About me

I am an EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach, specialising in enhancing individual and team achievement. My results focused coaching approach is informed by a combined exemplary twenty-five year career as a senior University academic, practitioner in the field of coaching, human potential development, mental health nursing and individual/group psychotherapy.

About you and the benefits of my approach

I am motivated to provide state of the art bespoke research driven, coaching programmes, for successful and ambitious professionals like you, that are seeking to make the next important step in their life and career.

I specialise in the understanding and development of personal strengths, both of individuals and teams. Individuals who use their strengths each day lead happier, more fulfilling lives, realising outcomes such as lower stress, higher energy and greater job satisfaction/achievement, often resulting in a feeling of outstanding balance between home and work.

Further potential benefits for you and others

  • Rediscover your vitality and purposefulness
  • Become known for your greatest talents and abilities
  • Understand what drives your best performance
  • Discover a language to move your life and career forward promptly to the next stage
  • Identify actions to achieve your highest goals

Book an entirely no fee, online 'Discovery Session' with me. Let's talk and secure an opportunity to speak at http://meetme.so/huwrichardscoach

Training, qualifications & experience

I hold a continuing commitment to best practice, which is reflected through my ongoing professional development. I currently have membership and accreditation through a number of Professional Registers/Organisations, including,

  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • British Psychodrama Association
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Advanced training has included involvement with the Human Potential Research Project at the University of Surrey, University of Central England, University of Wolverhampton, Metanoia Institute, Oxford School of Psychodrama and Integrative Psychotherapy and theUniversity of Worcester

I continue to contribute to a range of professional arenas and have been instigative in providing academic input to a range of Post Graduate training within Coaching and Supervision at Masters level.

  • Diploma in Professional Studies. University of Wolverhampton
  • BSc Hons Educational Studies. University of Wolverhampton
  • Registered Lecturer/Practice Educator. Nursing and Midwifery Council. PIN 82H1621E
  • Post Graduate Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy. University of Central England
  • MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy. University of Central England
  • Fd programme Dramatherapy. University of Worcester
  • Diploma in Psychodrama Psychotherapy. Oxford School of Psychodrama
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy PIN: 05157795 Practitioner and Supervisor
  • EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach Therapist2Coach
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse PIN: 82H1621E
  • British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Registered member
  • Positive Psychology Coach. Positive Acorns
  • Registered R2 Practitioner. Centre for Applied Positive Psychology

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Additional information

My coaching experience is informed and driven by the most recent and contemporary research developments in the field, particularly that of Positive Psychology. I offer two coaching options for ambitious individuals who wish to make outstanding and sustainable change.

Book an entirely no fee, online 'Discovery Session' with me. Let's talk and secure an opportunity to speak at http://meetme.so/huwrichardscoach

Option one

Ignition: Deep diving your strengths for accelerated achievement.

A 3 hour session, designed to kick start your purposefulness and focus, as well as a comprehensive assessment and debrief of your strengths, utilising the groundbreaking R2 assessment profile.

The boost that this package offers cannot be underestimated. If you are needing to promptly reboot your purposefulness, focus and vitality, then this is the best place to start. This will give you:

  • A comprehensive, state of the art, 3 hour assessment of your strengths with Realise2
  • A systematic, transformative exploration of the implications of the results by an expert Strengths based Positive Psychology Coach
  • An action oriented accountability plan to ensure transferability of the discoveries.
  • The dedicated support of an expert Positive Psychology Coach to ensure increased focus and application.

The results of this session provide an awesome platform for development, so much so that we would often recommend repeating the initial strengths assessment after 6 months, in order to monitor and evaluate outstanding progress.

Option two

Purpose on Fire programme

The importance of this coaching package cannot be underestimated, particularly for those individuals who want to initiate long term outstanding change.

A proven and stepped approach over a three month period, calling upon the most recent developments in Positive Psychology to know and grow your strengths and potential, in ways that were previously unimaginable, such as:

  • Discovering a proven process of rediscovering your personal energy.
  • Recognising what drives your performance and what you want be known for.
  • Understanding your hidden talents, allowing you to demonstrate more motivation.
  • Utilising a language to drive your own career and life forward.
  • Improving your goal achievement by focussing on the right strength at the right time.
  • Identifying and prioritising actions that sustain purposefulness, focus and clarity.
  • Assessing, discovering and developing your portfolio of personal strengths, to lead a life of increasing purposefulness and happiness.
  • Learning to marshal, combine and direct strengths to achieve life changing results.

This systematic and stepped programme, provides an unrivalled opportunity to begin living and thriving in ways which were previously inaccessible.


I am available for online appointments from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm subject to availability. Please telephone, email or visit my website for additional information.

Further information

Ignite and Purpose on Fire programmes can be delivered either on a face to face basis or through seamless online secure provision via GoToMeeting which is provided by Huw Richards.

Huw also provides an 'Ultimate Team Success programme' for those organisations that want to deliver at their very best. Additional information can be accessed by visiting the website address outlined at the beginning of this profile.


"I would highly recommend Huw. Over the past few months Huw has helped me gently unpick some of the false beliefs I have held about myself, that have been holding me back from being the person I can be. He has helped me develop my capacity to take up my place - my resources were depleted and making a commitment to take action was the single best decision I have made for some time. 
Huw, you have integrity and truly are a master at what you do, I feel inspired and excited about the possibilities for the future in both my professional and personal life". Jane Simons Chief Nurse Addaction

"The debrief session I had with Huw helped me to make sense of my strengths based assessment results in a deeper and more meaningful way than I could have done on my own. It was incredibly valuable to have a space where I could explore my strengths, understanding where I have come from, where I am now, and perhaps most significantly, how I can move forward. The debrief session has been a catalyst for positive personal changes for me.. the small but powerful kind. I am sure that my thinking, understanding and actions will continue to unfold as I understand, value and apply my strengths in my day to day living". Jo Cox

"When I went to Huw for a debrief of my online strengths exercise I didn’t know what to expect, except I knew from previous experience that Huw always brings an unexpected clarity to my table. This was no exception. I am surprised months down the line how the things we discussed are still having repercussions for me. The strengths exercise (R2) itself is great but it really came to life for me in Huw’s hands. He has tremendous skill in intuitively investigating different angles of my everyday experience. I can honestly say I have changed the way I relate to the world and more importantly to myself. I saw parts of myself I had forgotten were there and parts I had not believed in from new shiny angles!" Harry Nutt

"WEAREBEARD began working with Huw in 2016 as part of an effort to understand the people in our business better and improve our effectiveness. Not only were we very quickly made to feel comfortable talking to Huw but from a very early stage we were made to feel that Huw really ‘got’ us. Our discussions would often go in directions that we weren’t anticipating but with startling results, which have not only left us feeling rejuvenated but have significantly changed our thinking on where we see our business in the future.

More importantly though, we feel that we far better understand the people within our business, what motivates them and how we can work together more efficiently. Our people are the lifeblood of our business and understanding them better has allowed us to grow in ways we didn’t realise were possible. We can’t thank Huw enough for his continued assistance and look forward with excitement to where the future takes us." Rob March 2017 Director WeAreBeard

Book an entirely no fee, online 'Discovery Session' with me. Let's talk and secure an opportunity to speak at http://meetme.so/huwrichardscoach

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