About me

I work with women who have found it challenging to speak up and feel ‘heard’ in a professional setting. Worried that you may be perceived as ‘difficult’ or ‘emotional’ when you voice an issue or something you are simply not happy with.

Why are women afraid of being seen as difficult when we know that actually, we are just raising a concern?

I understand this fear. From the outside, I am perceived to be pretty upfront, confident and someone who can stand up for myself. And in most aspects of my life, this is true, but there has been a glitch when it comes to me as a professional. I have let concerns linger too long, half voicing my issue but holding back what I really mean for fear of creating a 'problem’.

Let me help you find your confidence and your voice to express what you want or what you mean without the fear of the judgement of others. To take ownership of how you feel and find a way to move forward positively and with conviction.

A storyteller by trade, I am continuously fascinated by people and their lives. My story started in Afghanistan, which led me to cover stories across Central Asia, Middle East and East Africa. During my work and my travels, I had to learn how to adapt to different environments, the difficulties of being somewhere new, the feeling of isolation and the desire for excitement all at once.

Having worked as a documentary photographer and filmmaker for over 11 years, I understand what it is like to move around the world a lot. Specialising in female-centric humanitarian projects in areas of conflict and post-conflict.

Please get in touch either via email: elliekealey@gmail.com or what's app: +44 7776186083 and we can organise a time to get started.

Training, qualifications & experience

Ellie's qualifications are as follows:

Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Animas Accredited Certificate in Youth and Education Coaching

Nscience certified in in The Psychophysiology of PTSD and Trauma.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Due to my own personal experiences and specifically my work globally, I became increasingly engaged in trauma. People continue to live their everyday lives in often tough circumstances while being affected by that trauma. Sometimes it can seem impossible to move towards the future. I work with people to take stock of the trauma suffered (whether it is big or small), not to relieve it, but how they can learn to live with it and focus on moving forward.

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Additional information

I offer a free 30 minute 'getting know you session'.  Send me an email, or a message to get started.

Following on I work remotely (mainly on zoom), sessions run for 50 minutes at £60 per session.

I also offer tailored packages for clients at a discounted rate. For example if you book 6 sessions in advance I will offer you a 10% discount for the total of those 6 sessions.


I can be flexible to your schedule and needs. I currently work remotely (mainly on Zoom), which means we can book in a time that works for you, from the comfort of your home.

Further information

“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be”. - Maya Angelou

Client Testimonials:

“Ellie is a compassionate listener who immediately made me feel comfortable. With her help, I could confront the beliefs and difficult emotions that were keeping me stuck. Her incisive questions often lead to helpful insights, and I left each session feeling calm and motivated. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a warm and supportive coach to help them reach meaningful goals”. - Vik

“Ellie is fantastic, she helped me through some tough times and gave me a lot of support, always approaching our sessions with kindness and openness. She works with understanding and empathy to help you find solutions”. - Anni

“I had a series of Life Coaching sessions with Ellie in a period of my life of significant change, including a succession of relevant decisions that had to be made regarding my career. I found the discussions with Ellie to be incredibly helpful - they provided clarity on what was important to me, and a structure to my thinking which helped to make decisions that seemed better & clearer”.  - George


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