Evelina Savickaite-Kazlauske MBpsS AdvDipCoach

Evelina Savickaite-Kazlauske MBpsS AdvDipCoach

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About me

Experience landscape

A year-and-a-half journey around the globe has been over. Stories of hundreds of people across six continents still followed me in my diary and in my mind. And some of the most inspirational ones have deeply settled in because they left me wondering, reflecting, appreciating. I couldn’t help but lay them out in printed words some months later. But on the last leg of the hitch-hike expedition back from Africa, I suddenly experienced a sense of completion: the time to accept immaterial gifts abundantly from people across the planet has been over. Finally, now is the precise occasion to contribute back to the world.

The resilience I developed thanks to the adventures and hardships, sleeping rough and eating modestly, the insights of intimate and complex connection that I have cultivated trotting along with the person 24/7 had to be passed over to the next off.

Professional background

My background and passion in psychology and art psychotherapy have already given me a solid context to start encouraging and help people to change. Working in mental health, leading the courses that help to improve people’s self-esteem, emotional management, stress and increase wellbeing has been just another stepping stone to arrive at the field of coaching and coaching psychology. It all seems to come together.

To resort to coaching psychology became crucial: I began to see people’s potential over their diagnosis or battles. Among the clouds of backgrounds and walks of life, I have witnessed people struggling to believe they are worth achieving higher because their unhelpful self-talk seems to be so present, so powerful. Despite the fact that some of them have achieved remarkably well already. They have been fighting their unhelpful thoughts and mental blocks for years, feeding their hungry inner impostor. Deep down their motivation and strengths have been still dormant.

Ways of work

Things can change though.  If you have a purpose, a goal in your mind, and you work towards it generating a plentitude of ideas, you will be able to achieve. To start with - being your better self. To help to reach that, I'm employing a range of tools and techniques.

  • The very classic GROW model that majority of coaches offer seem to open the gates of people thinking: looking closely at your goals, planning journey toward them, considering the options to develop the proceeds, and how can you move on.
  • I also have my particular interest in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching too, as working with people I've observed how their unhelpful thoughts contribute to their unpleasant emotions and become embodied in the tensed shoulders, clutched fists and frowned forehead, and how it leads into the less helpful behaviours.
  • Another interest is the solution-focused approach, which helps people to dig for the solutions, rather than become experts in their problems.
  • My special interest in positive psychology, being a forerunner in the scientific field, enrich my practices to focus on people’s potential and strengths, their values, how to access the flow in whatever they perform.
  • For those, who work better in a creative way, I offer a range of possible tools/practices to reduce blocks. ‘Been there done that’ I say, having struggled myself to sit down and start writing the book to reflect on the journey. When the mind path has been cleared, I finally got into the flow and the days of writing have flown by.
  • And I can offer some mindfulness-inspired practices for those interested in the ecopsychology and nature therapy, and how to seek for nature to improve their wellbeing and find a better connection with it and/or themselves.

I hold a person as the paramount source of potential, energy and enthusiasm. And even though I employ the best, mostly science-informed tools, techniques and approaches, I still believe that building the connection, the alliance that person can trust and be empowered.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • BA and MA in Psychology, MA in Art Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Accredited Diploma in Coaching
  • Certificate in Coaching and Coaching Psychology, Stress Management and Performance Coaching, Positive Psychology coaching, Neuroscience in coaching.
  • I'm a Associate Member of International Society for Coaching Psychology

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Creativity coaching and using creative tools in coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Solution-focused coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Positive Psychology-informed coaching


£35 skype, zoom, telephone coaching

£50 face to face

Further information

Online (Skype, Zoom), telephone and face-to-face

Wallingford, OX10

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: English, Lithuanian


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Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Tuesdays 9-5:00 PM Saturdays 9-12:00 PM, Fridays 5-10PM Some evenings (contact to discuss)