Fi Feehan -guide to those who desire transformation and change.

Fi Feehan -guide to those who desire transformation and change.

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East Sussex

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About me

I can serve you if you are concerned or interested in one or more of the following:

Overcome your fear of success or failure so you can lead a business that serves with heart.
Through a mind opening, personal enlightenment journey you become the business owner that you dream to be. Your focus will be on being authentically you, serving your community with passion and building a sustainable business. You uncover your purpose so that work life becomes effortless effort. Your values are identified and aligned with your business so you maintain congruency as a leader of a successful, heart centred business.

Identify simple steps and plan dynamic actions for successfully living with stress, anxiety, depression and grief.
The focus is on you securing inner peace and reducing overwhelm, frustration and isolation. From this newly found resourceful place you will identify desired emotional states such as contentment and joy. You will engage in a range of successful strategies to ensure you live the life you desire. Your confidence, self esteem and self belief will be enhanced.

Uncover limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of you living an abundant life, and replace them with empowering beliefs.  
Attention is given to removing barriers that are preventing you from claiming and experiencing your birth right to experiencing contentment and moments of bliss. Your limiting belief, as a barrier, will be gently uncovered, and you will identify your own bespoke empowering belief. This belief transformation ensures you can choose and embrace a life of abundance.

Discover your true purpose so life and work becomes effortless effort.
Your purpose in life is what you are on this planet to 'be' and not 'do'. Through a simple process you will clarify how your life can be in flow-by living a life congruent with your purpose. Your business and personal life will become meaningful and fulfilling.


Through my intuitive coaching style, your sessions will be focused and transformational. From my learning in positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion based therapy, I share with you a variety of strategies that can support you as you gently be the person you dream, and have a birthright, to be. I guide you to get out of your own way.

Training, qualifications & experience


Having completed a BSc in Psychology and Sociology and then a PGCE, I embarked upon a career as a teacher. With time I increasingly started to develop an interest in the emotional and social dimensions of children and young people. I became an adviser for Personal, Social and Health Education for my local authority. Through this role I worked within many areas linked to mental health such as bullying, domestic violence, protective behaviours and grief and loss. My role expanded to include Lead for Social and Emotional Learning, Circle Time, Citizenship, Behaviour Management and Parenting. I went on to become Commissioner for drug services for children and young people and Commissioner for mental health services for children and young people. I was also the Manager for the Healthy Schools Programme within my local authority. I became the National Strategic Lead for Healthy Schools and policy advisor to government on health in children and young people.

My interest and training in a 'client centred approach to supporting people in managing change', led me to discover the power of coaching and I achieved the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma as wel as studying Corporate, Small Business and Youth Impact coaching diplomas. I am also a Master Practitioner in NLP as well as attaining a certificate in Mindfulness as part of therapeutic practice.

I have attended a variety of training experiences lead by contemporary thought leaders such as the following:Richard Bandler, Connierae Andreas, Mike Dooley and Shaa Wasamund.

Through Courage Works, established by Brene Brown, I attended Daring Way and Rising Strong psycho-educational workshops.

I am experienced in The Grief Recovery Programme.

I achieved two Master Degrees – one with a focus on loss and bereavement in children and young people and the other in educational research and evaluation.

I received a diploma in Mentoring and a certificate in ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. I have completed Positive Psychology Foundation level. I have a certificate for Introductory Transactional Analysis 101 from UKATA at the Berne Insitutue.


I am committed to being active within my own community in a variety of ways. I facilitate an Action For Happiness monthly club, run regular visioning workshops for local business owners and individuals, and I facilitate small group sessions on emotional self care for entrepreneurs with my local social enterprise network. I lead a spiritual enlightenmemt bookclub at my local holistic centre.

I have just published a jointly written book Called ' Finding the song that makes your heart sing-Redefining abundant living'. This is an easy to follow guide on finding your song and making sure your heart can actually sing. It explores the reality of living in a consumer led society, and offers an alternative to abundant living. It is available through my website or

I am a joint owner of Flourish, Flow and which organises urban retreats and local networks for individuals wanting to connect with heart centred business owners and individuals desiring change. More information on

Presently, I am researching and collating guidance for entrepreneurs on emotional self care and how to avoid burn out. My own experiences as an entrepreneur, a coach with soloprenneurs and entrepreneurs, and my own very near burn out will all be foundations for the book.

I am developing a framework for other therapists and practitioners which is a guide for appropriate intervention and guidance re behaviour change.


My varied and fufilling life has presented many challenges, allowing me to grow and learn from each experience. I have rumbled with a variety of emotional states, including some very challenging ones. I have learnt to regain my resourceful state from a place of darkness and a sense of being completely lost. In reality this has enhanced my resilience and increased my understanding of how to manage the influence of challenging emotions.

I embrace the introverted side of my personality and appreciate how this sits comfortably alongside my ability to public speak, lead workshops and facilitate training. I am personally aware of the challenges for highly sensitive people.

My mission is for all to live in resourceful state. I want to inform those who desire and crave transformation, and assist them to access the abundance of information and up to date research on how to successfully live with challenging emotional states. Through neuroscience and scientific research, there are so many methods and actions, that can be taken as small steps to make your world a place of greater inner peace. My internet home is a place where I offer what I have learnt, experienced and successfully shared with my own clients.

My curiosity and passion for learning, alongside my creative and intuitive approach, ensure I am congruent in my purpose to inspire my clients to be in resourceful state. The means my clients gain deep insights about themselves and are able to take action to transform their lives.

