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About me

Elaine works with a broad range of clients who are seeking to bring about positive change in their personal or professional lives.

Elaine spent seven years working in education in the Far East, Italy and the UK, before settling in the UK and embarking on an NLP training course. She then moved into state education; working for five years as Higher Education Adviser for a large community college in Kent; where she achieved a 750% increase in numbers of students accessing higher education, through coaching conversations and providing careers information, advice and guidance.  Combining a long-standing interest in all aspects of personal development and the professional imperative to apply coaching principles at work to help students progress, Elaine embarked upon an MSc in Coaching at The University of East London and is now experienced in a wide range of coaching approaches; under-pinned by academic research. In addition, Elaine provided staff leadership development and training for her organisation, as well as individual coaching for teaching staff; from newly qualified teachers, to the senior leadership team.

More recently, Elaine moved to Somerset to set up her own coaching business and is now running a coaching practice in the lovely city of Bath; working with public and private sector organisations and individuals. Elaine has specialised in careers coaching and also enjoys working with individuals who are seeking positive change in their personal lives.

Through dialogue, Elaine helps her clients understand the simple principles that sit behind every human experience. This understanding allows our minds to quieten down and as a result, is the foundation of well-being and productivity. Once we understand how our minds work, we get to be in the driving seat of our own lives. We realise that we don't have to constantly work on ourselves to become happier people. Time after time, clients ask 'Why has no one ever told me this before?'  It's the most practical, and yet most profound conversation you can have; whether you are seeking greater productivity at work, or a greater sense of happiness and ease in your private life.

It's important to work with a Coach you feel comfortable with and for this reason, Elaine offers a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Coaching sessions are held either in a lovely meeting room in Wells, Somerset, or via Skype; often the most practical means of accessing coaching around busy lifestyles. Elaine also delivers 'in-house' coaching sessions to individuals & groups within organisations.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching from the University of East London. This in-depth programme of study included: Evidence Based Coaching, Leadership and Organisational Coaching, Coaching in Education and Psychological Perspectives of Self and Others.
  • Associate Member of the Association for Coaching UK (AMAC)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Children's Workforce Practitioner from Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Bachelor of Science (Social Sciences)
  • CELTA qualified (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • NLP trained
  • Experienced in CBT

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Other areas of coaching I deal with

Three Principles Facilitator
In recent years, Elaine has been learning (and sharing with her clients) a new understanding in the world of psychology which explains where our feelings come from, the role of thought in our experience of life and how this understanding allows us to live life with our well-being intact, regardless of our circumstances. Elaine has been working with trainers in this field to deepen her own understanding, and bringing this to her work with her clients. The results of this new approach has been incredibly positive for Elaine's clients; whether they are dealing with mental health issues (depression, anxiety, panic attacks), low self-esteem, or want to find new direction in their professional lives, they find that learning the simple yet profound principles that sit behind all human experience changes their perspective for the better; and that the change is permanent.

Elaine is continuing her training in this field and welcomes you to contact her to find out how this understanding would benefit you personally.


My hourly rate is £60 in person and £50 for a Skype session.

To discuss corporate rates or block booking rates, please contact me.

Further information

Services include:

Relationship Building

Healthy relationships, whether at home or in the work place are on the top of most peoples wish list. Understanding the role that thought plays in the way we feel and behave, gives us more freedom to choose when and how we communicate with others. It also allows us to recognise the thought/feeling state of others and make sensible decisions about how we approach them.

We have become accustomed to using tools, techniques and strategies in order to manage and amend our own behaviour and that of others; but in my coaching conversations, I will be taking you in a different direction. I will be guiding you towards an understanding of how the behaviour was created in the first place. To help you see just how powerfully practical this new understanding is, imagine the difference between only knowing how to treat the symptoms of sun-stroke, and having full knowledge of how sun-stroke is caused. Armed with the full picture, you are more likely to make a good choice.

Leadership Skills

Although so much has been written and said about what makes a good leader (and what makes a poor one), it can be a daunting prospect to move into a leadership role or to endeavour to make changes to the way you currently lead. In conversation with me, we will look at all aspects of leadership, including leadership styles and how they relate to your context,

the way you would like to lead in relationship to the leader your team or organisation requires, and the positive impact of leading with emotional intelligence. I will help you to understand the skills, knowledge and experience you already bring to your role, as well as develop new leadership skills. Rather than daunting, this can and should be an exciting time for learning, development and professional/personal growth.

CV Writing

Writing a good CV is a skill that everyone should take time to learn. As the first point of contact with a potential employer, we all know that our CV should represent us well, but in my experience, very few people know how to go about it. In response to this, my CV writing services have developed over time into a combination of mentoring and teaching. We will begin with an hour's consultation (in person or via Skype), so that I can get to know you, your working history, motivations, skills and experiences.

Then, we start shaping this into a CV that will get the attention of employers. I will help you to understand your skill-set and how they relate to the industry or roles you are interested in. I will then help you write a first draft and work with you until the final product is to your satisfaction. It is a process of joint endeavor so that when we are finished, you will fully understand how to re-write or amend your own CV in the future.

Confidence Building

I will help you to develop a key understanding of the source of confidence. This understanding allows you to handle any situation calmly and with the knowledge that you can do it. Once we understand how we have come to form our self ­image, we can navigate our fluctuating confidence and self­ esteem with more grace.

We learn how to take our negative thinking less seriously and as a result, are kinder to ourselves and others, are naturally more productive and spend more time responding to the present, instead of reacting to our thinking about the past or future.

Application Submission

I can help guide you to the future you want in assisting with your UCAS application, personal statement and navigating the UCAS website.

With years of experience in helping students into higher education, I can offer you the knowledge I have gained to ensure the best results from you application.

Life Coaching

I work with a wide variety of clients, all of whom have their own personal reasons for using life coaching to help them meet their goals and objectives. One of the reasons my coaching sessions are so successful is that, although they are always based on the same key principles, they are completely individual!

– I tailor my coaching to your needs. That said, there are some common reasons why people seek me out as a life coach.

These include:
• Personal Development
• Careers Coaching
• Student Guidance

Career Development

Many of my clients find coaching helpful for their careers because it allows them the time and space to explore their own, self-­identified targets and goals well away from performance management reviews.

Through coaching, I can help you to develop leadership skills, improve your communication with colleagues, and even manage your time more effectively. I will also help you to identify and overcome barriers to your progression in your career.

Returning to Work

Returning to the world of employment after raising a family, taking a career break or experiencing a long­term illness can be a daunting prospect. I will work with you to identify what you would like to achieve from your career, and to recognise and remove any obstacles you feel there are to your progress.

Often, clients may be suffering from low confidence and self­esteem. I will help to rebuild your confidence, allowing you to set off along your career path with renewed motivation.

Bath, BA1

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None
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