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Dr Grace Anderson - Master Life Coach & Business Growth Mentor.

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EW
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Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EW

About me

Dr Grace Anderson, Master Life Coach and Business Growth Mentor - provides Life Coaching Services and Business Growth Mentoring Service in the following Areas:

1. Personal Development Coaching

I will help you understand your life purpose, who you really are, who you aspire to become, and how to re-program your beliefs and self-talk, so as to enable you to achieve your highest potential.

2. Relationship Coaching.

You will be given the right tools to do the following:

  • Change your communication style with your partner, so you can become more emotionally connected
  • Understand your partner's love language so you can understand him/her better.
  • Create a loving atmosphere and couple time together.
  • Help you overcome your Limiting Beliefs, and empower you both to become much more positive and successful in your relationship.

Coaching For Online Dating for Singles.

  • Show you what works in Online Dating.
  • Guide you on How to keep safe Online.
  • Guide you on creating a good Online Profile.
  • Help answer any questions you may have about online dating.

Business Growth Mentoring Service.

- Helping businesses revamp their Marketing and Sales Systems so they can get more leads, convert new leads to paying customers and retain their customers by applying The Formula that has helped over 26000 businesses succeed.

-Start with a FREE 5-Day "Sell More Stuff Challenge" to see the massive value you will get for your business. If happy with your results, then you can sign up to our affordable business mentoring Programme.

Check it out here: https://www.drgracenanderson.com.


My Coaching is Solution-Focused.

I help you do the following:

  • GOALS: Set Clear Achievable Goals, with time-related limits.
  • SELF-REFLECTION: Reflect clearly and deeply on what you hope to achieve and what has been preventing you from getting it.
  • LIFE PURPOSE: Understand Your Life Purpose - why you are here and what you are meant to be doing.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: the Coach holds you accountable and expects you to take all necessary actions needed for you to achieve rapid success.
  • POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Celebrate Your Success - the Coach encourages you to enjoy some positive reinforcement along the way, for every success you achieve, so you are encouraged to achieve more.
  • SET NEW RELATIONSHIP GOALS: Set new achievable goals and enjoy even more successes with your partner.

Please visit my website to find out more about my services.




Coaching is offered Online via Skype.

Face to Face Coaching can be organised for Groups or Businesses.

Training, qualifications & experience

Dr Grace Anderson is a Certified Relationship Coach and NLP Practitioner.

She is also retired Headteacher and English Teacher. She is a Certified Relationship Coach. After teaching for over 45 years, Dr Anderson has also set up and run various businesses successfully. She is the ideal Coach for Individuals, Couples and Groups. She is also a published novelist, and can help people who want to write either for pleasure or for a living. Dr Anderson has a wealth of knowledge that will benefit anyone that she coaches.

She qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner in 2008 and has since then successfully many clients. She is currently specializing in Relationship coaching and has written several excellent Relationship Courses which her clients find extremely useful.

She has a vast experience in relationships, herself, having been unsuccessful a few times before she learnt what works best in relationships. She is willing to share her new-found knowledge with you.

Age is no barrier!

As long as you are aged 18 to 70 or older, she can help you!!

Dr Anderson is passionate about helping people achieve success, as this has been her main purpose in life as a teacher. Her other Qualifications include: Ph.D in Educational Management & Counselling, Master's Degree in Guidance & Counselling, B.A. (Hons) English and Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

As a Relationship Coach.

Dr Anderson is kind, an excellent listener and will very quickly establish rapport with you and make you feel comfortable in your coaching sessions with her. She is also excellent at holding you accountable for taking all the necessary actions you agree with her, so that you can achieve rapid success from your coaching sessions.

Dr Anderson is a proud mother of six very successful children who are now all grown-ups.

Dr Anderson is a Professional Member of the Association of NLP

Practitioners -ANLP.

Please visit the website to read more about Dr Anderson as well as testimonials from satisfied and very happy clients: https://www.lifemasterymasterclass.com/about-and-testimonials/

Member organisations


The Association for NLP

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is a UK Association for NLP Professionals.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Writing - How to Write and Publish Your Own Book.

Dr Anderson is a published novelist and poet. Her first novel, Dizzy Angel, published in Nigeria in 1985, won the Nigerian Literary Award as the best novel in 1985.

Her other novels - The Broken Bond and Ada in London have been studied and reviewed by Postgraduate and Literary Students all around the world.

Ada in London has been published by Amazon on Kindle.

See her website here: http://www.graceukalaswriting.com

She also writes Personal Development Courses that are designed to help people improve their lives.

Photos & videos


My fees are flexible and starts from £75.00 per individual per hour.

Couples pay £125.00 per hour for a combined session.

Your first session with me is entirely free.

You can schedule your Free First Session By Clicking on this Link:


Or Visit our website to find out more: https://www.lifemasterymasterclass.com

Business Growth Mentoring Service:

Visit - https://www.drgracenanderson.com

to book a Free Consultation on how I can help you grow your business.

You can email me now to request that free session.

You may also contact me by telephone: 07931 313 631.

Further information


Here are a few Testimonials from People who were truly happy with the results they had from their Coaching Sessions with Dr Anderson.


Relationship & Marriage Issues Solved

My name is Florence.

I am very grateful to Dr Anderson for helping us save our marriage. When we started our Coaching Sessions with her over the phone, we were a bit sceptical, wondering what she could do for us that we hadn’t already done before. However, her methodical way of looking at details and setting us goals, made it so much easier for us to look at our marital problems dispassionately and gradually arrive at a peaceful and amicable settlement. My husband and I are now very happy together. I highly recommend Dr Anderson as a relationship coach.


