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Evie is a Personal Performance & Development Coach helping individuals from different walks of life both in the UK and internationally. She qualified through The Coaching Academy in 2012.

In her sessions she offers a combination of proven coaching tools and techniques, energy-work and NLP to help individuals become happier, healthier and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. She continuously develops her expertise by attending training courses, workshops and various events. She integrates the most up-to-date methods into her coaching practice. Evie is an NLP- and Reiki Practitioner too.

Coming into Coaching with an educational background in International Studies and Business Management, and 10 years of experience working with several organisations of different sizes, she understands the challenges that many of us deal with on a day to day basis in our competitive and volatile social and economic environments. Now, there is a need more than ever to empower ourselves and our children in order to succeed.

With Evie's help you will enjoy discovering what makes you unique and powerful, through her method of engaging the mind and the heart you will apply simple and powerful techniques that you need to successfully accomplish your goals and life purpose, whilst implementing the sense of accountability that keeps you on track.

Evie has a vision that everyone does what they love! She truly believes that we all have the right and potential to achieve this. When you devote yourself to the things you love, through the feeling of love, which is the highest frequency you can send out, you draw wonderful things into your life.

She is dedicated and passionate to helping raise the public awareness about the great benefits of coaching and endeavour to make them available to everyone. She is involved in a leadership development programme supporting and developing young people to become the next generation of effective leaders across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Training, qualifications & experience

NLP Practitioner’s Diploma (Accredited by ANLP), The Coaching Academy, 2013

Corporate & Executive Coaching Diploma, The Coaching Academy, 2013

Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, The Coaching Academy, 2012

Master’s Degree in Business Administration, The Open University (Accredited by AMBA), 2011

Evie is experienced and successful in various different techniques, with different age groups both in corporate and individual settings.

She is involved in leadership development programmes supporting and developing young people to become the next generation of effective leaders across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Some examples of areas in which Evie often coaches people are:

  • career
  • relationships (both business and private)
  • confidence
  • habits
  • motivation/energy level
  • time-management
  • behaviour
  • positive mental attitude
  • work/life balance
  • stress management, stress reduction
  • health and well-being
  • NLP

Member organisations


The Association for NLP

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is a UK Association for NLP Professionals.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

- behaviour
- habits
- time-management
- positive mental attitude
- managing own emotional state
- setting, planning and achieving purposeful goals
- NLP Coaching
- Reiki treatments


Additional information

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Further information

What clients say about working with Evie:

"Career coaching with Evie has given me the confidence and motivation to actively pursue work that suits my interests, skills, and personality. She is a very kind, thoughtful, and intelligent person who supported me throughout the process, challenging negative assumptions I had about myself when necessary. I would definitely recommend her life coaching, and wish her all the best for the future. Thanks Evie!" (Steve E.)

"The impact of coaching on me was very important as I am in the process of changing my life. A guidance was very much appreciated and fantastically well conducted. I had many ideas in mind but did not know how to prioritize them in a short space of time in which I needed to reorganize my time and make the most out of what I had. Evie was very professional in guiding me on the options, making me challenge my own ideas and making me realize that there is always a solution for everything and anything. This has given me the opportunity of getting to know me better, understanding myself and finding my way into successes." (Claudia A.)

"It was a very positive experience. The areas we covered included: Presentation skills, How to make a positive impact / feeling like I add value, Public speaking, Action planning, Line management. Evie is very good with critical questioning and giving me space to think about the solutions. She gave me the opportunity to explore my areas for improvement and we developed actions around the steps I needed to take to improve. Evie is very honest and open. The goals I have set have helped me to realise that I need to be clear on the steps I need to take to succeed in my chosen field. Thank you for all your support Evie."(Chanpreet B.)

"I was so lucky to meet Evie and for her to agree to be my personal performance coach. Having such opportunity has changed my life in a positive way. Evie, helped me to figure out what is blocking me from being happy, successful and abundant. With Evie’s assistance I was able to create an action plan with very clear and realistic steps that enabled me to reach my goals. My thinking process has changed, when facing any difficulty I look at it as another challenge that I am able to tackle. Coaching sessions helped me to improve my financial situation. Evie helped me to change money pattern. Now, I am experiencing the pattern of more money coming in then going out, whereas, before it used to be opposite. I enjoyed every session, since every coaching session, I am exploring new things about myself and new resources that are within me. My daily productivity in all aspects of my life drastically increased. I am now healthier and happier me." (Kseniya T.)

