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East Sussex

0777 563 7467

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East Sussex

0777 563 7467

About me

  • Ambitious high flyer
  • Frazzled executive
  • Thoughtful professional
  • Life is an afterthought - work rules supreme?

Yes, that was me! How about you?  You may know all too well what ties you to your current situation but be stuck in how to get beyond life's suboptimal traps.

If so, let's talk about Executive Coaching or broader Life Coaching if that is more appropriate for you.  The first 30 minutes is free.

I deliver intensive, personal transformation programmes structured around your availability.  Your bespoke personal development programme is tailored and structured to how you learn and function best in your unique way.  This means you get a trusted sounding board and catalyst focused on your most effective way for mobilising you special talents.

Sessions for individuals or teams can be conducted:

  • in person in Brighton & Hove
  • in person in London EC / SE1 areas
  • via virtual coaching-friendly technology to help you manage your work-life balance
  • or with a combination of location that best accommodates your commitments

A good coaching partnership will manifest as a dynamic and enjoyable interplay between professionals.  I'm the coach for you if you are up for zero-ing in on how your mind can be  focused to live and thrive in an optimal zone of happiness, success and expert-ease.

Your decision to work with a coach is likely to be based on one of the following reasons:

  • Do better at work, in your career or in business
  • Activate the power of your mind, leverage your strengths
  • Establish your sense of purpose and the momentum to achieve it
  • Develop your edge by aligning your values, optimal mental triggers and skills
  • Learn how to deal with setbacks and disappointments through improved resilience
  • Boost productivity and time management
  • Get more familiar and confident with all your talents
  • Gain clarity on what success is specifically for you (work and life)
  • Boost your resourcefulness in making better choices
  • Enjoy effective relationships
  • Improve communication or presentation skills effectiveness
  • Handle changes, conflicts, setbacks or stress triggers (e.g. relationships, redundancy, promotion, getting a new job, preparing for interviews)
  • Understand and manage your mindfulness, resilience and inner game.

My coaching work triggers the mental readiness, clarity of thinking and focused effort that are essential to meet your goals. You will get to learn more about the nooks and crannies of your mind and how to celebrate and realise your talents.

Of course, the bottom line and profitability may be essential elements to consider in your goal setting. I help you shape how this is done to create the relationships and results that will bring long term positive success, how you define it. Success is not only a mindset but also stems from understanding what makes you tick, being wise in how you live your life from the inside out, and not only from the outside in :).

If the situation requires it, I can provide mentoring and guidance on how solutions and results may best be delivered.  This may be necessary where time does not allow for the client to learn through developing their own insights first and where I have the knowledge to help.  Do bear in mind though, the energy for your transformation comes from building confidence that you already have the wisdom you need and getting comfortable with that experience.

All clients have the potential to be high flyers in their chosen field.

Whether you are a senior executive, or any other professional upon whom others depend, others need you to be at your best. The most enjoyable part of being a coach to professionals is to witness clients blossom as they arrive at their personal "aha" moment of who they are and who they wish to become. My role is to be an ally in helping your transformations come to fruition, encouraging you through your ups and downs.

Identifying and addressing negative patterns of thinking

Calling out negative thinking may be an emphasis in the coaching, for example, where there are some rough edges and skills or knowledge need attention or perhaps the client experiences a crisis of confidence triggered by how they dwell on events from the past.

Negative thinking informs the coaching process but will be examined for what it is: a projection of the mind based on perceptions which can unhelpfully take root and fester. The coaching work can help to loosen this thinking and inject alternative, more constructive thought patterns.

Keeping on track with your personal development plan

Often we have to succumb to others ideas of what is good for us. Coaching puts you firmly in the driving seat of how you live your life. It may be that your road map needs to weave in Personal Development Plans created at work or important family responsibilities. By taking a look at your life from a 3D 360 viewpoint (that goes well beyond any typical work 360 feedback), you can establish how all the elements work together.

I've learned various solutions to having a happy and contended mind, which don't hold on too tightly to how I think life must be. When I keep mindful of my personal mantra (to grow and progress with every experience) everything seems to make sense and I'm able to succeed to a much more effective level. You will have your own manta by which you can thrive beyond our coaching assignment.  We can uncover the personal mantra that reveals what you're really about.

Training, qualifications & experience

(Experience -


Diploma in Coaching since 2003
Master NLP practitioner
Myers Briggs Step 2 Personality Preference Profiling
BA Hons Business Studies



* Coach to professionals through Executive, Team and Life Coaching.

* Emphasis on professionals dealing with challenging work environments, transitioning into new roles or starting up and building new organisations.

