Colin Symington-Bailey. Bestselling Author and CPD Accredited MasterCoach

Colin Symington-Bailey. Bestselling Author and CPD Accredited MasterCoach

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About me

Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Burnt-out? Struggling to find enough hours in your day? How is your health? Your relationships? Your confidence? Are you struggling to motivate yourself to even get out of bed? To face the rigours of the day?

The harsh reality is that you are not alone - according to statistics released by The Health and Safety Executive, 12.5 million working days were lost - in the UK - to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the year 2016/17.

It's time to OWN your life. It's time to learn The Art of Balanced Living... No more suffering in silence...

What would it mean to you, to be living life on your own terms? To wake each morning with a hunger – with a keen sense of anticipation, rather than dread or resignation? To know that each day you are about to be making a difference? That you are living the life that you were always destined to live?

How would it feel to approach each day with a new-found abundance of confidence, energy, clarity and vitality?

You are different. Unique. Special. So why live your life on other people’s terms? Do you feel that you are destined for something different?

You want more! What you seek, though, is more than just a change – you crave transformation

Something needs to change! If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. You need a different perspective – as Einstein says, “a different level of thinking.” And if you truly desire results, “find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results,” Tony Robbins

Change is inevitable – personal growth is a choice.” (Bob Proctor.) Do you settle, or do you choose growth? You have a decision to make, and, as Tony Robbins says, “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” You can choose to reinforce your excuses, or you can make a decision, and start now, to take action towards the life of your dreams.

Make a decision – shape your destiny. Cut through your excuses and break free from the shackles of your paradigm.

Be warned, success doesn’t come easy. My clients have worked hard to achieve their extraordinary results, and if you seek to replicate their successes, then you will have to do the same. If you’re looking for “an easy fix,” then look elsewhere. If you are committed to your personal growth, then you’re in the right place. I would love to work with you. Make a decision. Shape your destiny. Create your new life. Or don’t – the choice is yours…

If you would like more details about me, then please click through to

If you would like to discover more about you - to explore your paradigms and how - together - we can unleash your infinite potential, then please schedule your breakthrough session through

There are no strangers, only friends we haven't yet met. I look forward to meeting with you soon...

Training, qualifications & experience

What follows is a brief overview of my "credentials..." They are listed here purely for your peace of mind. Allow me to be brutally honest... The answer to your question as to whether I hold the solution to your problem, lies not in my credentials - nor in my testimonials... My heartfelt suggestion to you, is that you sample the coaching relationship, and personally experience the transformation for yourself - before you make any commitment. Please schedule your complimentary coaching "test-drive" at ...

For the coaching relationship to be truly effective, it is crucial that not only are you committed to working with me, but also that I believe that you meet my coaching criteria. It is a relationship after all, and an exclusive one at that - I don't just coach anybody...

Colin is the author of "What DO You Think?" and founder of CS-BCoaching and The Art of Balanced Living. Colin is a professional Mentor, Life Strategist and Eating Psychology Coach, having qualified with merit through The Coaching Academy - the world's largest coach training organisation of its type. Furthermore, as a certified consultant within the world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute, Colin is privileged to be personally mentored by Bob Proctor  - widely considered to be one of the greatest teachers in the world on the topic of human potential, success, and growth.

Colin also facilitates "Thinking Into Results" - THE benchmark programme for radical personal transformation, underpinned by Bob Proctor's unparalleled knowledge and experience of personal development - accumulated over more than 56 years of research.

Shortlisted in two categories for The International Coaching Awards, 2017 - Life Coach of the Year, and International Life Coach of the Year - Colin has also studied "The Breakthrough System" and "Core 100" programmes through (Tony) Robbins Madanes Training Centre, and has attended Tony Robbin's flagship live event, "Unleash The Power Within." In September, 2017, Colin attended Brendon Burchard's "High Performance Academy" four-day live seminar in San Diego, California. Colin is a CPD Accredited Coach, a qualified NLP Practitioner, and a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Practitioner. He is also certified in "The Science of Happiness" through Berkeley, University of California, and also in Cognitive Reprogramming.

Colin is a graduate of Brendon Burchard's "Expert Academy" and "High Performance Academy," and is also enrolled in EverCoach's "High Performing, High Performance Coach," and "Client Mastery" programmes. Colin founded the Pinner Personal Development Meetup group, and subscribes to the CPD accredited Personal Success Academy.

Colin studied Hotel Management at The Durban Institute of Technology - emerging with a distinction - and had amassed in excess of 22 years' managerial experience within the Hospitality and Retail sectors before "taking the leap" as a full-time mentor, coach and consultant. To put it simply, Colin understands "people," and what "makes them tick" - both inside the workplace, and out.

With experience in major corporations such as McDonald's, Holiday Inn, Sun International (where he had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela), Southern Sun, Whitbread, Tesco, ASDA WAL*MART, SportsDirect, Debenhams and Lillywhites (to name but a few,) Colin also possess extensive knowledge of the corporate arena.

Through a unique blend of Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness, and Neuroscience; coupled with extensive managerial and interpersonal experience - delivering exceptional (award-winning) customer service - Colin is a catalyst for positive, meaningful and lasting transformation.

A Brief Summary of Qualifications and Training:

  • Thinking Into Results Certified Consultant - The Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • Personal Performance Coaching Diploma - The Coaching Academy (with merit)
  • Certified MasterCoach
  • NLP Practitioner Diploma - IANLPC Accredited
  • Diploma in The Psychology of Eating (with distinction)
  • Diploma in Couples and Family Therapy (with distinction)
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Practitioner Diploma - IANLPC Accredited
  • CPD Accredited Coach
  • "The Breakthrough System" - Robbins-Madanes Training Centre
  • "Core 100" - Robbins-Madanes Training Centre
  • Neuroscience for Coaches - Amy Brann
  • "The Science of Happiness" - University of California, Berkeley"
  • Shortlisted in two categories for The International Coaching Awards, 2017 - Life Coach of the Year, and International Life Coach of the Year

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Mentoring
  • Family and Relationships
  • Career Coaching
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Youth Coaching
  • Neuroscience
  • Law of Attraction
  • Cognitive Reprogramming
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • DiSC Personality Profiling
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Psychology of Eating

Photos & videos

  • Thinking Into Results with Bob Proctor
  • What Do You Think? OUT NOW!
  • Thrive? Or Survive?
  • Life Coach in London
  • Impossible...
  • What's Stopping You?
  • How are your New Year's Resolution(s) Working Out?
  • 2017
  • We will remember...
  • Why 90% of people aren't living the lives they REALLY want...
  • Deepak Chopra
  • JT Foxx
  • Thinking Into Results
  • Colin Symington-Bailey. Bestselling Author and CPD Accredited MasterCoach image 1
  • Proctor Gallagher Consultant
  • CPD Accreditation
  • The Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • The Coaching Academy
  • NLP Practitioner Diploma
  • Reflexology Diploma
  • International Alliance of Holistic Therapistics
  • IANLPC Silver Membership
  • Colin Symington-Bailey. Bestselling Author and CPD Accredited MasterCoach image 2
  • Cognitive Reprogramming with Jimmy Petruzzi


Coaching is not a "One Size Fits All" approach - I work differently with everybody, simply because everybody that I work with is different.

To arrange a complimentary - no-obligation - breakthrough session, or for any other questions regarding my coaching programmes, including "Thinking Into Results," please schedule a personal appointment with me through my website, or through

Further information

More details are available through which also includes links to Colin's Facebook page (, LinkedIn profile (, and YouTube video channel (

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Have a GREAT day!


Pinner, HA5

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