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Ilse Passet - Career and Life Purpose Coach

London N4 & EC2M
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About me

As a Transformational Coach with 20 years of business experience, I support stressed and anxious professionals who want to achieve financial freedom and fall in love with their job.

Not just another life Coach

My approach to career coaching is purpose-oriented. I help people find their why first and then find a job that fits, rather than jumping from one job to the next without finding happiness and financial freedom.

I use tools from many different disciplines including science, psychology and spirituality to help people get un-stuck, reduce their anxiety and stress.

Why me?

I've been there and persevered.  I struggled with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder for many years. Even as I climbed the corporate ladder to a senior position I didn’t feel I was making a meaningful contribution and I didn’t like the work or the people I worked with. Once I found my purpose and the right environment, everything changed. I found more peace, more meaning and made more money than I ever had before. Since then, I've been helping professionals do the same.

Do You:

  • Have low confidence
  • Jump from one job to the next without ever fitting in
  • Feel like an impostor all the time
  • Are afraid you'll say the wrong thing at meetings
  • Second-guess yourself in every task you do big or small
  • Are demotivated and have trouble getting tasks started
  • Are terrified of losing your job and your livelihood
  • Have issues in with your significant other, friends and other relationships caused by work stress

And you want to:

  • Experience abundance and financial freedom
  • Stop struggling to reach your goals
  • Learn and use tools to become more confident and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel motivated and happier with life
  • Stop impostor syndrome and negative self-talk
  • Succeed with integrity
  • Finally get unstuck and find “your place”

Then coaching with me is right for you!

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How I support you

That we are all perfect human beings and that sometimes we are temporary confused or acting in ways that don't serve us.

My favourite quote:

“We met only as persons, it was good to know that even one half-hour can make a difference in a life”
Carl Rogers, psychologist and founder of the humanistic approach.

“I felt whole, intact, in other words a person with Rogers”
– Gloria – his patient

How we work together

During coaching sessions we meet on a video call.  Coaching is about having a purposeful conversation to help you untangle your thoughts and feelings and identify the source(s) of dissatisfaction, goals, and blocks and limiting beliefs that may prevent you from advancing. We then create a roadmap to help you move forward.

I work with clients on video or on the phone.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Transformational Coaching Diploma - Animas
  • Animas Accredited Coach
  • 20+ years of Marketing and Business experience
  • B.Comm Honors Marketing Degree - University of Toronto

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Additional information

Book a free no-obligation call.

In my free consultations, I serve you with integrity. The consultations are designed so you get to know me, I get to know you and we see if we are a good fit. I will never use any pushy or uncomfortable sales tactics and I will only work with you if I know I can help you get the results that you want.

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Further information

What my clients are saying:

  • "I was fortunate to come across Ilse at the right time. Ilse uses her foundation as a coach and integrates some beautiful visualisations in her work which have been extremely powerful for me while I was working with my purpose and uncovering some blocks in my own business. I feel that Ilse’s unique gift is that she is able to tune into you and tell you not just the things you’re thinking and haven’t verbalised, but most importantly things you didn’t even realise you were thinking" - Beatrice, business owner

  • "I had an excellent experience with Ilse. I was feeling confused and nervous before speaking to her. Ilse helped me identify my values and showed me how to make a decision that honoured my belief system. She guided me through a thinking pattern than allowed me to make a decision that I am certain is the right one for me. Ilse has been invaluable to me. I would recommend her to anyone who was in search of clarity in their lives." Paola – Canada

  • "Ilse is very good at what she does and you feel you can trust that she will connect you to resources, reflect back her honest feelings about a situation and she will also challenge you. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Ilse and to have found some direction with respect to our coaching topic." Canadian Artist

  • "Ilse coached me after I went through a hurtful period and gave me the tools on how to deal with it. It was a comfortable and helpful process. Ilse is professional, understanding and has a warm personality. I will use her services again and also recommend her."- Marouschka – Single StartUp

  • "I would re commend Ilse to anyone looking to start or grow a business – not only will you be held accountable to practical steps, you will see new opportunities and clear the way of obstacles." Tom- Entrepreneur

  • "Ilse helped me during a very stressful personal situation. Thanks to her, I was able to make up my mind about an important decision very quickly. During the coaching she helped me to see the real difficulty I was dealing with. After that everything was clear, and the solution was obvious. Thank your Ilse for your professionalism and your kindness." Anne - Reunion Island

  • "I was very happy with the coaching provided by Ilse. Everything was clearly explained from the beginning and she was very good at listening to my needs and adapting accordingly, as well as asking the tough questions to help me achieve my goals." - Jaqui-Neatherlands

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Ilse Passet - Career and Life Purpose Coach

Ilse Passet - Career and Life Purpose Coach