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About me

Since I was 14, I was into personal & spiritual growth. My mum’s a therapist in Istanbul, Turkey, where I am from, so she introduced me to several trainings and teachings from a young age. I adored reading and learning new things, still do.

Then I moved to Oxford to study architecture. After graduating and going to loads of trainings of many people including Anthony Robbins, Sonia Choquette, Patrick San Francesco, I realised, clearly, my heart is not in architecture. One particular training teaching alchemy and listening to your own intuition changed everything.

I saw that I don’t have to go from training to training, asking teachers what I should do. No one knew what was best for me apart from me. Over the years, I was giving my power away to everyone else asking ‘What do you think I should do?’, 'What's my life purpose?'.

I was constantly achieving, doing things, pushing through until having a mini breakdown. Then I’d carry on, push even harder. I’m super driven so this was easy for me, the hard and frustrating bit was not seeing any results despite all the effort. Basically, I was trying to feel good enough by doing loads. It was leading me to feeling depleted.

The truth is I didn't have to rise and grind to get what I want. I learnt that by doing less, I can achieve more.

So can you.

Rather than taking 10 actions and getting 1 result, you can take 1 action and have 10 results..


You don’t have to worry about if you made the right decision. You'll just know.

You don't have to think about who you'll upset, what people are going to think of you or will they still love you.

You don't have to keep giving your power away to people, putting them into the centre of your life.

Things are not meant to be hard. Life is not meant to be hard. It's meant to be a joyful and fun ride.. Things are meant to come to you naturally, when you allow and receive.


I'd love to guide you to find your power, purpose and gifts. So that you embody who you truly are live the life you desire.


I'm here to bring your life to life.

Much love to you!

Isik x

Training, qualifications & experience

Animas Transformational Life Coaching

10 years experience of:

  • Life Coaching
  • Experiential healing
  • Emotional release
  • Breathwork
  • Movement
  • Alchemy
  • Meditation

Every time you go for something out of your comfort zone, you have your Ego, your unconscious mind going, ‘Hang on, what are you doing? You’re not good enough. You can’t make a difference. You don't have the time anyway.’ to keep you safe, small and secure. That’s the job of Ego, to keep you where you're at.


Most people don't listen to what their Ego has to say, push it away then it comes back even louder. Or they do listen and actually act on what it is telling them, for example, they push people away, ruin it all. That was the Ego's agenda, to ruin it all so you don't go anywhere.


Then you have your Soul, your higher self, the truth, whatever you want to call it going, ‘Yes! This is what you’re meant to do!’


When you know the difference you have the power to choose which one you’d like to follow.


Your Ego can give you the plan for the next 10 years as a spreadsheet. And that's boring, you exactly know what's going to happen. On the other side, you have your Soul giving you only the next step. Unless you take that step, you won't get to know the rest.. Like a game, unless you complete Level 1, you don’t get to go to the Level 2.


The problem is most people give into the 10 years spreadsheet than hearing, 'Move to Canada' because moving to Canada and not knowing what's going to happen next can be scary. Despite the fear, we find out together how you can do that.


In the sessions, we make the difference between what your Ego is telling you and what is the truth relating to all areas of your life, business, relationships, money, etc. Then we find together the next steps intuitively for where you want to go.


We find out what your gifts are, what gets in the way of expressing them and we release those bagages so you move forward with ease and freedom.


These sessions are tailor made for you, combining tools I learnt in the last 10 years in a way that will serve you. These include coaching, experiential healing, emotional release, breathwork, movement, alchemy, guided meditations, etc. I give some tools inbetween sessions for further and faster growth.


Other areas of coaching I deal with

Letting go, Releasing trauma, healing, moving forward

Photos & videos

  • Isik Tlabar - INTUITIVE GUIDE image 1
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£100 a session


There are 3 options you can choose from:

Option 1: Once a week - Monthly payment of £400

Option 2: Twice a month - Monthly payment of £200

Option 3: Once a month - Monthly payment of £100



  • Contacting me in between sessions
  • Session notes

Sessions are online and are around 1-1.5 hours, sometimes 2 hours.

I don't finish a session until it feels complete.

Further information


"Isik is a wonderful intuitive guide. Working with her has brought me new clarity. Her gentle guiding method made it easier for me to connect to my own intuition. She seamlessly brings this gift to the dynamic with her natural presence, as though she instantly cleaned up the mist and fog that was straining the lens. Being in her presence, I could connect to my own inner voice clearly and with deeper awareness. She has unique methods which clearly showcase her knowledge, skills and efforts to maintain an individual and authentic style. She is very grounded, focused, and collaborative during the process, leading to new, meaningful, and interesting outcomes." - Anonymous

"Isik gave me the guidance and space to explore my own limiting assumptions and the ways they are showing up in my life. The clarity and power of Isik’s work allowed me to realise my possibilities and make the changes I needed. Thank you Isik." - Craig

"Isik is an incredible intuitive coach, she has helped align me with my purpose and what I wish to create in the world. Through working with Isik, I have been able to overcome fears and blocks to take action and move towards my ultimate vision." - Aaron

"Isik is amazing! She gives me clarity on things and helps me to see from another perspective. After every session, I always feel more grounded and inspired." - Taveena

"Isik gave me the space and presence I needed to unravel my mind-chatter, dissolve it and go back to that calm space where everything is clear – back into my heart. Thank you." - Nathalie

"I was feeling lost and unmotivated in my life and needed direction. As an Intuitive Guide, Isik was able to get me back on track - helping my passion and energy to return. I'm an indecisive person so I loved that Isik allowed me to be me - her patience and ability to give me the space made me feel at ease. I felt thoroughly supported by Isik and I got more than I expected in our sessions. Isik has such an incredible intuitive gift and I am so grateful to continue on my journey with confidence knowing I'm now on the right path." - Emma

"Isik brings a gentleness and patience to her coaching work, resulting in sessions never feeling rushed or pressured to finish by a given time. She holds focus and maintains a strong and clear intention to meet my needs throughout our time together. For me, these qualities created the necessary feelings of "safety and trust" for me to open and explore the parts of my inner world I so often keep hidden away. Isik has very strong intuitive qualities which I found to be a really valuable asset in helping me to overcome the uncertainties and doubts regarding my next step forward." - Tony

London, SW16 6TG

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: No
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm Saturday:10-12am