Fenella Hemus - NLP | Hypnotherapy | Performance | Health | Wellbeing

Fenella Hemus - NLP | Hypnotherapy | Performance | Health | Wellbeing

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About me

re you?

  • A business owner or high achiever who's success has come at a cost to your health and wellbeing?
  • Feeling stuck and disenchanted with 'everything' in your life?
  • Exhausted from years of doing what's expected of you?
  • In overwhelm and finding it difficult to make decisions?
  • Feeling tired but wired, anxious, stressed or depressed?
  • Sick and tired of failing quick fixes and looking for a better, longer term solution?
  • Thinking you're running out of time to live your life?

Perhaps you've decided NOW is the time to take back control of your life, your work, your health and your future. Or you'd like to discover a new way of thinking that really empowers you to take complete charge of all aspects of your life and achieve your goals and aspirations with greater ease.

I believe we have all of the answers inside us. It's just that from time to time we can get blocked or feel stuck and need some help to find the solutions that enable us to move forward in life and work.

I can help you get to where you want to be; to re-ignite your inner spark and uncover strengths and resources you may have lost sight of, so that you can move towards a future where you're fully in the driving seat. You'll be able to take a fresh new perspective and become the architect of your life.

"I was very unhappy with life and was struggling to find clarity and positivity. In just a few sessions I noticed positive changes that were almost effortless, feeling happier very quickly. Fenella undoes patterns of negativity, challenging you in how you feel and respond. She provides focus in a natural way with reassurance, enabling people to work through their issues. My anxiety has gone; past feelings that weighed me down have gone and I do not dwell on anything anymore. I now catch myself smiling and feeling happy without trying. and things like exercise and eating better are now coming naturally without effort. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart, months of counselling and CBT didn't do what you have done in a few weeks. C.W. Bristol.

I'll support you to:

  • Get certain about what you want and set compelling and powerful goals, with clear steps to get there.
  • Learn how to listen to yourself and find your inner balance of power.
  • Rise above self-doubt, anxiety and fear and get confident to boldly meet new challenges.
  • Gain control of your health, feel strong and pain-free.
  • Develop healthy habits that get long-term, permanent results.
  • Feel re-energised and re-vitalised and back in balance.

"I’d reached a point where I knew the anxiety had taken over my ability to function effectively at work and in my personal life – I was constantly worrying, distracted, lacking focus and losing motivation. In a safe, supportive space where time and space were offered freely and without judgement, I learned so many ways to tap into my own resources to deal with anxiety. It has been a transformational experience on many levels." P.L - Company Director.

Why choose me?

I’m passionate about human potential and supporting people to be the best they can be. I've found my way through tough times that have really tested my strength and resilience. I have 25 years experience working in personal development. I believe that health of both the mind and body are crucial for giving us the energy, strength and ability to live a full and happy life.

I will inspire you to believe you can achieve more than you imagined because I truly believe every person is magnificent in their own way.

I'll work with you to uncover skills and resources that have been hidden, so you can regain your spark and step out confidently into a future you choose for yourself. You'll discover new perspectives which will cause you to see, hear, feel and do things in a new light. You will have the courage and confidence to overcome whatever keeps you stuck and held back.

I’m dynamic, warm, intuitive, creative, solution focused, pragmatic and kick ass in the kindest way. I will challenge you and you will get the results you choose. I’m non-judgemental and inclusive in my approach.

Using a toolkit of science-backed techniques that focus on you as a whole, you'll be able to quickly shift your thinking and change your mindset to achieve incredible results if that's what you choose - ultimately you are always in control.

"Fenella is a fantastic coach she is inspiring yet kind and most of all she has a healthy dose of pragmatism. This makes Fenella exceptional, as she understands what it takes to make your dreams fit your lifestyle. She helps make your dreams into plans so that they become goals...and you CAN make them come true." Media Buying Manager

The process

After the initial conversation we agree a coaching programme and when to meet.

We then look at where you are now; what isn’t working and what you want to change. We identify the blocks or obstacles that are holding you back and you define a compelling outcome you want to achieve. We then work together to identify solutions so you can move forwards. Much of the work takes place at both the conscious and unconscious level meaning you can achieve long lasting and permanent results in a pretty short space of time.

I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Create Your Future Coaching/Time Line Therapy™, nutrition, movement and health coaching methods as required.

Sessions are enjoyable, empowering and motivating. Clients usually leave with a lighter step and in a reflective and energised frame of mind. There are always tasks to carry out between sessions to embed the learning and the processes and accelerate the change.

"I was having social anxieties, especially when it came to using the telephone. During my sessions with Fenella I felt very relaxed and I found it easy to share my thoughts and feelings. I was guided and encouraged to develop a better insight into my situation and to arrive at my own conclusions. It was a really amazing experience. I would recommend her services to anyone who has anxieties or who would like to boost their confidence. I think it's a worthy investment." D.T - Business Owner

Finding the right coach is essential, anything less puts uncertainty and luck into the equation. I offer a free "Start the Change" call where you can ask questions and and we can find out if we're a good 'fit' to work together.

I coach worldwide via Skype (phone or video) and face to face in Bristol and the surrounding area.

If you want to know more and are eager to make that change then please get in touch for a chat.

