Florentina Caras- Personal Development Coach

Florentina Caras- Personal Development Coach

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Greater London


About me

I coach people to become the best version of themselves.

We all have a pretty crazy busy life,juggling a lot of things, tones of responsibilities whilst doing our best to find time for family and friends. What we don't seem to find time for is OURSELVES. Sometimes we can go for weeks or months without checking in with ourselves to see how we feel . This can lead us to feeling deeply dissatisfied with ourselves or life in general .

The coaching sessions can represent the ,,me time'' where you can decompress whilst working on shifting your views and believes to create actions that feels good to you and are aligned with your personal values.

As a coach, I will provide you with an open, collaborative and confidential space ,focusing on your thoughts, challenges, outcomes or goals.The content throughout the sessions will be based on your own agenda and needs.
I will be asking you powerful questions that will enable you to connect the dots and bring to surface juicy ideas or solutions. Yes, those will come from within you and will be amazed how many resources you already possess!

We will be using the last 10 minutes of the session to wrap up and to identify the practical steps you would love to take.

Having the tools I will provide you with during the coaching sessions will enable you to create life time positive changes and open up your perspectives. You will also become more resourceful, engaged and creative in your day to day human interactions and job.

Investing in your personal development is the greatest and most courageous decision you could ever make.

If you lost sign of your core values and would like to figure out what is really important for you, let's have a chat! I am right by your side in this!

Training, qualifications & experience

I have trained in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching.My Diploma is certified by International Federation of Coaching and Association of Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body, as an Accredited Diploma in Coach Training.

Transformational Coaching is a powerful way of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviour.

Over the last 14 years I've worked in Film Production, Imports(PPE) and Constructions Industry collaborating with most London's Local Councils. In each one of those industries, I've progressed from Entry Level up to Management level and gave me a broad understand of dynamics and structures within big companies. Most important, from all this experience I understand how can environment, internal policies and human interactions at the work place can impact our wellbeing and our sense of self.

I have transferred all this experience and skills into coaching to help people progress or transition in career and to design their own lives.


It is important for you to book a free consultation before starting the actual coaching sessions. I offer a free 35 minutes consultation via Skype or telephone.

During the consultation we can explore your challenges more in depth, I will explain to you how I work and how I can help you to achieve your ideal outcome. Towards the end of the session I will be answering all your coaching related questions .

If everything feels right for both parts and you wish to proceed, I will be guiding you through the payment process and booking your fist coaching session.

Details of Coaching Package

Duration: 3 months

Number of sessions: 8

Length per session: 60 minutes

Additional support: Assistance via e mail once a week in between the coaching sessions

Fee for the Coaching Package: £900

You may have noticed that I don't offer 1 off coaching sessions. This is because I believe that a small number of sessions will not serve your purpose and will generate superficial change. To reshape different areas of your life and to create long lasting change requires time and commitment .

You know as much as I do that quick fix methods don't work in reality !

Further information


It was my first time when I was coached by someone and it helped me a lot to build my life again on a better track. When I have approached Florentina was hardest time of my life being stuck and with very little hope. During the coaching sessions she helped me to build my confidence again, remove negative blocks from my mind and changed my perspectives. For me it was a great experience and I recommend others to access coaching if they need.Here is the right place with an experienced and best Personal Development Coach.

Anuj Sharma

I have had a few sessions with Florentina and I can highly recommend her. She is very professional, kind and non judgemental which was so important for me as we discussed subjects that were very private and delicate . Very quickly she knew where my blind spot was and since I am aware of it now, everything is changing for me. I am in peace with myself and life in general. I now know how to handle my thoughts and emotions.

Sylvie Walker
London,United Kingdom

The explorations within the coaching sessions gave me more insights to understand my fears and blocks that kept me from moving forward to my better self. Inner things are not easy to change, but by working with challenges step by step things have changed for the better. I enjoyed all the sessions we had together. Florentina is very caring, very kind and passionate about what she does. She created a comfortable environment for the conversations and was very supportive all the way through. Highly recommend!

Egle Ram
London,United Kingdom

I am thankful for booking that first session with you. I am deeply appreciative of all the support and compassion and empathy that you have provided each session.

Working with Flo, I have been able to work on so many limiting beliefs. She is a Personal Development Coach that has been blessed with the gift of knowing how to approach you by the way of asking the right questions. She gave me the space for presenting my thoughts and beliefs openly and received them without judgement. She is a great listener-hands down. I really enjoyed working with you Flo, as you approach the coaching session with intention of empowering the client.She has helped me identify my top priority each session and we worked on that from there. Flo is truly one of a kind! If you feel lost, overwhelmed, confused, down, foggy (like I did), after working with Flo, things will become more clear. Each session is like pealing an outer layer of an onion to get to the core.

In summary, Flo is a coach that will be able to inspire you to keep moving forward. You will be amazed on how each session, your focus and clarity increases. Thank you!

Laila Albalkhi

London, E10

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Romanian


Currently taking bookings for January 2019 Closing period: 21st of December 2018-3rd of January 2019