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About me

Hi, I'm Florentina, Professional Mindset & Fulfilment Coach

I came across coaching 15 years ago, which from time to time seemed to appear in my life like a sign. After earning a promotion, which despite being promised was withheld for longer than I was ok with, I finally said that’s it, I need to do what’s right for me. So I studied for my coaching diploma alongside my job, and eventually launched my coaching practice.

For over 3 years, I've been successfully working one to one with purpose-driven women, supporting them to take care of their needs, accomplish what was important to them and lead a fulfilled life.

After I found my work-life balance and a profession that fulfils me, I now have the space to prioritise my self-care and hobbies that keep me grounded.

In the coaching space, I will help you to connect with your internal compass. Exploring personal values is an important part of this process, one that will facilitate profound self-discovery and strengthen your confidence.

We will be delving into important aspects of your life and unfold the meaning of them. This process will help you better understand the WHY behind the sense of dissatisfaction, create more empowering thoughts and improve your life satisfaction overall.

If you are ready to make your needs a priority and start leading a fulfilled life, I would love to support you in this process!

*I welcome any coaching questions you may have, however, moving forward I only work with people who feel ready to start this journey and can commit to themselves.

Training, qualifications & experience

My coaching experience has been merged with the knowledge and skills gained during my 14 years of working in Leadership Positions within big corporations.

I hold the certification in Transformational Coaching, recognised by the International Federation of Coaching and Association of Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body, as an Accredited Diploma in Coaching Training.


30 Minutes Free Discovery Call
This can take place via Zoom or telephone, depending on your preferred option.

During the Discovery Call will briefly explore your challenges, explain how I work and how I can support you. Towards the end of the session, I will be answering any coaching related questions.

If we both feel we are a fit and you wish to proceed to work together, I will be guiding you through the payment process and book your first session.

Further information


"I came across Florentina because I needed a coach as part of my own accreditation in Transformational Coaching. I could not found a more perfect fit. I felt an immediate connection and affinity towards Florentina. Her gentle manner, authenticity and natural ability to put her clients at ease, makes her the perfect guide to lead her clients into a safe space where magic can happen. I would highly recommend Florentina for anyone wishing to embark upon an exciting and privileged journey of self-exploration." Kate Bergin, London, United Kingdom

"It was my first time when I was coached by someone and it helped me a lot to build my life again on a better track. When I have approached Florentina was the hardest time of my life being stuck and with very little hope. During the coaching sessions, she helped me to build my confidence again, remove negative blocks from my mind and changed my perspectives. For me, it was a great experience and I recommend others to access coaching if they need it. Here is the right place with an experienced and best Personal Development Coach." Anuj Sharma, Delhi, India

"The explorations within the coaching sessions gave me more insights to understand my fears and blocks that kept me from moving forward to my better self. Inner things are not easy to change, but by working with challenges step by step things have changed for the better. I enjoyed all the sessions we had together. Florentina is very caring, very kind and passionate about what she does. She created a comfortable environment for the conversations and was very supportive all the way through. Highly recommend!" Egle Ram, London, United Kingdom

"Coaching has changed my life and my thought process, now I know myself better and much more confident in handling real-life situations. Coaching also helped me to regain my self-respect. Florentina provided me with a safe place to be myself, to speak my mind and to discover and explore the next steps. I’ve discovered so many things about myself that were unexpected! She’s also helped me to understand that I can be more, that I can fill my life with many different strings to my bow. Thanks." Kirti Sahoo, London, United Kingdom

''I had been in the self-help industry for 10 years before meeting Florentina and felt that my issues weren't really getting individually addressed. Immediately after we began working together I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. If you're thinking of working with her, be ready for change to happen right away! Oh, and it's always important to remember that not every day is going to be unicorns and rainbows. Just because you're on a new path, doesn't mean you're not going to have bad days. I learned that it's OK to be emotional and to actually embrace the negative feelings because they are only a doorway into getting to know yourself better.

''The transformation has been mind-blowing (I accomplished a goal I had for years) and I only started working with her a few months ago. This stuff is really powerful. I am a big fan of working on myself and tried every kind of healer and coaching but her methods are really empowering and leading me to actually me being my own healer for myself.

I want to thank you so so much for holding space for me to feel safe in opening and feeling my feelings. I can honestly say I can't believe how much your own mind can change and can accomplish in an hour! Florentina has helped me to be more open in my life, to continue forging through my fears of being open/vulnerable/showing my true self - I am finding the benefit of this comfort in vulnerability, and that when I am open, others react so positively to it, and my life is more beautiful because of it.'' Andreea Mocanu, London, United Kingdom

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Florentina Caras- Mindset & Fulfilment Coach for purpose-driven women

Florentina Caras- Mindset & Fulfilment Coach for purpose-driven women