing N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and other amazing tools, like EFT that 'WORK'.  Learning, and learning fast, from leading specialists in the field of personal change. My mind is no longer spaghetti junction. It's now a happy, peaceful place full of new learnings.

Have you yet to reach your full potential in your life? I can help you.

Clients often report ’somehow feeling better without knowing exactly why’. This is because we work with changing and upgrading your deep processes and unconscious patterning. Unconscious just means that you are not ’conscious’ of it. We are only able to hold 5-7 thoughts in our pre-frontal lobe, our ’intellect’ part of our brain, our ’conscious’ part. Our learnings can begin ’consciously’ (e.g. when we learn to drive a car we must think of everything). Once our learnings are learnt, they are integrated into our system and become mostly unconscious - we just naturally do them.

Are you currently carrying a label that you'd prefer not to have.  Did you know that even Stress is now classed as a mental disorder, when really all we are doing are processes that help us and processes that hinder.  I can help you.

For better or worse, whatever processes and patterning we have learnt (mostly as youngsters in the name of survival in our worlds and learnt patterning from care givers) but also with our lives and where we are at right now, continue to run in our system - until they are upgraded / replaced / deleted. Sometimes we really do have to 'unlearn’ things that have been learnt!

Whatever we think and feel please be aware that these are all just 'processes’ (however severe). Our brains are plasticity which means they are able to ’change’ and evolve.

I want to share my optimism and foresight with you now: 'Believe you can be better and you are already on the road to positive change; be ’determined’ in your belief and you are half way there'.

Allow me to help you find your keys to unlock and open your doors and I promise you will find your freedom - this is how I can help you.

Change your mind, change your world...  I can be your catalyst for your own change.

  • So, for me, this is about responsibility...
  • Education, not medication
  • Motivation, action, momentum, not inertia
  • It's about being and making a difference, not being indifferent
  • It's about moving towards better things and moving away from limiting things

It's about finding your keys to open your own doors... and emptying some trash along the way (and some of us have more trash than others!)

"Jayne is Passionate about her work as a Lifestyle Coach as she's truly 'been there'. She brings a unique intuitive style, perspective and understanding. Jayne says "I'm an Expert in bad programming. I know through life experience how disabling our own processes and be... and how amazingly ENABLING they can be also".

Jayne asks: "Do you ever notice yourself striving towards things only to find that you end up stopping yourself and somehow sabotaging yourself?"

Well, the fact is, we all do that. These patterns and processes were put there by us and, would have been useful at some point, to keep us 'safe' and 'familiar' to our surroundings/world. The thing is though, these now 'unconscious processes' (that is that they become fully learnt and then outside of our awareness) continue to work for us 'despite' ourselves and can become the actual opposite to what we are truly wanting to do and be!  Sounds crazy doesn't it?

The good, actually fantastically amazing thing is, we CAN change!

So, if you are determined enough for courageous real change work (that can also be content free) I guarantee my 100% dedication, determination and continued support along your own personal journey.

Change your mind, change your world; be the best YOU, you can be!

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Training, qualifications & experience

I've trained with the best personal change gurus in the world. Dr Richard Bandler (Co-Creator of NLP, Scientist, Author and Mentor to famous gurus such as Paul McKenna and Tony Robbins) and world renowned amazing hypnotist Paul McKenna, John & Kathryn La Valle, Micheal Neill amongst other highly effective coaches.

I also have my own unique intuitive way of coaching that gives me deep understanding and ability for efficient & effective change work. My certification is available upon request (and filed also with Life Coach directory). I also attend updated coaching/therapeutic/change work course regularly and hold my own events that anyone can attend (details at www.newwavenewmind.com), for their own personal growth and learning.

I am a certified NLP Coach and Trainer and, if you have the opportunity to support training for your staff in your own working environment then please do contact me.  I can offer trainings in NLP and talks on various topics, including Stress Management, for example.

I have a lifetime of experience of overcoming toxic thinking and feelings and, at +40 years old, that is a lot of experience! This is also why I’m optimistic and ’determined’ in helping you find the changes you need to help you overcome your limitations (however severe) in order for you to find congruence in your own growth and potential in life.

My methods include the most up to date techniques, such as NLP, of which I am continuously updating. All the techniques I use ’work’ and can evoke rapid changes (phobias for example were learnt ’fast’ - this is how the brain works best and this is often how we can eliminate these learned processes).



£60 per hour - one-to-one coaching

Bespoke coaching courses/programmes range from £100 - £500.

NLP Trainings £1,000

Looking forward to helping and supporting you in your growth, with 100% commitment to your growth and expansion.

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Jayne Caldwell, New Wave New Mind

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