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About me

I assist people to recover from stress, anxiety and depression fast!

Take this quick self-analysis of your current state. On a scale of 0 - 10, 0 being totally lost, no way out and 10 being totally in control and taking direct action...where are you?

  1. Do you know/understand the root of your problem? 0-10

  2. Do you know/understand the root of your solution? 0-10

  3. How personally driven are you to take action towards your desired outcome? 0-10

If you have scored yourself 24+ plus you are personally well on the way to reaching your personal goal...if you are 24 or below I am exactly what you are looking for.

Now tell me if this is right...

  • Life is being unfair to you, no matter what you try everything backfires and just affirms everything you have been thinking and saying to yourself.
  • or, life has become a dark place and no one around you understands what is happening to you due to the mask you wear all day hiding what you are feeling.
  • or, every single day you wear different masks for different people, pretending to be something you are not, and it is so exhausting.
  • or, there are two of you in this situation, there is you and there is the inner voice telling you how crap you are, and how bad your life is.

Using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and 30 years of the lived experience of mental ill-health, you can change your life very easily and quickly.

I am ready to work with you getting where you want to be and we can do this slowly or quickly, and I know which one I would choose. After 30 years of my on negative thinking, I made the choice to do something about it.

I am not saying there is a magic wand to this, you are going to need to do the work. I can show you and help you...you will need to do the work. If you work with me you will be given the knowledge and skills to make the life changes you want or...

This is not a "ONE AND DONE" you will have days when those negative thoughts will come back, yet this time you will be skilled and knowledgable to change them to the positive ones you want.

What was your score again? You are in control and you can make the choice to work on what is critical for you to resolve right now...

When I work with you I will be totally understanding and supportive, all done in a way that is real and meets your own style. I look forward to working with you and working on what is critical for you right now.


Training, qualifications & experience

After doing stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts for the past 30 years I have unique insight into how the mind and inner voice is working during these moments.

After successfully turning my life around and using the exact same skills and learnings you will go through during one of my intense sessions you too can make the changes you deserve.

I am a trained and qualified NLP Master Practitioner with American Board of NLP including NLP Master Coaching, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnosis.

I specialise in assisting those who are experiencing mental ill-health, especially anxiety, depression and negative thinking. To date, I have assisted a number of individuals and companies to get the clarity, focus and direction they needed to get to where they wanted to be.


Through my own journey, I have learnt that talking honestly and openly about my own struggles has been the biggest key to unlocking my personal success.

When I am engaged to work with an individual and company I am fully committed to getting you the results you want and deserve.

I believe in giving value and not wasting individuals time and money. Therefore we will work in a way that is most effective for all parties committed to the changes you desire.

Photos & videos


Additional information

My commitment to you is working with you to get the results you want as quick as possible for you. The key to this is about taking personal action, which an hour here or there can work, but if we work together over half a day, full day or even two we can get so much more achieved in a shorter period time.

The packages I offer are all personalised to your requirements, which mean each package has its own rate. Investing in yourself is a commitment to yourself to get the most from our time together. This investment is not only financial, but personal, so to help with this process I do offer payment plans to enable you to get started sooner rather than later.


I work with you to find a suitable day and time that benefits both, this includes evenings and weekends.

Rhondda Cynon Taff

Type of session

In person


Dave Beadle - DB Breakthrough NLP

Dave Beadle - DB Breakthrough NLP