About me

I specialise in helping women grow their confidence, so that you can live the life that lights you up now, not at some undefined point in the future. Using powerful professional and accredited coaching techniques I support you to learn to trust yourself. Helping you find clarity, confidence and the courage to act to create the life you desire. A life that is rich, fulfilling and fully aligned with your values.

What is coaching with me like?

During coaching I encourage and support you on a range of professional and personal issues. My role as a coach is not to advise, but to help you to analyse your current situation, identify existing and potential challenges and obstacles and devise a plan of action to achieve specific outcomes.

My coaching relationship with my clients is a partnership which seeks to:

  • Clarify what it is that my client wants to achieve and uses my expertise to turn those desires into measurable goals
  • Build confidence and self-belief
  • Encourage self-discovery and learning by my client
  • Draw out strategies and a plan of action based on what best suits my clients goals, personality and values
  • Foster client accountability to increase productivity and results

My style of coaching is warm and very supportive and absolutely confidential. It is my role to be non-judgemental and objective. There will be times when I am direct and gently challenging and others when I’m playful and encourage you to be the same. I will help you to discover a higher level of self awareness and grow your confidence. I will help you to gain clarity with exactly what you want from life. I will help you get clear on the measurable steps you need to take so you can design your life your way! I will support you helping you to overcome any stumbling blocks so nothing can get in your way of creating the life that lights you up.

  • Are you feeling stuck like you are at a crossroads?
  • Lacking in confidence and self-belief?
  • Feeling unfulfilled?
  • Does something not feel quite right and you don't know what to do about it?
  • Do you have dreams but you never make progress towards making them happen?

I help you to get really clear about what a rich, fulfilling, happy life looks like for you.

I help you to uncover the exact steps you need to take and move into courageous action to start making the life you dream of your reality now!

I help you to build the confidence and self-belief to really go for it as you won’t have anything holding you back any more!?

If you are ready to:

  • Find clarity and direction on your next right steps.
  • Increase your confidence, resilience, and sense of self-worth so you can make ANYTHING happen
  • Find the time to do the things that are important to you...so you can enjoy life more
  • Find more balance in your life

Then please contact me to book a Confidence Jump-Start - one hour of powerful coaching which will ignite your confidence and move you into action, followed by a week of email support to keep you accountable and on track. We'll identify the mindset shifts and changes that will create the change you so desire. You'll finish the hour with your unique action plan and have seven days of email support to help keep you accountable and on track! If after your Jump-Start you decide that you want to progress to one of my coaching programmes the cost of your Jump-Start is deducted from the price so it's a win-win for you!

It's time to love the life you're living!

You’re tired of waiting to live the life you want at some undefined future date.

A voice whispers to you daily there has to be more to life than this.

You keep saying you will make changes when you’re less busy at work, when the children are older or even until you retire to truly live the life you desire,

You know if you could find clarity, confidence and courage you would start making changes now.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life and please contact me to arrange your Confidence Jump-Start.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified life coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

My background includes seven years working in human resources and an additional five years directing a leadership course both in Britain and on the continent.

I have seven years experience of running my own business.


Additional information

Twelve week holistic package. This is for you if you know that you’d like the space, support and accountability as you build confidence, discern your unique path and grow into it. At the end of our time together not only will you be more confident and have made progress towards the life you desire but you will also have clarity about how you want to move forward over the following three months. The programme includes eight coaching sessions and support between sessions via the voxer app and email. £1120 or three payments of £392.

Six week intensive. This is for you if you want a shorter, more intensive experience. The programme includes six coaching sessions and email support between sessions. £580 or two payments of £305.

Four week confidence booster to help you grow your confidence, resilience and self-worth. The programme includes four coaching sessions and email support between sessions. £380

Confidence Jump-Start. A powerful hour of coaching followed by seven days of unlimited email support. We'll identify the mindset shifts and changes that will create the change you so desire. You'll finish the hour with your unique action plan and have seven days of email support to help keep you accountable and on track! All this for just £97 and if after your session and week of support you decide to upgrade to one of the above packages the cost of the Jump-Start is deducted from the price. A win-win for you!


Daytime, evening and some weekend appointments are available.

Further information

Testimonials for my Life Coaching

The experience was enlightening, empowering, challenging and positive in every way.  I've built confidence and belief in myself and see myself in a different light. It was an opportunity to explore myself, to see where I've come from and what I've achieved, but more importantly where I'm going and not to fear it. I've realised that nothing matters as long as I'm happy, healthy and my values are being met. It's what is right for me, not what other people think that matters.

My belief in myself and enthusiasm for life has been reignited. — SUZANNE, NHS

During my time working with Clare she has helped me find a niche I am passionate about and that I can connect with. She helped me to find the confidence to design a business based on what works for me. My mindset has changed so much with each session, I've let go of old patterns and beliefs that weren't helping me and have gained so much clarity and confidence in what I do. Clare has also helped me balance my time and showed me that I achieve a lot more than I realise and now thanks to Clare I celebrate my achievements which adds to my confidence and passion in building a business even when it sometimes feels hard.


I began the coaching at an unexpectedly challenging time in my life and it really helped me to cope with some of those emotional/ physical/ psychological challenges in a much more healthy way than I might have without it. For that I will always be grateful.  


Clare, through her confident and calming approach, enabled me to build up my self-confidence again and realise that I had so much to offer.


I have learned to challenge my limiting beliefs and to recognize some of the resistance I put up when the situation is uncomfortable.


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Clare Walsh

Clare Walsh