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From: Lawyer
To: Civil Servant

“While this might sound too good to be true, the work I did with Euan really helped me to get clarity on what exactly I was looking for in my dream job. I wouldn't have found and accepted this role without the coaching sessions."

From: Editor
To: Property Buying Agent

“The Discover Your Dream Job programme has given me a huge confidence in my abilities - which is invaluable - and has shone a clearer light on what's important to me. I have a clarity moving forward that I'll be able to use for years to come."

From: Aerospace Engineer
To: Lean Innovation Consultant

“The Discover Your Dream Job programme gave me clarity on my career direction and on what it is I really want to do. The programme also gave me an enthusiasm to pursue roles relentlessly, knowing that a career change between industries was possible.”


Are you:

  • Feeling unfulfilled in your current job or career path?
  • Unsure about what you want to do with your career?
  • Wondering whether it’s even possible to find work that you love and that pays the bills too?

If you answered YES to any of these, then rest assured, you’re not alone.

For most of us, finding the right job or career path feels like an elusive and impossible task.

And understandably so: with so many jobs and careers available, how are we meant to know which is right for us? It’s not like we can systematically test them all.

Well the good news is, you don’t have to.

In fact, you already have all the information you need – it’s sitting inside your head. You just need the right process, exercises and questions to access it.

The Discover Your Dream Job programme offers exactly that.

So whether you’re just entering the world of work or are looking for a career change after decades, you can discover the career that is truly right for you.


By the end of this one-to-one coaching programme, you will have:

  1. Clarity on the career you want to pursue
  2. A selection of job vacancies in your chosen career path for you to start immediately applying for
  3. The confidence and motivation to go after your chosen career path

All in just 6 coaching sessions.


Unfortunately, most people take the wrong approach when it comes to choosing a career.  The result?  They go round in circles, never find clarity on what they truly want and start in jobs that aren’t right for them.

Thankfully, there's a better way.

The Discover Your Dream Job programme has a proven process, tested and iterated with over 30 clients, so you can have total confidence that you'll finish the programme with clarity on the career path that is truly right for you.

For more information on why the typical approach to choosing a career is broken and why the Discover Your Dream Job programme's approach works, feel free to watch this webinar:



Each coaching session lasts 60-75 minutes and requires you to do 60 minutes of pre-work in advance.

The pre-work often takes the form of a self-assessment questionnaire or self-reflection exercise, and is a vital input to the coaching session itself.

Everything we discuss during the coaching session is saved each week on your very own online whiteboard – called Miro.  So as the sessions go by, you'll steadily see your dream job become clearer, right in front of your eyes.

As with all my coaching, I won’t be giving you “the right answer” or pushing you towards any particular career path. Why?  Because you already hold the answers to your dream job in your head. My role is to help you access those answers using a proven process, exercises and questions.

All coaching sessions happen over Google Meet, on weekday mornings, evenings or at the weekend at a time that suits us both. I always recommend finding a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and can talk freely.

Most clients choose to schedule one session a week, which gives you enough time between sessions for pre-work and keeps up the momentum too.  At this cadence, you will have clarity on what career is truly right for you in just 6 weeks from today.


In technical terms, very little: access to the internet and a computer/ laptop/ tablet.

Most important is that you’re willing to invest in yourself and are ready to take positive action.

Training, qualifications & experience


  • Professional Coach, trained with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)
  • BA in Classics at the University of Oxford, The Queen’s College

References available upon request.


  • Organisational and Behaviour Change Consultant
  • Strategy & Innovation Consultant

For full details, please visit my website: https://my90000.com/about

Other areas of coaching I deal with

If you're unsure about paying for coaching, but want to get a head-start on finding the right career path for yourself, you may be interested in the Discover Your Dream Job Free 5-Day Challenge.

This free, tried and tested mini-coaching programme requires just 15 minutes from you per day and will help you:

  • Realise just how many skills you truly have (hint: it’s at least 50)
  • Clarify the exact skills you want to use in your next role
  • Identify specific careers that suit you best
  • Take action and make progress towards finding your new career

If you take on the 5-Day Challenge, you'll get:

  • 5 FREE proven exercises to complete in your own time - one for each day of the Challenge, sent to you by email
  • 1 FREE coaching call with a professional Career Coach - to talk about the Challenge or anything else related to your career direction

To start the Free 5-Day Challenge, follow the link below and enter your email address:


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Free initial online session

Additional information

I offer a free-of-charge, 30-minute consultation to anyone looking to experience career coaching. Most clients use this opportunity to find out more about the Discover Your Dream Job programme and to ask all the questions they have. 

To book your free consultation today, follow the link below:


Or alternatively, just message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Fees available upon request.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Weekday mornings (Mon-Fri): 8am-9am
  • Weekday evenings (Mon-Thurs): 6pm-9pm
  • Fridays: 5pm-7pm

I generally don't coach on the weekends, but do make exceptions from time to time.

Further information


From: Lawyer
To: Civil Servant

“I worked with Euan on the Discover Your Dream Job programme over an 8-10 week period towards the end of 2020. I was offered and accepted my dream job (which also entailed a partial career change) shortly thereafter.

While this might sound too good to be true, the work I did with Euan really helped me to get clarity on what exactly I was looking for in my dream job. (I knew that I liked a lot of the parts of my current role, but knew I didn’t have it “all”.)

The work we did also helped me to understand (1) why I was feeling the way I was about the role I was working in and (2) how different roles might suit my skill-set and personality. I don't think that I would have found (and accepted) this role without the my 90,000 coaching sessions.

