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I'm Ilse a Career and Life Purpose coach. I help women find a job they love without sacrificing their lifestyle!

If you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled stressed or burnout please read on. 

I’m not just another Career Coach

My approach to career coaching is different. Rather than using outdated methods (looking through your skills, matching them to the jobs available and updating your CV/LinkedIn profile, all to end up in another job you hate) we will:

  • Work on the real root of the issues
  • Smash your limiting beliefs
  • Think big and creatively
  • Design your ideal job

Fast results

I use tools from many different disciplines including science, psychology and spirituality to help people get un-stuck, reduce their anxiety and stress.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • You dislike your job but have no idea what to do next
  • Have low confidence
  • Jump from one job to the next without ever fitting in
  • Suffer from impostor syndrome 
  • Are stressed, exhausted and close to burnout
  • Are demotivated and have trouble getting tasks started
  • Have issues in with your significant other, friends and other relationships caused by work stress

Would you rather:

  • Find a job you love
  • Work in an environment where you fit in
  • Experience abundance and financial freedom
  • Stop struggling to reach your goals
  • Learn and use tools to become more confident and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel motivated and happier with life
  • Stop impostor syndrome and negative self-talk
  • Succeed with integrity
  • Finally, get unstuck and find “your place”

Then coaching with me is right for you!

Why me?

  • I've been there - I struggled with job-related depression, stress and and anxiety for years and I overcame those challenges. 
  • I have 25 years of corporate experience in companies of different sizes and cultures.
  • I've been in c-level positions, including sitting on a board of successful organisations which I still do currently.
  • I transitioned successfully from corporate to a portfolio career that includes having my own business.
  • I've found my purpose and the right environment for me with more peace, meaning and more money than I ever made before. 

How we will work together

Coaching is about having a purposeful conversation to help you untangle your thoughts and feelings and identify the source(s) of dissatisfaction, goals, and blocks and limiting beliefs that may prevent you from advancing. We then create a roadmap to help you move forward.

My coaching sessions are designed to help you dig deep into all the variables that will make you happy at work, smashing your limiting beliefs and unlocking your creativity to think big and create the blue sky career of your dreams, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

I work with clients on video or on the phone.

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Additional resources:

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Training, qualifications & experience

  • Transformational Coaching Diploma - Animas
  • Animas Accredited Coach
  • 20+ years of Marketing and Business experience
  • B.Comm Honors Marketing Degree - University of Toronto

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In my free consultations, I serve you with integrity. The consultations are designed so you get to know me, I get to know you and we see if we are a good fit. I will never use any pushy or uncomfortable sales tactics and I will only work with you if I know I can help you get the results that you want.

Coaching sessions = £100+ per hour 

Packages and payment plans are available so please ask if you would like me to run through the options.

I am confident I can help you find your dream job with a heart-centered approach - that's why I offer a satisfaction guarantee in whatever capacity you work with me. 

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What my clients are saying:

  • "I needed some help with understanding where I wanted my career to go. Ilse took it back to the basics and helped me drive out the key ‘must have’ elements I needed to strive for. Working with Ilse was eye opening; it allowed me to explore blue sky thinking and unlocking my potential" -
    AL- From Consultant to Chief of Staff  - £85K - kept same level income doing what he loves

  • I can't recommend coaching with Ilse enough. I had some sessions with her over a period of a few months and I came out of every session feeling about 10 pounds lighter mentally! Ilse helped me understand what was most important and most fulfilling for me, zeroed in on the causes and effects which were holding me back (which in my case was mostly imposter syndrome and lack of self-confidence), and gave me the tools to overcome blockers and work towards my goals. She is completely professional, unbiased, and respectful, and an extremely good listener, advisor, and confidant. And has an uncanny ability to see the positive in absolutely everything! I would definitely recommend time with Ilse for anyone who is interested in an external and holistic view of their career and life in general
    JR - Principal Consultant

  • "I did Ilse’s ‘Blue Sky’ programme, as I was looking for a way to approach a career change and raise my confidence. The programme inspired helpful self-reflection and encouraged me to new ways of thinking about work and other things. Throughout the process, I found Ilse’s approach to be full of positivity, kindness, and empathy. Ilse’s coaching has given me many helpful tools, which I will continue to use both inside and outside of work for years to come.
    I now feel excited, empowered, and energised about taking my next steps".
    - Emily - transitioning to comedian and writer 

  • "I was feeling under a lot of strain and stress from work and it would seep in to my personal life on a daily basis. Ilse helped me work out what was important to me. I worked out that my values were clashing with my workplace and manager, leading to high levels of tension in the workplace. There were also some deep issues from my previous workplace where I worked for several years.

    Ilse, never judged or made assumptions. She acknowledged the way I was being treated was not right, this seems a simple thing to say, but when you are in the pressure silo, it can be difficult to know when one is being irrational. I left my unhappy job and are now more assured and accept who I am. Ilse was good to work with because she has also worked in the corporate world so can appreciate those difficult situations in the office environment"
    TL - Moved from public to private sector keeping same income level
  • "I was fortunate to come across Ilse at the right time. Ilse uses her foundation as a coach and integrates some beautiful visualisations in her work which have been extremely powerful for me while I was working with my purpose and uncovering some blocks in my own business. I feel that Ilse’s unique gift is that she is able to tune into you and tell you not just the things you’re thinking and haven’t verbalised, but most importantly things you didn’t even realise you were thinking" - Beatrice, business owner

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