* in depth work with clients to understand their talents whilst working with unique concerns and anxieties

Prior Experience

* In-house Leadership Coach & Training Manager (global corporate focus for 10 years) working with full range of professional functions, revenue generators and creative teams and leaders to navigate complex and fast paced change through personal development and career growth.

* Project manager on large-scale transformation roll-outs promoting collaboration alongside tight results delivery (European corporate focus)

* Organisational effectiveness consulting experience across private and public sector (UK focus).

* Management Trainer on topics ranging from Time Management to Communication Skills.

My Professional Background

Reflecting on the 25 years of my career I seem to have learned a knack for triggering transformations for a better life with professional clients (both inside and outside work).  My belief in awakening the client's potential to succeed in what makes most sense for them has happily allowed me to work with as broad a range of professionals as you can imagine.  My experience spans all levels of the hierarchy in organisations and those starting up or running their own businesses.  I even have clients who are starting up businesses whilst juggling corporate roles!

Over the years (almost 20 years as a coach and professional development specialist!) I've learned my success is dependent on a creative and dynamic process with the client.  Even before I was a coach, when I was an enthusiastic and highly driven management consultant, I quickly learned the central importance of a client partnership in arriving at the best solutions.

For more information please take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

Member organisations


Other areas of coaching I deal with

Preparation for interview or promotion.
New role orientation: 30*60*90 days.
Presentation skills.

Mindfulness meditation to manage anxiety.

Photos & videos

  • Trigger Your Inspiration for Success
  • I-360 Transformation Programme
  • Success begins with a spark of inspiration
  • What is your mind is calling you to do?


Free Initial 30 minute phone consultation

£125 for 60 minutes - London in person
£90 for 60 minutes - Brighton & Hove in person or Virtual Coaching worldwide.

Please enquire for reduced rate packages for programmes of 6 hours or more.

Further information

And if you want to know more about me...


Life Story

I've worked in some very challenging roles whether as a manager or training and leadership specialist and with some "particularly special" individuals. It's been quite a ride and an ideal "bootcamp" to be ready for most of the challenges my clients experience in their lives.

As I've navigated the rapids of corporate life (and more recently made my escape!) my view has solidified that it is the QUALITY of human interactions rather than the quantity of work we do that allows us to thrive and be at our best. During my career I've had to develop a very sensible approach to work-life balance, not because I initially wanted to but, simply because my health insisted on it! Whether its health, relationships, confidence, motivation or not being able to do things in the way we used to which send out alarm bells that we need to change something, eventually we have to get sensible about what is important to us.

Many cross-roads have appeared at pivotal stages in my life: redundancy, a health crisis, a sad divorce from a great guy, moving from London to Brighton.  I'm better for the experiences and learning they have involved. At each pivotal time, I've reinvented my life for the better.  They've all been positive experiences because they've got me to where I am now.

Every moment in life is precious.  My life is for helping people like you to grow and progress with every experience.  I'm not very good at observing people slip into reverse gear!

Becoming a Mind Power Geek

I've always been a bit of a geek drawn to learning everything I could on how the mind works whether from positive psychology, NLP or ancient buddhism. This now informs how I work and live.  Dont worry, you wont be brainwashed or persuaded to go on a silent retreat!  I have yet to do the latter anyway :)

Putting everything together, I'm a more well rounded and thoughtful person because of life's challenges. I've worked out how to reinvent myself and put the spotlight on what truly needs attention. This is practical mindfulness applied to daily living and the trick to achieving any goal.  Now, it's not always easy to do but that's where our partnership comes in.

A wandering mind is something we all have to deal with but when we can direct our mind to where we want to our effectiveness really takes off. With a whole mind approach you can smash those SMART objectives :) Moreover, perceived stresses and anxieties can be more skilfully managed.

With balanced mind power comes greater optimism for life and enjoyment in how we live.

Values for Living Life

You may have had the chance to explore what your values and how they mobilise and navigate the currents of your life. Your values are central to your perceptions of success. They dont need to be right for any one else, just right for you.

My values are greatly informed by modern Buddhist wisdom on how we can best interact with and appreciate others directing our intentions in a way that empowers others. In my spare time I teach at the Bodhisattva Centre in Brighton on the Thought for the Week slot. I teach people how to meditate and discover their natural state of peacefulness and provide guidance on topics ranging from Dealing with Depression to Living Positively in Turbulent Times.

London, EC1A
Brighton, BN1

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Spanish


Usually Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday evenings and some bank holidays available. I-360 D Transformation programme may be scheduled over a weekend in Brighton

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