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Fiona Ng is a Parenting Coach with significant hands-on experience of working with parents and families in unique contexts. She has undertaken intensive parent coach training through the Jai Institute of Parenting and also holds qualifications in neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) and is a qualified positive parenting workshop facilitator.

Fiona is currently part way through a year’s training in Gabor Maté’s compassionate inquiry which is a psychotherapeutic approach which reveals what is beneath the appearance we present to the world.

The core of Fiona’s work consists of a therapeutic, conscious relationship that she collaboratively builds with her clients. Fiona provides an empathic, validating approach ensuring clients have the safe space to feel seen, heard, validated and understood as she understands many adults didn’t have these crucial needs met in childhood. Fiona’s work uniquely combines therapy with coaching which helps clients connect their past with their present so they can progressively move forward.

Many aspects of coaching are future focused without acknowledging the importance of understanding the past – in particular childhood. When a client can’t make sense of their past experiences they struggle to understand why they can’t reach their goals which is why Fiona’s approach combines both the past and the present.

Training, qualifications & experience


  • International Tourism Management – BA Hons, University of Central Lancashire (2005-2008)
  • Neuro-linguistics programming practitioner – Communicating Excellence.
  • Parenting Coaching Certification (2019)- Jai Institute of Parenting.
  • Positive Parenting workshop facilitator (2019) – Care for the family.
  • Compassionate inquiry practitioner (2020-2021) compassion inquiry with Dr Gabor Maté.
  • What to expect when working with a parent coach:

    A parenting coach would look at your family situation and explore what areas you need support in.
  • A parenting coach helps you improve the connection between you and your child.
  • Communication skills will be developed. As you feel seen, heard and validated on your 1-1 calls. This will provide you with a model of how to actively listen and hold space for your own children's feeling and emotions.
  • Would help you have a different perspective of your child’s behaviour, offering insights to invite you to see things through a different lens.
  • A parent coach will provide insights and guidance around self regulating your own emotions and co-regulating with your children.
  • You will develop skills to help you navigate your children’s big feelings in a peaceful, gentle way.
  • A parent coach will help you explore what needs you have and how you can meet them so you can parent from a full cup not an empty one.
  • A parent coach will look at your own childhood and how you were parented. Allowing you to see any patterns that are being repeated to help you develop more self awareness.

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Areas of coaching we deal with

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Parent coaching

Couples parent coaching

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Parent consult call £50 - 45 minutes

10 week Ultimate parenting success course (10 hourly calls alongside an online programme) - £1200

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Tyne And Wear

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Happy me Parenting

Happy me Parenting