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Other areas of coaching I deal with

Small business, soloprenneurs, people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

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  • Illuminations With Tiina And Fi
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  • Illuminations With Tiina And Fi
  • Illuminations With Tiina And Fi
  • Illuminations with Tiina and Fi
  • Illuminations with Tiina and Fi
  • Illuminations with Tiina and Fi
  • Illuminations with Tiina and Fi
  • Illuminations with Tiina and Fi


The first two sessions are at £90 each.

The following sessions are in bundles of 4 at £300.

Each session is about 90 minutes.Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly as agreed between you and me.

You are invited to a 15 minute conversation where you can explore with me if we are the right fit for each other.

Your journey with me is roughly the following:

Connection: You want change and are ready to uncover thoughts, beliefs and actions that create long lasting, deep rooted transformation. A 15 minute Connection chat helps you to know if I iam the right person to guide you as you move forward.  - Free of charge

Explore: Together, we will create a space for you to be true to yourself, for you to uncover amazing self-discoveries and for you to consider, plan and make fulfilling changes to your life. - £90 for first session

Discovery: You are on your way to creating the life you know you truly deserve. In Discovery you are clarifying what you want, and building on what you uncovered in Explore.- £90 for second session

Transformation: You are truly committed to making long lasting changes in your life. In Transformation you are on your way to creating a more balanced and contented life experience. - £300 first bundle of 4 sessions

Deeper transformation: You are manifesting deep rooted changes in your life. In Deeper Transformation you are on your way to experiencing a common state of inner peace and even moments of exquisite bliss.- £300 for any additional bundles of 4 sessions


The Belief collection - Uncover and replace beliefs that are holding you back: Do you think you are failing in areas of your life, are you defensive when you believe others are criticising you and do you use the words 'I should' when you are making a choice or decision?You may be living a life held back by a limiting belief. The Belief collection will help you to uncover the limiting belief that is holding you back and replace it with an empowering belief that will dynamically move you forward in your life. - £300 bundle of 3 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each.

The Purpose collection - Knowing your true purpose can lead to a life of abundance: Tired with lacking direction, thinking you are lost and wanting more from life? The Purpose Collection will give you understanding and greater clarity on what you were born to be. Knowing and understanding your purpose can have a significant impact on you finding inner peace and alignment. This can lead to more success at work and in your personal life due to your meeting the driver of your purpose. Ensuring you are 100% confident in how you can live your life in flow, balance and abundance. - £300 bundle of 3 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each.

Further information

Clients success.
'Thanks for all your support Fi, it's been an amazing journey. I have discovered bits about myself that I never knew were holding me back. I will always remain balanced.'
James. Hertfordshire.

'My coaching with Fi has had a huge positive impact on my own self belief. Being challenged appropriately has really helped me work towards enhancing my own self confidence in running my own business. By working with Fi, I can now see I am capable of achieving what I want with my business. I know my purpose, I am clear on my values and understand my strengths which is contributing to how I operate my business.'
Gill. Kent.

'From working with Fi I am more positive and enthusiastic about the future. I have more balance and I know how to take care of myself so I don't lose balance. I have found my purpose and uncovered some limiting beliefs. I now have tools to move forward with the next steps.'
Gabby. London.

'Fi is an absolutely brilliant visioning facilitator. She is so welcoming and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole 'visioning' process. I have learned things about myself and also clarified what I really want, which has been totally illuminating. Thank you Fi- you rock.'
Liz. Brighton.

'I’ve struggled with a lack of self-love/ self-belief and I wanted to change my doubts in what I’m able to achieve and my own distorted outlook of myself. Fi’s coaching has taught me about the power of awareness. Now noticing my own negative voice, the way I hold myself and walk down the street, I’m gradually discovering that all of my learnt behaviours can be reinvented, and it’s not too late to be who I want to be. Learning to silence the inner doubts when applying for a job after a relocation helped get me a role which challenges and excites me. I’m learning to live in the now and adopt a more positive language when referring to myself.
Fi made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the outset. I always walked away from Fi’s sessions feeling a little more positive and with a fighting spirit.'
Gill M. Brighton.

'Fi has a knack for gently unblocking the thing that stands just in front of what I want. I had been feeling like a frustrated entrepreneur for years. I knew I wanted to have a business that fully represented me and be everything that I wanted to share with the world, and yet for some reason I kept creating businesses that were anything but. Fi was able to help me to delve deeper than I had before and to connect with the part of me that knew exactly what I wanted, and how I wanted to do it. Before long I felt like I was flying, and my new found confidence and creativity just continues to grow.'
Michelle. Hove.

'I had for many years felt like I was sleep walking my way through life. I believed I was a victim with no control and that life just washed over me. I was living a safe existent which left me unhappy. Fi helped me at this time. Fi showed me genuine compassion and held a safe place for me so I could start my journey towards inner peace. Fi taught skills so I could affect positive change in my life. With Fi’s guidance I discovered my purpose. This has enabled me to live a life focused on what matters that being my core beliefs and values. I will always be grateful for the tools Fi has taught me to make positive change in my life. Fi has developed great skill to help others navigate their journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life.
Dan. Hove.

'An amazing coach with a truly extraordinary ability to draw out what is lurking at the back of your mind and you haven't quite found the confidence or the words to articulate. This woman is the best.'
Sherry. Kent.

London, N3
Hove, BN3

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Available weekdays, evenings and weekends.