Business Coaching: Sales Increased Dramatically.

My name is Claude.

When I first started on my Coaching Sessions with Dr Anderson, I thought, well, being a Sales Consultant, I really don’t need anybody’s help to improve my sales! However, after just two sessions with Dr Anderson, I realised that I actually needed help more than I thought. She set me goals, insisted on written evidence of what I achieved over every week, helped me map out my new goals in a much clearer manner and encouraged me to celebrate my achievements, however small. Dr Anderson is meticulous, her style of coaching is very professional, yet compassionate. I had just eight sessions with Dr Anderson. By the 7th session, I had increased my sales by over 70%! It was an incredible result! I am grateful and I highly recommend Dr Anderson to you all!!



My name is Frank.

Being an Executive Consultant for several high-profile companies, I work away from home a lot – travelling to France, Switzerland, America, China, and other places around the world. I just could not find the time to say my prayers, read the Bible, or be in a spiritual communication with God and my family. Funnily enough, I began to feel quite depressed about this inadequacy in my life and I needed help. A friend recommended Dr Anderson to me and I gave her a call. Her initial free one-hour assessment session with me made me realise that I was with the right coach. Dr Anderson’s years of teaching, her many qualifications and spiritual standing made it easy for her to offer me the best coaching I needed. She guided me in restructuring my priorities, insisting on necessary actions being taken by me which helped me achieve my short-term targets. Within a few weeks, my spiritual life was back on track and I and my wife are all the happier for it! We are grateful to Dr Anderson for her great assistance and I highly recommend her as an excellent Spiritual Coach.


My name is Ade.

I was often in trouble at school, not achieving well academically and in the bad books of most of my teachers. At this time, Dr Anderson was also my English Teacher. My Head of Year referred me to her for some Life Coaching Sessions. I thought I would soon get fed up with it and would stop attending. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Dr Anderson. I thought she would be critical and judgmental like most teachers, but she wasn’t. She gave me the opportunity to explain my own point of view and to review my actions. We then worked together to set my new goals for positive behaviour. She encouraged me to celebrate my successes. She also requested my teachers to assist me in rebuilding my self-confidence, by giving me constructive criticisms, as well as abundant praise whenever I achieved some success, however small. Within a few weeks of active practice, I became one of the greatly liked students in my various classes – the teachers said I was “very helpful and kind”! That gave me the incentive to attend all my classes and to begin to achieve well academically. I know my Mum wrote a letter of thanks to Dr Anderson. I am also very grateful to her for helping me change my attitude to life generally and for the better. Dr Anderson is an excellent Youth Coach and I recommend her to any Youth who needs help!


My name is Robert.

I first knew and worked with Dr Anderson in Nigeria while she was Principal of Emotan College, Benin City. I admired her greatly then because she and her school were always in the State and National news for their many achievements.  I had only then just recently qualified as an English teacher myself, and was hugely impressed when the then Federal Ministry of Education proclaimed Emotan College a “Model School” and commended Dr Anderson, as an outstanding Head Teacher!  I thought, if I ever became a head teacher, I would like to be like her – strict, extremely hard working, a very effective and successful leader. I was lucky to meet her again here in London after she relocated.  She was happy to mentor me on how to get myself from the position of an ordinary English teacher to that of Head of Department of English. Soon after that, she kept urging me to aim higher and higher. I took her kind advice and took the training recommended for head teachers. Within a few years, I was appointed head teacher of a Catholic Secondary School here in London.

I am just lucky that Dr Anderson became a really good family friend over the many years of our being colleagues. She is highly professional, very knowledgeable in her fields and very compassionate. She is the  best friend any one needs because she is an excellent listener, and very good at helping you focus on your goals and achieving them.

I recommend her to all you teachers out there, who hope to make progress in your teaching career. She is also invaluable to newly appointed and experienced head teachers, who may need very professional guidance on tricky issues. Her service is strictly confidential and she is totally non-judgemental. She will work with you on a step-by-step basis until you achieve your goal. She can also help your middle managers build successful teams in their various departments So, why not give her a try? You will be so glad you did!


All our clients are truly happy of the spectacular progress they have made through our Coaching Sessions. To set yourself up for success, sign up for your free session, please go to our website and fill out our Enquiry Form: https://www.lifemasterymasterclass.com.



In addition to Life Coaching Services, we also offer Individual and home-based ebook and Video Courses which are designed to accelerate your Coaching experience, and help you achieve success faster. Such courses include:

Mind Mastery Power - to help you understand your Subconscious Mind better so you can begin to Master Your mind, think more Positively and achieve better success.

The Law Of Attraction Secrets - Video Course - How to use the Law of Attraction properly and attract good things into your life.

Positive Affirmation Secrets - Video Course: How to use Positive affirmation more successfully.

Personal Transformation Mastery - Video Course: How to understand your own weaknesses and replace them with more positive attributes

Become Your Authentic Beautiful Self - Self-Mastery Video Course: How to overcome your limiting beliefs and begin to plan and achieve the life you were meant to have.

And many more.

Just fill out our Enquiry Form to book Your Free Session and Get Started on Your Journey to the Life You Really Want!

291-305 Lytham Road

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You can contact the life coach to discuss the options available.

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Wheelchair user access

- Our individual Relationship Coaching for Individuals and Couples is mainly Online and via Skype. - Group Coaching can be carried out at agreed venues.


Mondays to Fridays - Online via Skype.


Dr Grace Anderson - Master Life Coach & Business Growth Mentor.

Dr Grace Anderson - Master Life Coach & Business Growth Mentor.

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