About me

I'm Jane Irwin.

I coach people from where they currently are to a place they would like to get to.

I'm a wife and mother of three children with a desire to create my own path.

I have experience working with people, processes and systems in myriad environments from corporate banking to toddler groups, PTA meetings to Board Rooms.

I am driven by a desire to live life and encourage an environment that allows others to live theirs too.

This is what my clients have to say about coaching with me;

"Jane is a very personable and approachable life coach, who has been able to help me keep up momentum during a truly challenging time"

"Jane has been fantastic in helping me work out what is really important in my life, reinforcing belief in myself and my abilities to achieve long term work goals"

"Jane is excellent at identifying themes across different parts of my life which I hadn't previously recognised.  This has given me a new perspective"

If you're interested in how coaching could help you, or you know this is what you need and want to get started let's have a free conversation.  You can let me know what's on your mind and we can talk about how the coaching I provide could benefit you. 

From there we can develop a tailored series of sessions with a number of pricing options.  Sessions are conducted over Zoom so it doesn't matter where in the country, or world, you are.

You can contact me by phone, email, or complete the contact form on my website.

I look forward to hearing from you. Jane.

Training, qualifications & experience

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching.

At the time of qualification in September 2021 I have carried out 50+ hours of coaching to individuals requiring guidance in order to move them forward to achieving their next goal, be it a career change, an increase in confidence, a change in perspective.   

It's done in a conversation in which I ask the questions and provide you with space and freedom of thought to explore your wants, needs, desires and dreams that shape your vision.


Additional information

Let's start with an initial free conversation from there we can decide how to proceed with either a course of sessions priced @ £50 per 60 minute session, alternatively we can have individual sessions as and when required priced at £60 per 60 minute session.


Type of session

J. Irwin

J. Irwin