Training, qualifications & experience

Master Practitioner & Trainer of

  • NLP (American Board of NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy (American Board of Hypnosis)
  • Create Your Future / Time Line Therapy
  • NLP Coaching

Health and Wellness certifications

  • Precision Nutrition Cert. 1 - Nutrition Coaching
  • NASM - Personal Trainer
  • Applied Movement Neurology - Neuro Skeletal Practitioner

25 years experience of working with people of all ages to support their personal development, overcome blocks and achieve their goals. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the mind and body and it's energy systems.

Continued Professional Development - NLP Master Trainer Programme, reading, podcasts and webinars on the science of energy systems, mind-body self healing and personal performance.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Anxiety & Fears (flying, public speaking, exam, interviews etc.)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorderss
  • Phobias
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Success and Mindset Coaching - Sport and Business
  • Self esteem
  • Health & Wellness
  • Weight Management
  • Food Issues, Eating Habits & Behaviours
  • Living with Auto Immune diseases
  • Weight Management


FREE 30 minute call to discuss what you're looking for from coaching, how I can help you and if we are suited to work together.

Coaching Packages:

  • 3 sessions – £270 – Booked in advance.
  • 4 sessions – £340 – Booked in advance.
  • 6 sessions – £480 – Booked in advance.
  • 10 sessions – £750 – Booked in advance.

Sessions are 60 minutes long except for the first one which is 90 minutes.

Full payment is required or payment plans can be set up for sessions booked in advance to retain the discount.

Follow up check in sessions are £80.

I work with you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your needs. This is discussed and agreed during the first session and from there your individual programme is developed to get maximum results in the minimum number of sessions.

Personal breakthrough Session - For busy professionals serious about change. Fully tailored intensive 1 or 2 days (6-12 hours) in comfortable surroundings. This is a powerful focus on removing all negative emotions, limiting beliefs, overwhelm to clarity and complete confidence to move forward and achieve the goal you have set. Please contact to discuss details and fee.

Further information

What some of my clients have said...

"Fenella has a great positive approach. She focuses fully on her clients and offers the best techniques to support them to achieve their best results. After each session I felt I’d moved forward, without fear or doubt. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take control over their life, if they want help with big decisions or wants to keep on track with their goals." A.S. - Training Officer.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Fenella as a coach. She is very skillful in identifying the root cause of issues and uses effective methods to bring about a positive change. I have found working with her extremely helpful and I am in a much better place now as a result." E.B. - Sports & Remedial Therapist

"Fenella is truly inspirational. She really knows her stuff and how to pass that knowledge on in a way that is easy to understand and follow. She knows how to motivate you so can make the appropriate changes in your life that will really make a difference." J.S. - Hypnotherapist

"Fenella is passionate about helping people realise they can make a difference and a change. She gently challenges your ingrained behaviour and belief system, which in turn helps you to do the same afterwards. If you’re stuck on the hamster wheel, Fenella invites you to hop off and explore other options. If you'd like to change something in your life that is having a negative effect on your being and refreshingly think outside the box, Fenella is your Woman. Couldn't recommend her highly enough." F.M.

"Fenella helped me at a very low point in my life. I'm normally a very positive person, but during a period of change & transition that I was resistant to, I found myself spiraling into a more negative zone that was stopping me from carrying out the process. Fenella gave me simple, achievable strategies for me to focus on. This really helped me to find my positive attitude again and put things in perspective." N.T. Physiotherapist

"I've had a number of niggling health problems in the last five years, which ultimately culminated in a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. With that came the need for some help and direction and hope, all of which I found through Fenella’s advice, wisdom and experience. She doesn’t just look at the surface of a problem; she looks at the person as a whole. What’s more, she somehow inspires/coaxes/enables you to look at yourself and find your own answers. She is like a knowledgeable all-round guide to everything! For me, her advice started with fitness, then diet, then the impact of stress on my life and health. I have learnt so much! Ultimately though, I think the most valuable thing I have learnt from Fenella is self-belief and confidence in myself that I can get through this tough patch and have the life and health that I now see is out there for me." Lynne W. Dyslexia Assessor

"I have several health conditions and in the past have had confusing and conflicting advice from health professionals. Consequently I became unsure of how to best support my body and improve myself. I worked with Fenella for a number of months and during this time we addressed my diet, exercise, sleep and work schedule. Her expertise in nutrition, exercise and NLP coaching and straightforward and comprehensive approach enabled her to meet my individual needs. Through improving my gut health and diet, my IBS is more controlled and I have more energy. I learned how to incorporate exercise into my day even during times of a Fibromyalgia flare up. I’ve had visible results in weight loss and become stronger and more flexible. I also have improved quality of sleep. During an aggressive treatment for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fenella worked with me to balance working and studying at the same time. Using NLP techniques, I learned to minimise my stress levels and maintain focus and I passed all of my exams. I would highly recommend her services." Alex H. Placement Officer.

My one-day Breakthrough Session with Fenella was life-changing. It helped me to gain energy, clarity and focus for a personal change issue that was on the top of my agenda but I kept procrastinating for a long time. I now have a totally new approach to my everyday behaviour and priorities to support my transformation. Now there is an automatic re-adjustment of my behaviour to support my future success. If you are seeking someone to support you to make positive changes to your life or career in any way, then look no further than Fenella. I wholeheartedly recommend her, she will have complete commitment to you and desire for your success. A Personal Breakthrough Session is an amazing transformational process where you can have life-changing results in a surprisingly short time!

George Diakonikolaou, Managing Director, Project Management Coach Ltd

Bristol, BS3

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Sign language: No
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Wheelchair access: No


Weekdays from 9am. Occasional appointments available on a Saturday morning.