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“Adrian is very supportive and very intuitive of peoples’ needs.” Linda, Nantwich

Hi, my name is Adrian and I am ready to help you design your life in a way which allows you to be authentic in all areas. I offer Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching and I also work with young people who are struggling.

If you are not able to be authentic, free from past events and circumstances weighing you down, with a clear vision for the future, which gives meaning to the present, what’s the point?

Engaging in personal development to ensure you have a business or career which you're passionate about, and that your relationships nourish you is essential to a fulfilled life.

My approach is based on Strategic Intervention, the work of Anthony Robbins Chloe Madanes, and every strategy I use has been tested in my own life to grow beyond my own significant challenges.

Having experienced significant physical and emotional challenges until my late twenties, I know what it is like to suffer at rock bottom, and also what it takes to find meaning and live everyday with passion again.

My approach empowers you to understand yourself fully, including the internal conflicts and negative thinking patterns which prevent you from living life in a way which see’s you first gaining stability and then growing.

I also know how much relationships can suffer when we are not able to be authentic and what it takes to be completely open and honest in order to really enjoy life as an adventure with our partners.
I help you focus on the present and the person you are today, in order to move forward with confidence.

My approach is not focused on motivation, but on helping you develop crystal clear self awareness and confidence, so you rediscover what motivates you to take action. We will then create a strategy that will see you taking massive action at a pace you're ready for.

Life Coaching

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Many of my clients have their own version of similar challenge. They have worked hard and built a life, but they know deep down, there is more within themselves than they feel able to show in their work or relationships.

For some, their career /job/ business is no longer satisfying and they want to do something which channels all of their talents, personality and passion into something meaningful which will also provide the lifestyle they desire. For others, they are tied to events or circumstances from the past and can’t find a way to live in the present. I mean really live.

I help by listening to you carefully, and guiding you through simple exercises which will help you get in touch with your authentic self. The initial work can be challenging and enlightening as you discover what has really been driving your focus, attitudes and behaviours; possibly unbeknown to you for years.

I will then help you understand where you are at this point in your life and what changes you really want to make. This includes the person you really want to be in your relationships and in your work.

My motto is “If it doesn’t make you smile anymore, what will you change and when.”

This summarises my approach, as from personal experience, pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is something we are able to move past with the necessary insights into our selves.

People I have helped empower to carve a new path in life which is authentic, bold and exciting have said:

  • “I have a solid understanding of what makes me tick and what my needs are. I also have a clearer vision of my future goals.” Victoria, Congleton
  • “I have a better understanding of myself and how my view of myself and others around me are sometimes skewed. I am more open minded as well as more passionate and driven.” D. Desmond
  • “It was like being handed a key that can not only unlock the door to opportunities in my own life, but also unlock the mystery of other people and my understanding of their behaviour. The mystery and guess work was gone, by giving simple information that we tend to overlook.” Hayley Martin, Cheshire

Relationship Coaching

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My personal belief is that relationships are the most important aspect of our lives. They are affected by every other area and often suffer the most when we as individuals or as a couple, are not being authentic and struggle to be open and honest. All relationships require time and effort but fall down the priority list, with children, work and business often coming first.

When one partner is struggling with their past or present life or there has been infidelity, the relationship can result in years of meaningless co-existence or draining and debilitating conflict.

I can work with individuals or couples and my role is to listen carefully to the ways in which you meet your needs within the relationship and in other areas of life. I am very skilled to seeing where the conflict really is and which core issues need to be resolved in order to move forward.

A couple I helped through a multitude of issues had this to say at the end of our journey together:

  • “When we first came to you our relationship was struggling and we were unable to talk to each and communicate our needs and our feelings in a non-confrontational way. With your guidance and direction you have helped us to see past our issues and focus on what matters to each of us as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Acting as that impartial 3rd-party and asking the right questions has been invaluable to us and has been key to turning our relationship around and helping us to get back on track. We now look to the future together with hope and this would not be the case without your involvement. We cannot express our thanks enough for helping us to see past the barriers we had put in place and which stopped us enjoying our lives. All our thanks,” R&A, Cheshire

Youth Coaching

I have developed my skills and understanding of young people through a commitment over fifteen years, working in some of the poorest communities in the country. I have helped young people through issues of abuse and a desperate feeling of being lost and confused to under performance in their academic work.

In my role as a mentor and Project Coordinator, I lead a team of young people, youth workers and the police to a national award for preventing youth crime.

My initial interest in personal development stemmed from my desire to help young people facing the challenges I did as a young adult.

I develop a rapport easily with young people in order to get to the heart of whatever is affecting them, by sharing my own experience when appropriate. I can work one to one with a young person and can also work with parents present.

A mum I helped in reconnecting with her daughter had this to say:

  • “I think in the short time we have known you, you made me aware of time together with D is not always quality time. The quality time is when it's just us and no distractions and talking about all the normal day to day events and for that I am sincerely grateful. Time together doesn't have to be about doing something. The key actions for both me and D is to talk and keep talking and for me to show even more affection, at every possible moment I will hug her , tell her I love her, tell her how proud I am of her and what a beautiful person she is. I would highly recommend you to anyone” T & D, Cheshire

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a fully qualified Strategic Intervention Coach and a fully qualified Divorce Prevention Marriage Educator having completing 150 hours of training with Robbins-Madanes Training.

I have a Post-graduate Diploma in Youth Work and Community Development.

I have a degree in Psychology.

In terms of experience, please visit http://www.icountable.co.uk/faqs/
On this page I discuss in detail what I believe qualifies me to coach in terms of experience.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Divorce Prevention
Managing Separation

Photos & videos

  • From confusion to fulfilment


The fee's for Driven Life and Relationship coaching may be found on my website. Have a look around because the information on those pages will give you a better idea if my approach is suited to you.

Further information

For far more in depth information regarding Driven Life Coaching, visit www.icountable.co.uk where you can download a free PDF file which will aid you in exploring what you desire.

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