Ilse Passet - Be Happier, gain confidence, Finally Reach your Goals

Ilse Passet - Be Happier, gain confidence, Finally Reach your Goals

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44 S Molton


02072 898850

About me

Did you know? 

“Happier people live longer, are more likely to marry… tend to have more close and casual friends, and actually earn more money”*

I'm an accredited life coach and happiness expert. I work with people who feel sad, stressed and confused. With powerful positive psychology, spiritual and coaching techniques, I help you reduce stress, take the next step with confidence, and be happier than ever.

I help people achieve Optimal levels of happiness – in a nutshell – understanding what your negative emotions are telling you, addressing the root cause and getting back on the happy wagon.

Ready to increase your happiness? Book a no-obligation free coaching consultation here.

What would it mean to you if you could get what you want in your life?

What would it be like if you could stop feeling stressed, lost, scared and confused? What if you could feel confident, motivated and empowered and move forward with that important life decision or change? What if you could get that next promotion, make more money or be fulfilled at work and life? Life coaching can help you do just that!

Self development matters

You know you are smart and driven, yet you are stuck when it comes to making a change or achieving a goal. Perhaps you have been trying for months or years to get a promotion, advance in your career, be healthier or lose weight, or get your finances in order, but you just can’t seem to get there. You may feel lost, confused, or stressed and you keep going over the same thoughts in your head time and again. Maybe you have used the free resources at your disposal – books, videos and courses but your life still hasn't changed.

Even the smartest and most successful people need support from time to time.

That’s were I come in, I help you gain clarity, get to the heart of the issue, and step into your power so that you can achieve your goals and transform your life, long after we have stopped working together.

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What my clients are saying

"I had an excellent experience with Ilse. I was feeling confused and nervous before speaking to her. Ilse helped me identify my values and showed me how to make a decision that honoured my belief system. She guided me through a thinking pattern than allowed me to make a decision that I am certain is the right one for me. Ilse has been invaluable to me. I would recommend her to anyone who was in search of clarity in their lives."
-Paola – Canada

"Ilse is very good at what she does and you feel you can trust that she will connect you to resources, reflect back her honest feelings about a situation and she will also challenge you. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Ilse and to have found some direction with respect to our coaching topic"
- Canadian Artist

Ilse coached me after I went through a hurtful period and gave me the tools on how to deal with it. It was a comfortable and helpful process. Ilse is professional, understanding and has a warm personality. I will use her services again and also recommend her.
-Marouschka – Single StartUp

"I would recommend Ilse to anyone looking to start or grow a business – not only will you be held accountable to practical steps, you will see new opportunities and clear the way of obstacles"
-Tom- Entrepreneur

Ilse helped me during a very stressful personal situation. Thanks to her, I was able to make up my mind about an important decision very quickly. During the coaching she helped me to see the real difficulty I was dealing with. After that everything was clear, and the solution was obvious. Thank your Ilse for your professionalism and your kindness.
- Anne - Reunion Island

"I was very happy with the coaching provided by Ilse. Everything was clearly explained from the beginning and she was very good at listening to my needs and adapting accordingly, as well as asking the tough questions to help me achieve my goals"

If you would like to find out more information on how I can help you then please email me.

How we work together

During coaching sessions, we meet face to face or on Skype/Facetime. Coaching is about having a purposeful conversation to help you untangle your thoughts and feelings and identify the source(s) of your unhappiness. We then work with powerful tools, techniques and exercises to help you get to you increase your happiness and reach your goals faster than ever before.

We meet as often as you need, and if you are the kind of person who likes homework, I can provide that in between sessions. Sessions typically last 50 minutes and can be taken one at a time or in chunks.

I work with clients face to face, on Skype or the phone. For in-person sessions, I see clients in Maida Vale or St John’s wood in London.

Book a Free 45-minute coaching Session here.

*Source – “A cross-national study on the relations among Pro-Social Moral reasoning, gender role orientations, and pro-social behaviors”, by G. Carlo, S.H. Koller, N. Eisenberg, M.S. Da Sivla and C.B. Frohlich. 1996, Developmental psychology, 32. pp. 231-140.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Transformational Coaching Diploma - Animas
  • Animas Accredited Coach
  • 17 years of Marketing and Business experience
  • B.Comm Honors Marketing Degree - University of Toronto

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I offer a range of packages designed to address anything from less complex challenges to an ultimate life happiness reboot. My services include face-to-face or Skype sessions and tools for reflection and skill building. If you want to learn more book a free consultation.


I’m here to serve YOU with honesty and authenticity – giving you the right foundations for your happier life, and the right foundations are the ones that are right for YOU, not for me and not for my other clients – so, let’s have a chat about the best solution for you.

My packages start at £595 for 6 one-on-one sessions (£99/session) and this is always risk-free – if you are not happy after the first session, I will refund you any unused sessions.

If you would like to find out more information on how I can help you then please email me

London, W1K 5RT
London, NW8

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Spanish


Wheelchair access: No

I offer Skype and telephone coaching