"I am a senior manager in the public sector. I had a difficult work decision to make and was struggling to decide between two opposing options. I had been over and over it in my mind without any progress, and had really got stuck in not knowing what to do for the best. I had a coaching session with Evie and within half an hour I could clearly see the right way forward. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to help me clarify the situation and confidently reach a decision. She then spent more time ensuring that my decision was aligned with my values and that there was nothing which would stop me from implementing it. Her coaching style was supportive and the way she challenged my thinking felt comfortable and not threatening. I really enjoyed the session as well as finding it very effective. I look forward to further sessions with Evie which I know will help me achieve more in my work." (Juliette C.)

"My coaching sessions with Evie provide me with a safe environment in which I can explore my aspirations and goals and take steps towards achieving them. Evie is a very intuitive, holistic coach and helps me to uncover my true feelings and emotions in relation to my goals and ambitions. Gentle yet challenging, Evie has an aura of calm and purposefulness. She gently ensures I commit to my actions, and challenges me when I stray from the course I have set for myself. I would recommend anyone who would benefit from taking a holistic look at where they are and where they would like to get to, to contact Evie and enjoy her very natural and empathetic talent as a coach. Thank you Evie, it is pleasure working with you." (Alison S.)

"I’ve worked with Evie for 4 months. We focused on issues that were the most damaging to my self-esteem and overall well-being. After sessions with her, I had a set of tools that allowed me to deal with specific difficult situations in a constructive way. We were also working on setting up stretching but achievable goals – short-term ones but also longer terms so that I have a step-by-step plan on what needs to be done in order to transform my approach to problems. After sessions with Evie I felt empowered to change, she also helped me understand what are the root causes of specific issues." (M. S.)

"The impact of coaching for me has been immeasurable. Before Evie I had no concept of what coaching was, and when I found out I approached it with trepidation – not expecting much at all. Through my coaching I have gained a deep appreciation for my strengths and weaknesses. An element of it is taking the time to actually think about myself in a developmental aspect, with the aim of growing as a person, which I find quite hard to do. Having a coach forced me to take an hour out of every week, or fortnight, to assess myself, and think about how I can grow. I think that Evie has fantastic skills as a coach, and an unending patience and belief that I am capable of realising for myself the solutions to my own problems. I have gained a deep appreciation for the role coaching has played, and will continue to play in my self-development." (Jay D.)

"The coaching with Evie has allowed me to look at each situation or relationship from different perspectives as I was quite narrow minded when first starting out and often couldn’t see ‘the wood from the trees’. Although Evie did not tell me how to do this directly, nor what was right or wrong, but helped guide me to find what I found to be a better position or for me to feel more comfortable. Throughout our sessions, we were always clear of what the goal was that we were trying to achieve. Although sometimes I found this difficult i.e. the specific goal setting, overall I could see that it was the best way to approach the sessions and ensure I found benefit from them, as well as giving me something to work on over the coming days. The sessions allowed me to grow in confidence in my own values and opinions as I left not feeing as unsure of how to approach different situations as I would have been previously and used the tools we discussed in the sessions in other parts of my life where I probably would not have done before as I wouldn’t have known how to." (Liz L.)

I believe Evie is an excellent life coach and I’m not just saying that. She has opened my eyes to a whole new side of me that I didn’t know existed. One that is more focused and in control due to the simple aspect of setting short term and long term goals that are S.M.A.R.T. She has helped me to understand the steps that’s needed to reach a goal and that problems or issues along the way are not negative but challenges that can be overcome using simple techniques. She has made me look at things differently and has helped me to be more positive by not focussing on the negative. I am able to take a step back at situations that arise in and outside of work and am able to approach it with more success than I would have otherwise. Evie in her short time has helped me to be a better communicator and a more goal orientated person. Evie’s approach was one that was full of energy, praise and direction. I would recommend her and her techniques to anyone who’s interested in gaining control and having a clear direction in their life. Excellent sessions with excellent outcomes! (Mostofa U.)

Having a Coach over the last 6 weeks has really made a massive impact in my personal and interpersonal skills as I have learnt many new things which I can use and apply in scenarios which I thought was not possible. With the help of Evie I was managed to overcome some of my fears by enabling her ways of methods and introducing them in my lifestyle. And yes it has made a change for the better as I am doing things much more efficiently in my day to day lifestyle and work ethic. Having a coach like Evie has its benefits as her way and the methodologies she uses are quick and easy as once you get used to it you can do it again and again and again. Its so simple that you can apply it in various situations and do it differently as how you would normally do. So Thank you Evie for the 6 weeks of coaching as I have learnt a lot form you! (Mohammed A.)

"My coaching sessions with Evie have helped me to think positively, reflect and manage my time better. I can use it in my daily life e.g school to manage my time well and priotise my task. Thank you, Evie!" (Barakat D.)


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