What was clear from the very beginning of our sessions was that this was a tailored programme and that the outcome of the programme was unique to me. I had for a long time found it overwhelming to try and think through a change in career path. By taking the time to really consider and look at myself, my own motivations, personality, sills and other external factors, I was able to understand the kind of role I was looking for.

I was also able to accept a job offer with a high degree of confidence when I was offered the role. Without the work that I did with Euan, I would certainly have been less confident about making such a drastic change and may have missed out on an opportunity that was right for me.

Working with Euan was always a very enjoyable experience. In addition, Euan was extremely flexible in terms of timing and scheduling of sessions. This was particularly helpful because I was extremely busy in my current role at the time.

One of the most difficult things I found was knowing I wasn't in the right place, but not knowing what to do about it. Euan provided the structure and support to help me move forward. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Discover Your Dream Job programme and hope that it helps others in similar situations to me.”

From: B2B Engineering Sales Manager
To: Customer Success Manager

“Euan walked me through the Discover Your Dream Job programme over an eight week period at the end of 2020. I had been restless in my job for some time, and the coronavirus pandemic – with all its challenges for businesses and employees alike – proved an ideal opportunity for me to step back and reassess my career, goals and aspirations.

The Discover Your Dream Job programme had been recommended to me by a friend who had found the experience very enlightening. After making contact with Euan we arranged an initial session to discuss my situation and what I wanted to gain from the course. I warmed to Euan from the start; friendly and personable, he took the time to understand where I was coming from, listening to what I had to say and asking astute questions which always got to the core of the issue. His flexibility in scheduling sessions was also a great help, as it enabled me to fit the course around full-time work.

The structure of the course was very helpful. It took things right back to basics, looking at my core values, motivations, skills and strengths – and helped to identify the type of job role which not only suited me as a person, but also fitted my lifestyle and practical requirements. In short, I started the course with many scattered ideas and lots of questions - and emerged eight weeks later with both the clarity and conviction I needed to move forward in my career and ultimately find my dream job.

I would highly recommend the programme to anyone in a similar position to me. I firmly believe that without the support and advice of my 90,000 I would still be asking myself the same old questions, uncertain of my priorities and lacking the confidence to take risks for the right job. It has completely changed the way in which I look at job roles and applications, and will enable me to maximise my professional potential in the years ahead.

Many thanks again to Euan and the my 90,000 team.”

From: Cyber Security Sales Manager
To: Project Manager

“I discovered the DYDJ programme after being referred to Euan by a colleague of his who I’d spoken to about stagnating in my career. I’d been unhappy in my job for a while but felt as though I didn’t have the sense of direction or clarity as to what was next. I’d had a few loose ideas but felt that there wasn’t much substance behind them, and every day spent in my job was a day wasted. Having met with Euan during a taster session, I felt at ease that he could help me sift through the rubbish and discover what was important in my future career. He was very friendly and approachable, and made me feel comfortable in a situation that I had previously not been. For someone that demands structure in their life, the layout of the course was what appealed to me most; each session allowing you to add another piece to the puzzle to eventually discover a role (or two) that plays to your strengths, allows you to use your skills, speaks to your values and has the practical elements that you desire.

The structure of the course and the way the sessions are planned allowed me to ask myself questions that I previously wouldn’t have done, and to discover new ideas, interests, and values that I had not previously known existed. I would recommend the programme to anyone that like me was looking for some direction and clarity for what to do next, and is ready to take the next step in their career but just needs a bit of support as to what that is. Euan has been a fantastic help towards me making that next step, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have been his client.”

From: Area manager
To: Entrepreneur

“I had been with the same organisation for over 10 years - it was my first real job. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to an area manager role, but after 13 years I felt like I was at a bit of dead end and knew I wanted to try something new.

I had gained a lot of valuable skills and experience over the years but had utterly no idea what to turn my attention to. Scrolling for hours through recruitment websites was not productive - there were too many adverts, criteria and variables.

A family member suggested a Career Coach and recommended Euan at my 90,000, having found him online and sent me the link to his website. Discovering how he could guide me through this career maze was the most productive job hunting had been so far!

I started the Discover Your Dream Job programme and instantly felt at ease with Euan’s friendly, proactive and positive approach. His knowledge and experience helped me to quickly identify a selection of roles that were well matched to my strengths, values, skills and to what was important to me. In addition, the resources made available to me throughout the programme were invaluable in helping me reach this level of clarity about what careers were best suited to me personally.

I’m certain that what I have gained from programme will support and guide me through life both personally and professionally.”

From: Chef
To: Drug and Alcohol Recovery Worker

"I completed the Discover Your Dream Job programme with Euan over a 6 week period, starting in February 2021. I had tried my hand at a couple of different careers but felt that I hadn't found the right path for me. I felt quite lost and overwhelmed when trying to carve out a new direction to take in my working life. I decided to start the programme with Euan to bring clarity in regards to what I’d like to do for a living, what I would be good at and also, what would honour my core values.

It was obvious from the start that the programme was very much tailored to me personally. Euan was excellent at helping me realise what my skills and true values are. After establishing what was really important to me in life, he then was a great source of knowledge when searching for suitable job roles that I would hopefully thrive in.

I finished the programme with real direction. I now know what I would like to do, what I would be good at and what type of role will honour my core values. Thank you, Euan, for your guidance and professionalism. It really was an invaluable and fascinating exercise, and the results will continue to help me throughout my career.”

For more testimonials, please visit my website: https://my90000.com/testimonials

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